Sunday, October 22, 2017

Just a Trim, You'll Look Gorgeous....

Claire took intro to cosmetology last year as a sophomore in high school.  She loves doing her makeup and having her hair fancified so we thought maybe that might be something she would like to do as a "career".  She ended up not liking it which is fine but because she took the class I thought she would be helpful with my fro.  I hate my hair - it is thick, curly, and can eat a brush in a heartbeat. 

I like to keep my hair short but still long enough to put in a bun close to the back of my neck.  She did it for me the first time when it was about waist length and I was sick of it.  She cut it up to my shoulders and it was perfect.  That was the last time it has been cut and it was getting long again.  So last night I asked her if she would cut it for me again and she agreed.

Fast forward to me hopping out of the shower and my hair was not looking happy.  Looked more like she cut it with a weed whacker.  As she was fixing it I mentioned something about how she was holding the scissors. 

Claire:  Well she never really showed us how to hold them properly.

Me:  What?  How is she going to teach ya'll how to cut hair and not show you guys how to use the scissors?

Claire:  We actually never even held scissors or cut hair.

Me:  Wwwhhhaaaat?  Well, what the hell DID she teach you?

Claire:  How to braid.

Me:  But you are a terrible braider.

Claire:  I know.

*Sheesh, I need my money back.  On a positive note though hubby just told me he really liked my hair.  He said it reminded him of how I had it when we first met and then smiled.  Awwww.*

Friday, October 20, 2017

Magic Meatloaf Monday

Monday I made the meatloaf with Claire's help.  I really did appreciate her coming in when she did because I don't like to get my hands dirty while cooking.  I know that sounds crazy and Bryan will be the first to tell me you can't excel at cooking when you don't want to touch the meat, mix, or whatever.  I will do it if I have to but I don't like it.

So Claire walked into the kitchen just as I had finished adding all of the dry and wet ingredients to the hamburger meat which meant it was time to mush it all together.  Technical term right?  She starts mixing and mentions how cold and gross it feels.  Little happy dance for me right there since it isn't my hands in there.  I watched and gave tips to make sure everything was incorporated well.  Once that was done I told her to plop it out onto the oiled pan and shape it like a football.

Claire:  A football??

Me:  Yea. Or like a turd....

Claire:  Oooohhh ok.

So as she is molding, pushing, squeezing she turns to me and says, "This looks like Jason's face on Friday the 13th."

I couldn't stop laughing.

The meatloaf turned out good I think.  I really like the sauce you pour over it which consists of ketchup, mustard, brown sugar and then I add some honey because my fam is a fan of sweet.  It is a great addition to counteract with the large hunk of meat.  Last night I made homemade beef stroganoff.  I was disappointed but Bryan and the kids both loved it.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Bubble Rice

White Rice.  Something so simple but for someone who has never made it before, it actually scared Claire and I.  I have made rice before but it was always the Uncle Ben's brand that is in a clear pouch that you just pop in the pot, boil, and voila I had rice.  But when my oldest dog Paris got sick again, the vet put her back on a bland diet and in the pantry was no Uncle Ben's, just a large ominous looking bag of rice.

Claire came into the kitchen as I was reading the directions on the bag.  I asked her if she wanted to help and she said yes.  Pour water in pot, add rice, bring to boil and then put lid on and lower temp - check!  But then the bubbles started appearing.

Me:  What are those bubbles?

Claire:  I don't know.

Me:  Was there dish soap still in the pot?

Claire:  I don't think so.

Me:  Smell the steam.  (My nose was all stopped up from sinuses.)

Claire: *sniff* Doesn't smell like soap.

Me:  This can't be good.  (Bubbles are now slowing creeping under lid and rolling down side of pot.)

I ended up calling Bryan and telling him what was going on while Claire and I stood watching the mess.  It was Science Class ya'll!!!!  He said it was the starch burning off and literally while he was talking we saw the bubbles start to disappear.  Yay for that but someone should really think about putting that info on the bag with the directions for us non-cookers.

At least now Claire and I will know bubbles are a good thing when cooking rice.  =)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Welcome Back Ya'll!!

Two whole years.  That's how long it has been since I last posted.  A lot has happened in that time but that's not why I am back.  I used to consider myself a mommy blogger and although I am still a mom, Claire is 17 now and Taylor is 15.  My how my world has changed.

I want to still share funny stories of things they say or do.  I want to record family vacations we go on or weekend getaways.  But mostly, I want to take a page out of the book/movie Julie & Julia.  Why?  Well because I can't cook but I want to - sorta.  Lol.  The ironic thing is after digging in the world of Google and finally locating my blog, one of the last posts was me talking about the limited things I could cook.  Nothing has really changed since then.  I still cook the same things and the occasional new thing in the crock pot.  I did venture out and make a taco spaghetti on the stove (it was ok) and a tater tot casserole in the oven (also ok).  Bryan didn't try either and the kids weren't jumping up and down.  Taylor has a weird dislike of spaghetti but will eat the cooked noodles plain or smothered in hot sauce.

I am getting off track here.  Back to me trying to cook new things.  I have a love for The Cooking Network and believe it or not have learned some techniques from some of the shows I watch on there.  I don't think I will ever be an Iron Chef or even have my own show but I love the ideas and confidence I take away.  Another thing I wanted to put out there is Claire can't cook either.  I recently showed her how to make a grilled cheese so at least she won't starve once she moves out.  I know when I left home for the first time the only thing I could make was spaghetti and that was literally boiling noodles and opening jar of sauce.

So last Saturday I had my cooking shows on and thought you know what, it is time I start venturing out on the meals I prepare for my family.  They may not always be a hit but hey, you're trying!  I got me some paper and pen out and began jotting down a week worth of meals.  I used handy dandy Google to pull up recipes and search for ones for a beginner like moi.  Wasn't long at all and before my I had Mon-Thur dinners all planned out with ingredients I didn't have in the kitchen/pantry to pickup Sunday.  I didn't think about including Claire in my adventures until Monday night when I was starting that night's meal and she asked to help. Squeal!  Winner winner!!  I am going to end this post with my schedule for the week (yes it is already Wednesday because I got delayed on my posting AND I have only got to make Monday's so far because Tuesday ended up with Claire having a choir performance) and then for my next post tell you what Claire has learned from me so far and our results from making white rice for the first time plus Monday's meal.  Whew.  That was a mouthful.

Till next time.......

Monday:  Meatloaf & mashed potatoes or baked potato
Tuesday: Chicken Fajita tacos
Wednesday:  Chicken Cacciatore
Thursday:  Homemade Beef Stroganoff

Monday, February 23, 2015

Get The Stick Out Your Butt

It has happened.  Taylor is full on teenager mode.  His attitude stinks.  I miss my little guy.  I never know how he is going to be when I get home from work.  Some days he meets me at the door and smiles and chatty and other days, my existence seems to piss him off.  *Sigh*

So yesterday he wasn't feeling well.  He was complaining his throat was hurting so I got out these lozenges I had from when I was sick with strep throat.  Nasty buggers but they do the job.  The kind I had was Cepacol for Sore Throat & Cough.  I decided to play a joke on Taylor and as I held the box up, I pretended to read "I think these will work.  They are for sore throat and constipation."

He looks at me and places his hand on his chest and as serious as a heart attack says, " Yes, that is what I need."  I found it hilarious.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Prolly Tastes Like Chicken.

Saturday evening I was craving me some sushi.  I don't know about you guys but I love me some sushi!  I could eat it every day and I am not embellishing that shit at all.

One of my favorite places to go and eat it is Sushi Choo Choo.  The experience is like none other.  You sit at a bar and watch plates of sushi ride by on this little conveyor belt.  You grab as much as you like and after your're done, the waiter/waitress tallies up your total by the color on your plates.  A super cool idea and it allowed me to branch out on what I would eat.

So back to Saturday - I was looking at a menu online for a restaurant by us that has a big selction of sushi.  I noticed some of the rolls had something called Unagi in them.  I asked Bryan if he knew what that was and he didn't so I googled it.  Here is that convo.......

Me:  Oh, it seems Unagi is eel.

Bryan:  Seal?  Oh no I draw the line at that.

Me:  You've eaten it before though.

Bryan:  Seal?!?!?

Me:  No babe, eeeeelllllll.

Bryan:  Oooohhhh. Oh yea that's fine.  I thought you said seal.

You Are Not The Next American Chef!

I am not the chef in our house, Bryan is.  Now don't get me wrong.  I can cook some things like tacos, Hamburger Helper, and over the past few years branched out to using the crock pot.  But I am no Master of the Kitchen.

Yesterday I put a pork loin in the crock pot for dinner.  When it was done, I made some green beans and Velveeta Shells N Cheese.  Feeling mighty proud of myself I joked around with Bryan saying how I was a Chef now and used my spatula as a wand.  And snapped in half.  I felt like a dumbass as Bryan said, "and that was a good one too."