Thursday, February 19, 2009

Heimlich Manoeuvre

Last night the kids and I had to go and shop at the dreaded Hobby Lobby for things for the next Girl Scout meeting. If you know me, you know I do not like anything crafty only because I am horrible at it. Plus, all of the fake flowers always remind me of funerals. Anyway, afterwards we decided to eat a Mexican food restaurant that is located right across the street.

Towards the middle of the meal I am chasing a piece of enchilada around my plate when I look up and see Claire all over Taylor and squeezing him to death saying something about performing the "hylick" like the sign at the Chinese restaurant says to do.

Taylor had gotten a chip stuck in his throat and began to choke on it when my daughter realized what was going on and attempted to save his life. I told Taylor to drink some damn water which he did and the chip went down and all was good.

It is nice to know that my daughter really does love her brother enough to try and save him right?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hello Jackson!

So I was pretty torn up about Charlie, my fondest memory was the night before when he and I watched Walk The Line together and I swear his little tail was keeping beat to the songs! Bryan was devastated that I was sad and decided he was going to give me something for Valentines to bring that smile back to my face.

And boy, did he do a WONDERFUL job!

Everybody, meet Jackson!!

PS. No more bad dog in the neighbor's yard, we're still not sure where he went but we are happy he is gone.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

R.I.P. Charlie

Things have been a little hectic around here so sadly, I hadn't even had the chance to introduce our newest family member before he was brutally ripped out of our lives. We adopted Charlie just two weeks ago and fell in love him the moment we laid our eyes on him. He was perfect for us in so many ways.

Yesterday I received a call from Bryan hysterically telling me that Charlie was dead. I was honestly lost for words, he hadn't been sick, what could have possibly happened. He went on to tell me that our neighbor's behind us who have a pit bull and a chow, that their dog broke through the fence and murdered our Charlie. Flailed him around by his neck like a rag doll and bit him more than once.

Bryan freaked when he saw what that pit bull was doing to our little guy and went screaming into the back yard, waving his hands like a maniac to try and get the dog to drop him. His actions actually frightened the two dogs and they went back into the hole they came from.

Sadly it was too late for Charlie but here we are now faced with a dilemma. We called the police and animal control and were told by both that since it was a dog on dog attack, nothing will happen to this dog. The owners were notified, they fixed the hole, and we're being told what's done is done.

We argued the fact that we have two small children, what if it had been one of them? Their response? It wasn't, and dogs will be dogs. Wow.

Friday, February 6, 2009


I know pretty much EVERYONE reads Dooce, but just in case there is that sole person who hasnt heard of this amazing family, go here Her most recent post to her daughter turning 5? The entire clip I was smiling like a retard and thinking to myself how wonderful it would be to do something like this for my two. Isnt it amazing?