Friday, May 30, 2014

Flashback Friday

Taylor Bug!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Throwback Thursday!!

Claire and I on the left, Claire and Bryan on the right.

White Flag Flying

It was World War III at the kitchen table this morning and I am so glad I missed it.  Bryan gets the kids up and fed while I am still in the shower unless he has to be at work at 5 or 6 am, then it is all me.

When I came into the livingroom/kitchen area, I could tell Taylor was in a seriously pissy mood.  Jokingly, I asked him if he got up on the wrong side of the bed (inside joke since his bed is against the wall) and he responded grumpily no, and that it was Dad's fault.  Turns out, Claire and Taylor were at the table and Taylor was bitching about something so Claire threw a piece of food at him.  Instead of telling Bryan what happened, he screamed at Claire.  Bryan took Taylor's food away and told him that basically he was being punished for acting out like that.  I do not agree with that but again, I wasn't in there and I know Bryan and I are not always going to be on the same page with discipline.

When Taylor mentioned Claire threw food Bryan asked him why he didn't tell him that and basically his repsonse was it didn't matter because nothing would happen to Claire because Bryan played favorites.  That made me sad.  Claire came out into the livingroom about that time and Bryan asked her if she threw food and she said she did only because Taylor was being rude and then she started to raise her voice and I was all do not yell at us.  To me it sounds like both of them were acting shitty but I know how Taylor can be with his everything sucks attitude.  Claire said Taylor was saying he hated Loretta and why Claire had to make such a stink about it is beyond me.  I know Taylor is a Momma's boy and Claire is a Daddy's boy but I don't want either of my kids to ever feel they are not loved the same.

Bryan and I have discussed this before and how Taylor loves to push Bryan's buttons.  Taylor does get into more trouble than Claire because of the poor choices he makes.  Lying, not doing his homework, etc.  We have told him before that for him to get things like a cell phone, he has to be more responsible.  Not losing his backpack, picking up after himself, (perfect example is he made his cereal yesterday morning and he spilled some on the floor and the counter and then just left in there).  I love my Taylor Bug and can only hope as he gets older, he will get better at these things.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Me Love You Long Time Google

As you may have noticed, I use Google a lot when I am going to cook something or if I want to try something new.  Let me tell you how that all got started.

I mentioned before that Bryan and the kids used to go to GA every summer for a week around July 4th.  They haven't done it in a few years but I hope they start up again because I really do enjoy that week of me time.  Anyway, one year they were gone and I went to Genghis Grill.  It took me years to be able to go to lunch or dinner by myself.  I am glad that I can finally do it without feeling self-conscious.  My mom has always done it and she can even go to movies by herself but I can't go that far.

So I sit down, order my drink and peruse the menu.  I see they have edamame as an appetizer and even though I had never had it, I had heard good things about it.  I ordered it and a tea and while I waited, I went ahead and filled up my bowl for my meal.  When I got back to the table, the edamame was there.  I lifted the plate off of it and steam wafted out smelling delicious  They were grilled in a lemony garlic seasoning and I couldn't wait to try it.  I popped one in my mouth and immediately my taste buds started twerking from the flavor love.  I began to chew and wondered how people could eat this?  Yes the outside was yummy but it was like chewing on a hairy catepillar.  I spit it out and thought, I must be doing something wrong.

What did I do next?  For the first time but not the last, I whipped out my iphone and brought up my new bud Google.  I typed in how to eat edamame and of course, it explained that I was supposed to pop the little beans out with my teeth while pod was in my mouth.  That way I got the taste of the seasoning plus the goodness of the beans.  And now, edamame is one of my most favorite things to eat as a snack.  Yyyyaaaayyyyyy Google!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

He Puts the Lotion on his Skin.

Or in this case, we put the clothes on Clover.  He was not pleased. 

Cock a Doodle Doo

I told you guys about Taylor's friend who has the chicken.  The chicken that lays nasty tasting bug eggs?  Yup, that's the one.

This family has their chicken on their voicemail for the house phone.  When you call, it rings and rings and then the chicken starts making cluckety chicken sounds.  Taylor and I always get a kick out of it when we call to see if his friend can play.

On Saturday when we were on our way to lunch, I told Taylor we would try his friend again and then I turned to Claire and said she would get to hear the chicken answer the phone now! (because my phone links up through my car and plays the other end on the speakers)

She turns to me and says "really?  What does the chicken say?"

Seriously?  What do you think the damn chicken is going to say, sorry we're not home right now?

I don't know where she gets it from.  *When I told Bryan the story, he said she gets it from me.*

Weekend Roundup!

How was your weekend/holiday?  I really enjoyed mine.  Bryan pretty much worked all weekend but Saturday around 12 we recieved some awesome news.  He got his promotion!!!!  He starts in 2 weeks and will be an assistant store manager and I couldn't be more proud of him.  And of course the boost in his pay is definitely going to make things easier on us.

Friday Claire went skating with Lady and then Saturday our neighborhood pool opened so both of the kids planned on soaking in the sun but then Claire's period started.  She is still in the maxi pads stage so she was bummed about that and Taylor was at first too but then he called his friend and ended up going to the pool with him.  He told me later that day that there were actually a lot of his friends from school there so he is going to start going more often.  That makes me happy that he is peeking out of his shell of video game playing.  When I dropped him off Sunday at his friend's house, I couldn't stop smiling when I looked at him in his bathing suit and towel slung over his shoulder.  My little boy is not so little anymore.

Saturday Bryan and I went on a lunch date, just the two of us.  It was nice.  We went to Genghis Grill which we both love.  Sunday I bought Bryan his Father's Day present a little early and let him have it.  I got him a Fit Bit Flex and he is like a kid in a candy store with it.  I am glad he likes it so much and he thinks it will help him lose some weight.

Claire and I played with the Ouija board Saturday night (Bryan finally relented) and then Sunday night Taylor wanted to play as well.  The only problem was when it was time for bed, he freaked out  a little so I don't think he will be playing again.  Funny because he is my kid who loves scary movies and usually Claire refuses to watch anything a tad bit scary.

It will be a short week this week since we had Monday off so that is always nice.  In lieu of Memorial Day, Claire took a picture of my sister in her army uniform and posted it on Instagram thanking her for her service and to God Bless America.  Love that girl.

UPDATE:  I almost forgot.  Sunday afternoon Claire and I were watching Snapped.  It is a favorite of ours to watch on Oxygen about these wives/mothers who lose their shit and kill or have their husbands killed.  This lady was saying how her husband who was a pastor liked her to dress up like she was a hooker and wear wigs.  Claire turned to me and asked, "If you have sex while wearing a wig, will the baby have the hair color of that wig?"

Friday, May 23, 2014

Count to 10.................

I was mad last night.  I came in this morning and ranted about it to my coworker as well.  I am glad he is a good listener.

Last night was Claire's choir performance.  She was supposed to try out for a solo, then decided she was doing a duet with Lady, then decided they weren't going to.  I was dissapointed because I know Claire can sing and I want her to be her own person and not a Lady shadow.  Not to mention, Lady is not a good role model.

We left as soon as I got home from work so we could grab something to eat and then head over to the school.  I had to stop on the way back from eating becuase of course my daughter chooses the wrong shirt.  Our kids never freaking listen.

We got good seats next to where all of the choir students sat and 3 rows away from the stage.  The choir consists of an all girl 6th grade section, all girl 7th grade, and all girl 8th grade.  And then they have the boys choir with mixed grades.  We we were closer to the 7th grade girls seats and it drove me crazy how they were behaving.  The giggling, the snickering, the hollering and Lady and another friend of Claire's were the worst.  If I was that choir teacher, I would be pissed at them today.

I am sure you remember that I am back to not liking Lady very much after that stunt she pulled last weekend with Claire.  And to make matters worse, on Wednesday Claire found out she failed a math test and when Lady asked her how she did, she told her.  Lady went on to speak to her like she was her parent, telling her she need to retake it and get a better grade and how they have only one more test for the year and asking her why she bombed it.  Claire told her that she struggled with Math but that she was planning on taking the retake.  Lady threatened her with failing the 7th grade if she didn't pass it.

Later that evening, Bryan gets a call at work from Lady's Dad.  He said Lady had told him Claire failed the math test and they were concerned and did we need a number for a tutor?  When Bryan told me this, I was pissed.  First of all, it is really none of their business.  Second of all, Bryan should have asked him if he wanted a number for a counselor for his anger management.  Claire has been in tutoring and in special classes to help with Math and it really isn't any of their business.

So back to last night, the show ends and I tell Bryan that Taylor and I are going to the car so we could move it up to try not to get stuck in all of the traffic.  I do just that and then wait.  And wait.  And wait.  My mild headache has really started to rev up when Bryan walks over to the passenger seat.  I roll down the window and he proceeds to tell me we are now taking Lady home because her Dad just dropped her off and assumed she could just catch a ride with us.  I could have screamed!  Actually, I did.  I actually yelled at him and he yelled back not to take it out on him which I know and said I was sorry.  I am just so over it.  So glad for the long weekend.

And on that note, I hope everyone has a fabulous Memorial Day weekend and don't forget the sunscreen kiddos!!!  =)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Throwback Thursday!!

My babies many Christmases ago.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tug Boat

Because I don't want to forget.

The Song Pontoon by Little Big Town, Taylor calls it Tug Boat.  So cute.

A Nut is a Nut.

Last night Taylor was up at the kitchen table working on math homework.  Bryan gave him a few almonds to snack on while he stood over there and helped him.  Taylor popped one in and started making wierd faces.

Bryan:  Your dentures botherin you?

Taylor:  *Rolling Eyes* No, I just can't get the shell off.

Bryan:  Son, it doesn't have a shell.  It is an almond.

Taylor:  Oh.  Crunch, crunch, crunch.

Then the next hour he kept complaining that he had pistachio stuck in his teeth.

No P in My Ool, So Let's Keep It That Way.....

Today is better, still a little achey from the battle with ovulation but not as rough as yesterday.

I wanted to share a funny story about Claire from when she was younger.  Remember how I said we used to live in an apartment?  Well we spent a lot of time at the pool.  Taylor chose to stay in the "kiddie pool" which was actually the hot tub but Claire enjoyed playing on the stairs in the pool.  There was no bathrooms there so if she had to go to the restroom, she would come and tell me and we would have to trek back to our apartment or go to Sheila's (she lived closer to the pool) if she was with us.

It was just me and the kids when Claire came over to me and said she had to peepee.  I didn't feel like getting Taylor out and get everyone to our apartment so they could get everything wet so I told her to just pee in the pool.  That no one would know.  Ick, yes I know but we all know kids do it all of the time.  It is one of the reasons why the chlorine is so high in public pools.

Claire went over to the top step and proceeded to move her bathingsuit to the side so of course she wouldn't pee on it.  Made perfect sense to her.  I yelled her name and ran over to her before she started and told her never mind, let's just go home.  Kids are too funny.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Today is not a good day for me.  I had my tubes untied years ago when Bryan and I decided we wanted to have another baby.  That hasn't happened and as the years have passed, we started looking at it as more of a if it happens, it happens situation.  I used to have terrible periods before I got my tubes untied.  They were long, full of vicious cramps, and extremely heavy.  Afterwards, they only last 4-5 days, cramps are livable but they have their times, and light to medium.  But, I started suffering from debilitating cramps when I ovulated.  Not every month, sometimes I go 3 or 4 months with no issues and then BAM, ovulation time and the cramps have me breathing like I am in labor.  Or keeping me up at night cause they hurt so much.  Today is one of those days.

Yesterday I kept having a film appear on my eye.  I couldn't see anything when I looked in the mirror, but I could tell when I was trying to see.  It would appear and dissapear when I blinked.  I thought it was my contact so I threw it out this morning and put in a new one.  Still happened.  I googled and it said something about "dry eye".  Hope it goes away soon.

My right foot keeps getting this sharp pain on the right side, closer to the bottom of my foot.  It seems to happen only when I turn my foot a certain way and not at all when I wear my shoes.  My aunt has been having all kinds of issues with her feet lately so worries me that something might be going on with mine.

It is hell getting old.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Do You Ouija?

When I was 11-12 and moved in with my Aunt, she had cleared out the back spare bedroom for me to have.  I remember while hanging my clothes up in the closet, I saw board games store up in the top.  I couldn't see them all but did notice they all looked old.  I forgot about them and then noticed them again a few months later.  I asked my Aunt if I could get them down and she agreed.

One of the games was a Ouija Board.  I was ecstatic.  This was the same girl who used to say Freddy Kreuger was her hero, had seen all of his movies, and never missed a Saturday night of Tales from the Crypt.  I LOVED horror movies, scary books, and all things spooky.

I had befriended the girl across the street.  She was a few years younger than me but we got along well enough.  That summer she came over every day and we played with the Ouija board.  I have nothing but fond memories of it although I don't recall what happened to it.

I have been wanting to get one and both Claire and Taylor have wanted to check it out.  Bryan has always said no.  He said he had a bad experience with it and has heard that it was a gateway.  Even though you are asking to speak with good spirits, he claims bad ones can still enter and I guess wreak havoc within our home.  I think he has been watching too much Ghost Hunter shows.

Anyway, I found some really good deals and bought one off of Ebay on Friday.  Bryan wasn't thrilled but I promised we wouldn't play with it when he was home.  I told him I got it used and he was all great, it is coming with spirts already on the damn thing.  He cracks me up.  The kids are super excited and so am I!

How do you feel about it?


Weekend Recap

This weekend was good.  Nothing too crazy going on, just a normal Saturday and Sunday which of course you know I love.  Bryan worked, I hung out and watched my shows, and Taylor played his video games.  Claire went to her friend Lady's Bat Mitzvah rehearsal on Friday night and then the actual celebration Saturday morning.  Afterwards she hung out at their house and then went to the movies that evening.  She came home around 9 and said they had invited her to go to a cajun festival the next day.  I told her that sounded like fun.  The next morning, she got up, showered, dressed, and waited in the livingroom until it was time to go.  Then, they left her.  She cried.  It broke my heart.  Lady wouldn't answer her calls or texts.  I planned on asking her about it this morning on the way to school but for some reason, her mom told her to ride the bus.  Interesting.

I started watching The L Word this weekend.  I am hooked.  Also, I heard about Penny Dreadful which is a new Showtime series so I recorded the first and second episode last night so I can't wait to check that out.  I have heard good things about it.  I wanted to watch a scary movie this weekend but nothing grabbed my attention.  Any suggestions?

That's it for the weekend gossip folks.  I can't believe I only have like 3 or 4 weeks until our trip to FL.  Egads.

Friday, May 16, 2014

A Compilation of Why I Love You.

I know we were meant for each other.  You are my husband but also my best friend.  It is pretty crazy that we have known each other since I was 20 years old, even though we lost touch for quite some time there.  Here are just some of the reasons of why I not only love you, but am grateful that you are mine.

1.  You love me more.
2.  You do the majority of the household chores, the things I do not like doing.  The bathrooms, cleaning the tub, mopping, and the litter box.  I know there are guys out there that would never even think about doing those things.
3.  You always put the kids and I before yourself.  Always.
4.  You like to go out to dinner with the family even when we don't really have the money but it is just so fun.
5.  You love to spoil Claire and Taylor as much as I do.
6.  I love that you are an amazing chef.
7.  I love the curl that your hair always makes in the front, no matter how short you cut it.
8.  I love your eyes and your pretty smile.
9. I love how you always make sure that you tell me that you love me every day.
10.  I love that we have as many animals as we do because you let me keep them.
11.  I love how we practically never argue.
12.  I love that you are my best friend and we would rather spend time with eachother than anyone else in the world.
13.  I love that you like to do family stuff.  i.e. Seaworld, Galveston, Disney
14.  I love that you make everyone's plate before you make yours.
15.  I love how you take pride in the lawn and how the outside of the house looks.
16.  I love that we can have drinks today and just talk.
17. I love that you let me watch what I want on tv all the time.
18. I love that you want me to try new things, even if it doesn't always work out for me.
19. I love that you put up with my ocd ways.
20. I love that you still are attracted to me even though I am no size 5 anymore.
21. I love that you understand I needed help when my anxiety got the best of me.
22. I love the fact that even when we weren't together, you never got into anoter serious relationship because you were still in love with me.
22. I love the fact that you never had kids with anyone but me.
23. I love that when you came back into my life, you did everything possible to win my heart again.
24. I love that you succeeded.
25. I love when you call me by my name.
I could probably spend all day thinking of more and more this will do for now.  143

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Claire and her Cute Selfies!

Throwback Thursday!!

Me and the kiddos at the Rodeo 2011 watching the pig races.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Whatever Works For You.....

Last year in September or October I became sick with a cold.  I couldn't breathe, I hacked up a lung, and I sneezed all the time.  Both of my ears were clogged so everyone and everything sounded like I was at the bottom of a well.  I ended up going to the doctor but she said I had your average cold and I would just have to deal with it until it was gone.  My own nose started waking me up at night when I would try to sleep because it would make noises.  I started trying to sleep sitting up in the livingroom in the lazy boy chair but everytime I would doze off, my nose would start whistling or crackle and my eyes would pop open.  As bedtime rolled around, I would walk to the bedroom, look at my bed and think, and so we meet again.  I started having anxiety attacks.  I would try to lay down and then start to freak, feeling like I was drowning, jump up and pace the hallways.

After 5 or 6 days of staying up all night, being a zombie and a crying mess at work and home, I tried natural remedies.  I tried everything people would suggest and nothing was working for me.  I would stand in the shower getting ready for work, crying and literally wanting to die because I felt so bad.  I felt like a shell of my normal self. So I went back to the doctor and I told her what was happening and literally bawled my eyes out sitting there on the table.  I was a mess.  She prescribed me the lowest dosage of Xanax and told me to take 1 before going to bed if I started to feel anxious.  I tried it but usually had to take 2 and I fought it like crazy.  Usually when I did fall asleep, when my alarm would go off I felt all groggy, like I needed to sleep at least another 10-12 hours.

I went back when those ran out because even though my cold was starting to go away, the anxiety wasn't.  I saw a different doctor this time and he gave me a refill but suggested I might take something to prevent the anxiety instead of what I was doing now which was after the fact.  I went back a few days later because I hated the way I felt in the mornings and was getting really good at fighting the Xanax.  My anxiety had bled over into the day time too.  One time, I almost couldn't drive my own kids to school because when I got in the car, I couldn't breathe and felt like my own car was closing in on me.  I had another panic attack when I was at work and could barely sit at my desk.  I finally went back to the doctor and saw the original one I had seen the first time.  I told her what was going on and what the other doctor had suggested and she agreed.

That is how Celexa came into my life.  I am on the lowest dosage and it has really made such a huge difference in my life.  Honestly, it has fixed things I didn't even know were broke.  Like my constant need to relive the past.  Why?  Nothing I can do about it now but yet given the chance, I would bring it up.  I am talking like childhood stuff.  Crying.  I used to get frustrated at work and I would cry.  I don't do that anymore.  Now don't get me wrong, it hasn't turned me into a robot.  I still cry like everyone else but not at a drop of a hat.  I also don't stress so much.  If I am running late, oh well.  I don't lie awake at night worrying about things that I don't have any control over.  Are there side effects?  Yes.  Gaining weight was one I heard about but thank God I didn't have that issue.  It did kill my desire to have sex.  Bryan of course doesn't much care for that and I do miss it sometimes but it's hard to explain because honestly, I didn't even realize it was gone at first.  Oh and the dreams!  They are like watching a movie and usually even when you wake up, they start right back up again once you fall back asleep.  Awesome when it is a great dream but awful when it is a nightmare.  They are SO vivid and you remember them for days.

Now this is not a post to persuade you to get on antidepressants.  As a matter of fact, I was embarrased at first that I needed "help" to be me.  I talked to my Aunt about it and she said I was strong on my own for a very long time, just so happens I need a little help right now.  Will I always be on it?  I don't know but the fact that such a small dosage helps, that makes me happy.  And in the end, that's all I want to be anyway. 

Child Abuse

Monday Claire came home from her friend's house a little upset.  She had been over at her bff Lady's house practicing for the Pop Show coming up in choir.  No that is not really her name but that is what I am going to call her.  Anyway, I had texted her earlier asking if she was eating with us that evening or over there.  She responded and said there so I began putting everything away.  Not even 10 minutes later she came home and said Lady's dad sent her home because he was screaming at Lady about her uniform for Silver Air Patrol.  I asked Claire if she even got to eat and she said some soup so I warmed her up some of our leftovers.

While she ate she continued to tell me how it really upset her that Lady's Dad treated her so badly.  Now I personally have seen him get in her face and scream at her, literally spit flying from his mouth.  I have talked to Bryan about it and he told me not to get involved.  I was happy when the parents seperated for awhile and he moved out but they have since reconciled and he is back.  Claire said he screams at her, hits her, spanks her with the belt but often misses and ends up hitting her on her legs.  She said she had seen the marks.  My heart went out to this girl because I had been in her shoes with my Mom.  I asked if he was the same way with Lady's brother and she said sometimes but Lady gets the worst of it.  I told Claire if she wanted us to help her we could but I didn't want to step in and call CPS right away because I know once you get them involved, it is hard to get them out of your business.

Claire said she would text Lady and let her know and share that I had been through this too and I wanted to help her.  Lady texted back that she wanted to talk to me about it in the morning so I said I would take her to school with us.  She went on to text other horrible things he had been doing like pushing her, slapping her in the face, and calling her a bitch and a whore.  No one should be treated this way, especially not a child!

I did talk with her the next morning as we drove to school.   She said her Dad knew he had a problem and that he said he was going to start going to counseling.  He said he behaved that way because he was raised my the marines.  I told her that was no excuse and it was clear her Dad had an anger management issue.  She agreed and I told her she could start hanging out more at our house so she wasn't always with him, especially when her Mom wasn't home.  She said it was a little better when she was home but she was only off 2 days out of 7.

I mentioned what was going on to someone I work with and they told me I needed to call CPS because by law, if I know abuse is happening, I have to report it.  But yesterday after school, Lady told Claire to tell me how much my talk helped and also how great it was to know someone was there looking out for her.  I also offered to take her to school for the rest of the year and she took me up on that.  Bryan and I are going to give it a week or two to see how things progress and if things still aren't better, then we will reach out to CPS because like I told Lady, she should not have to grow up being treated like this.

*When we took her to school yesterday, she seemed so very sad.  This morning, she seemed a little better though.*

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What Might Have Been......

I was thinking about the other baby a few days ago.  I don' t think about it much anymore or dwell on the past as much as I used to.  I will tell you guys why in another post.  Back to what I was saying though, if I had decided to keep the baby I became pregnant with from the whole Chris debacle, he or she would be 17 now.  Wow.

Want to know what I was going to name the baby?  If it was a boy, Joshua Jacob and if it was a girl, Heaven Leigh.

Those names still hold a special place in my heart.

You Should Have Seen Her Blush.

Last night Claire came into the kitchen while I was cleaning up after dinner and said she had something to tell me.  She said it was a secret and she didn't want me to tell Dad because he would give her a hard time about it.  (Teasing)  She said she had gotten her first kiss today.  I was so excited for her!  She said it was a quick peck on the lips but I could tell it meant a lot to her.

I asked her who it was and she said it was a boy she didn't really like.  I was all, why would you let a boy kiss you that you didn't even like and she said, well she used to like him.  Such a milestone in my young girl's life!!  I told her the first kiss should be special and even though it wasn't with someone she really liked, I was still happy for her.  My baby is getting so big.  :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Thanks Claire Bear!

I was whining to Bryan and Claire how I missed when the kids were younger and they would draw me pictures, make me cards, or bring home cute knick knacks from school.  Now I get a Happy Mothers Day and that is pretty much it from them.  Bryan will usually try and buy something from the 3 of them but it isn't the same.

Claire sent me a text a little while later with the below that she "made" me.  It's no macaroni necklace but it still made me smile.

Weekend Roundup

Happy Belated Mothers Day!!!  Mine was nice - I really can't complain.  Since Bryan's hours are a little all over the place these days, we had to improvise.  He took me to eat Saturday afternoon around 3 pm after he got off.  It was actually just us two because Claire was at Splashtown with choir and Taylor hates Golden Corral.  I know, not too fancy but it was what I wanted.  Plus, Sunday morning he took me to Waffle House and I ate so much breakfast yumminess I didn't get hungry again until dinner time.

Bryan had to work Sunday evening until 9 pm so we were on our own.  I was dealing with terrible cramps from being a woman *ahem* so I didn't really feel like cooking but Claire begged and pleaded for me to make Shake N Bake pork chop and green beans.  I had also picked up a potato about a week ago and wanted to cook it up before it went bad so to Google I went.  A year or so ago Bryan showed me how to make it in the microwave but I wanted to do the real deal.  I found a simple recipe that told me to scrub the potato really good, rub it with olive oil, and then sprinkle salt over it.  I did just that and then placed it into the oven at 300 degrees for 90 minutes.  When I pulled it out, I immediately sliced into it and heard the nice crackle of the skin.  I added butter, cheese, and Heinz 57 sauce.  I will tell you all about the Heinz in a minute.  I let it cool for a little while and then I dug in.  First time I have ever really eaten almost all of the skin too.  The chops turned out yummy as well.  I actually thought to add bread crumbs to the Shake N Bake mix so it was extra crispy.  I am thinking about trying Panko next time.  My green beans are usually Claire's favorite because it is a recipe my Aunt taught me but Bryan had bought the canned green beans with no salt so they were lacking this time around.  And of course I made a box of Velveeta because Taylor could live off of that alone.

Saturday I dropped Claire and her friend Layton off at the school because choir was going to Splashtown for the day.  I reminded Claire to make sure and put sunblock and although she claims she did, she came looking like a lobster.  I got on to her because moles run in my family and I do not want her to get skin cancer.

Speaking of, I had a mole removed on my back in October of last year.  This mole had been with me since I was a teenager and had always been about the size of a pencil eraser but as the years progressed, it was getting darker and darker and crusty looking to me.  I went to the dermatologist and she said it needed to be removed so they could test it.  They shaved it off quicker than I could blink so I was petrified for nothing and the test came back cancer free.  The crazy thing is that bitch is back!  It isn't dark but it is definitely back!!  Can moles grow back??  From what I have read on the internet, it seems they can if it was just shaved.  Bummer.  I guess I need to reach out to my dermatologist.

Ya'll have a fantastic week!!

*So when I was pregnant with Taylor at the very beginning of my pregnancy I worked as a waitress at Red Lobster.  Every day I would eat a baked potato with butter, cheese, and I would add Heinz 57 sauce.  I had never even eaten the sauce before (not a big meat eater, especially not steak) but it called out to me wanting to be on my potato.  My coworkers used to refer to Taylor in my belly as Spud because it was all I ever ate when at work.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Our Tattoos

Tattoo Part 3

My next tattoo was done on a sort of whim and the really funny thing is, I hardly ever see it and forget it is there.  When people comment on it, it always takes me a few minutes to figure out what they are talking about.  It is a chain of daisies, my favorite flower, on the back of my neck.

I was actually watching that tattoo show LA Ink with Kat Von D with my friend Sheila and the urge just hit me.  So we hopped in the car and drove up to a tattoo shop.  I knew I wanted it on my neck but wasn't postive on what I wanted.  I was actually thinking about a bar code (Wierd I know) but then saw some pretty daisies and decided on that instead.  And yes, getting tattooed on your neck hurts like a bitch.

When I turned 30, I decided I wanted to get one last tattoo commemorating the stage of me getting older and ssssssllllooowwwwiiiiinnnnnggggg down.  So of course, I chose a turtle.  He is on my right upper shoulder area on my back.  He is more of a cute cartoonist turtle than a turtle you might see at your local pond.  I told myself I was done with tattoos but then my husband's father passed away.

When Bryan and I first started dating, we both had beepers/pagers (remember those days?).  He would text me 143 which he told me stood for I love you.  He said it was actually something his Dad used to do to him and his siblings.  Over the years, 143 has become something very special to Bryan and I.  He always puts it at the bottom of cards and we text it to each other quite often via phone.  It has never lost its importance.

About a year after Bryan's dad died, Bryan and I decided to get "matching" tattoos with the 143 & 143-2.  For his he chose to have 143 and under it, his dad's initials.  Mine is 1432 with a pretty little teeny tiny butterfly flittering on the 1.  It is on our wrist.  I think it is my favorite because when I look at it, I am reminded that there is someone out there that loves me because I am me.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sniff Sniff

I think I have shared with you guys in the past that Taylor used to have a terrible time with peeing and pooping himself.  He still pees himself occasionally but he is getting a lot better about stopping whatever he is doing and going to the restroom.  Getting it through his head that it was more important to use the toilet instead of continuing to play seems to be finally getting through the ole noggin.

When he was younger, he was the worst at trying to hold it instead of pooping in the toilet.  Again, see above for that reason.  He sucked at it though so he normally shit his underwear.  I can't count how many times we would be out somewhere or even at home and you would get a whiff of poo and have to check his britches becuase he always says it isn't him when you ask.

One time we were at Taco Bell when I caught the scent.  I leaned down and asked Taylor if he needed to go to the restroom.  He said no.  I asked him if he had had an accident and again he responded, no.  I said, are you sure and he turned around where his butt was facing me, dropped his pants & underwear, pulled his butt cheeks apart and loudly said  "Yes Mom you can check, it was just a fart!"

I prayed the Earth would open right then and there and just swallow me up.

Tattoos Part 2

My third tattoo is what is lovingly referred to by a lot of people as a tramp stamp.  Eh.  Call it what you will but I was never a tramp and it is still one of my favorite tattoos.  That one hurt like hell as well and took longer because it is across my entire lower back, above my butt.  Mine looks sorta like the one below.  I was dating Chase at the time I decided to get this.  I thought they looked hot and at the time I had the body to show it off.  Although I am a lot heavier now, I still take good care of it and the colors are still nice and bright.  When I got it, he was with me and actually my aunt and her boyfriend at the time too.  Family affair!  Hahaha  Really we had been out and I decided I wanted to do it and they decided to tag along.

My fourth tattoo I do regret getting.  Not that tattoo so much as the meaning.  We have all heard not to have someone's name put on your body right?  Well, I kinda sorta didn't listen.  Chase worked on a boat in Alaska so I was lonely and thought I would profess my undying love by getting a tattoo in his honor.  Luckily, I was smart enough just to get N *heart* C which I then told everyone actually stood for Nicole loves Claire.  Taylor asked why there wasn't a T there so I fibbed and said he wasn't born yet.
More tomorrow.....


More like POUND cake instead of pancake.

I made pancakes last night for the kids for the first time.  Bryan has made them for us a few times and of course, hits it out of the ball park but he was at work and I was in the mood to cook/try something new.

I pulled out the box of Bisquick and quickly scanned the back to see what ingredients it needed and what all went in to making them.  1 cup of Bisquick, 1 cup of milk, 2 eggs, and then mix all together.  I can do this.  And I did.  I sprayed my skillet with Pam and ladled the batter into the pan in a nice round circle.  I had heard that once the batter starts to bubble that meant it was ready to be flipped but I didn't really see any bubbles.  The box said the edges would start to crisp up and when I felt it, that was indeed happening so I flipped away. 

Each pancake was coming out perfectly brownish/tan with no burnt parts.  I was super excited!  I noticed when I felt the pancakes though, they seemed kind of dense.  They certainly weren't all light and fluffy like Bryan's normally were.

I checked the box and saw the expiration date was 2011.  Holy crap.

I tried one and it tasted fine so I went ahead and fed them to the kiddos anyway and no one complained so yay me right?  Right?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tattoos Part 1

Do you have any tattoos?  I do.  I actually have 7.  I got my first one when I turned 18.  Most of my childhood sucked and when I lived with my aunt from 12 years of age until I graduated from highschool, she was very very strict.  I am talking grounding for low grades on progress reports, grounding if my dirty clothes came over a certain line in the dirty clothes hamper, bed time 9 pm all through highschool kind of strict.  But, I also lived a very sheltered life and for that, I am super grateful.  When I left for college, the taste of freedom was sweet as candy and I didn't even like to visit because heaven forbid I fall back under her rules. 

I didn't go to college alone.  I actually graduated, moved out and in with my boyfriend's (highschool sweetheart) family because they were so much more layed back.  Once we saved up enough money, we moved out to College Station, TX into our very first apartment.  I worked at Kroger and he worked at Target.  I was taking the basic freshman classes needed to become a teacher and in my speech class, I met Tammy and her boyfriend.  I can't remember his name to save my life but her and I immediately clicked.  We started hanging out a lot, especially when her sweetie was working.  She introduced me to the movie Son in Law with Pauly Shore and the music/comedy of Adam Sandler.  I found myself bonding with the main female character on the Son in Law movie.  She was leaving home sweet home to go to college, she was sheltered, and now a whole new world was opening up to her.  In one of the scenes, she goes and gets a butterfly tattoo on her left inner ankle.  I knew right then and there, I wanted a tattoo too.  Tammy went with me and although I like butterfiles, dolphins were my thing.  I chose a tattoo that had a small red heart with 3 dolphins swimming around it in a heart pattern.  It is just a little bit bigger than a quarter but it hurt like hell.  At one point, the dude stopped and they got me some water worried I was going to faint.  Everytime I look at the tattoo I smile because it is a sign of my adulthood.

My second tattoo was actually courtesy of my hubby.  We weren't husband and wife then though.  We were dating and bff Vashti and I were out and about and I decided I wanted to get a tattoo for my birthday.  Bryan was at work (server at a restaurant - the one we met at) so I stopped by and asked him for some money.  We went to a well known place there in Atlanta and I ended up choosing the prettiest butterfly ever and it is on the top of my right butt cheek.  I had to practically pull down my pants to get the tat and the tattooist was SUPER cute.  He thought I was super cute too and asked me out.  I told him I already had a boyfriend but he was more than welcome to come and hang out and play some pool with me and Vashti later at our house.  He did but he wanted to be more than just a friend so that was the last time I saw him.  Anyway, after I got it done I went back to Bryan's work to show him and he gave me a big grin because he thought it was hot and liked it too.

More tomorrow.................

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Feet Go Where?

Do you remember your first time going to the gynecologist?  And if you are a male reader, welcome!!, but you can skip this post.  ;)

My aunt took me for my first well woman exam at 17.  Secretly, I was already having sex with my boyfriend (we used condoms) but she wanted me to get on birth control because I was getting older and I had terrible periods.  I remember hoping and praying she didn't come into the room with me because then she would see the hickeys on my breasts.

She didn't come in during the actual exam (thank God) but she did afterwards to discuss options.  I saw the same doctor she did, Dr. Turner, and she was young and super nice.  She made me feel comfortable and I was honest with her when she asked me if I was sexually active but it helped she said she wouldn't say anything to my aunt (patient/doctor confindentiality and all).  Besides I wondered if she would be able to tell just by looking down there.  =)

My biggest memory was afterwards, my aunt and I went grocery shopping.  We all know they use a lubricant so they can easily insert the speculum and then jack your insides like they are changing a tire.  I was not familiar with lube so didn't think to *ahem* wipe after the procedure.  We're walking down the frozen food aisle and my aunt asked my why I was walking funny.  I told her I felt like my vagina was all squooshy and that I was pretty sure it was making noises like when I played with the Nickelodeon Gak.  She damn near peed herself she laughed so hard.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Fresh From the Spa!

Have you ever heard of Witchhazel astringent?  I had seen it over the years but had no idea what it's use was for.  Honestly, I thought maybe it was something maybe Wicca related and never gave it a second thought.

About two months ago now, Bryan bought some and said he was going to start using it on his face.  I gave him a wierd look but later tha evening, after using it he had me feel his face and I could notice a huge difference.  I started using it as well.  I used to use Noxema but as I have gotten older, some times it seems  a little harsh for my skin and I still had the occasional break out/blemish.  Since using the witchhazel, I haven't had any you guys!  And, I am only using it once a day, after I get out of the shower in the morning.  I squirt some one a cotton ball and then wipe away.  Also works really well on my eyebrows after getting them waxed.

Now I have to say, I have never been one to have oily skin but this stuff just makes my face feel so clean and smooth.  And no blemishes really rocks the cat box!!  I totally suggest give it a try.

When you gotta go, you gotta go I guess.

Every year Bryan and the kids usually drive to GA to spend the week of 4th of July with his family.  I stay behind and take care of the animals and it is also a break for me away from the husband and children.  Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.  They will not be going this year because we are driving down to FL next month to spend a week in a condo with his parents and siblings and their spouces and offspring.  Yay.  I would so rather stay home.

Anyway, a few years ago they left out in the wee morning hours for their journey after I kissed them goodbye and then snuggled back into my bed.  The following happened and the kids told me all about it when they returned from their trip.

It seemed they were cruising along on the highway, not a restaurant or business in sight when Bryan's stomach starting screaming at him.  He said he held it as long as he could but he knew he wasn't going to make it so he pulled over to the side of the road.  He grabbed some napkins out of the glovebox, told the kids he had to go into the woods or he was going to have an accident, locked the doors, and tromped into the woods.

Claire said her brother and her were so embarrased they were hiding under their blankets.  Bryan said he could see the truck from behind the tree he was crouched at and just hoped no concerned traveler stopped to check on them.  He was able to finish his business and was back on the road in no time.  I am SO glad I missed out on that. 

Another Weekend, Another Monday =)

Happy Monday!! And how was your weekend?  Mine was good.  Nothing too exciting to report but I kinda like that.  Do you have Netflix?  I used to have Hulu Plus but then a friend of mine from work let me use his Netflix account to watch The Walking Dead and I noticed the choices that Netflix had compared to Hulu was much better.  So I canceled my account and got me my own Netflix.  I am all caught up on Walking Dead now and even got Bryan interested in that show.  We lived, talked, breathed Walkers for weeks.  I also got into Breaking Bad and am actually almost finished with the series.  That is another good one if you haven't seen it but I am pretty sure I was the last human on Earth that hadn't seen it.

News to me was that Netflix has it's own shows!  I watched Orange is the New Black and was super said when I went through the entire first season quickly only to find out the second season isn't out yet.  Total bummer.  Last weekend, I started looking for a new series to get into since I am almost done with B.B. and saw in my list of suggestions from Netflix, another Netflix original series called Hemlock Grove.  I clicked on it but the description didn't really tell me a whole lot so I googled it.  Basically it was a horror/thriller/drama and I thought hell yea, this is right up my alley!  And boy is it!!  I love it and would totally recommend if you like that kind of thing.  Let me know if you have any show or movie I should check out as well.


I wish I could have a garden.  I love fresh vegetables but the boys pee on everything in the backyard and I mean everything.  Bryan once left a broom out there leaning on the table from when he swept off the back porch and both of them made sure to piss all over it.  Boys!

I would plant cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, broccili, green bell peppers, and some jalepenos.  Come to think of it, I think you can grow jalepenos inside so I will have to look into that.  We used to have a tomatoe plant but the birds kept getting at them.  We tried all kinds of covers but to no avail.  Suggestions?  We have blackberries growing in our bushes in the front yard.  I love them!  I have neeb having Bryan water then in hopes they will get big and juicy.  Picking and eating those are a lot like eating Sourpatch Kids, you never know if it is going to sweet or sour.

Well I hope everyone has a fantastic day!  xxx/ooo

Friday, May 2, 2014

Another Claire Selfie

But isn't she gorgeous?!?!

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Just a quick review on things that have been going on for me because I want to have them kept safe somewhere so years from now, I can look back and say oh yeah - I remember that.

Claire got lice.  Again.  Bryan flipped his shit and there were more tears from Claire.  This time instead of going for the all natural products, we went right for the Rid stuff so we could make sure that they all die, even if Claire's scalp caught on fire.  Bryan said they were literally falling off her head so yay Rid, boo natural this time around.  We went on and on and on about not sharing hair stuff at school.  No selfies with others, no hugging, and told her how they have to crawl onto her hair for her to get them.  I cringed when she took a handful of pony tail holders to school today for her gym locker.  I wish there was a certain age where they couldn't get lice anymore.

The driving lessons seemed to have really paid off because everytime we get into the car, Claire asks if she can drive.  Big difference from when she was terrified at the thought.  Yay us!

Taylor failed 2 classes, math and world culture on his last report card.  It all comes down to Taylor choosing not to do homework or doing it and not turning it in.  We are working with his special ed teacher at the school and have come up with an idea to hopefully help.  He is not very organized and it seems even when he does his class work or homework, he forgets to turn it in and just stuffs it into his binder.  She suggested he use one folder and put everything in there and then turn it into her and she will make sure they get to the appropriate teacher.  She also provided colored folders for his binder so he could file his paperwork per class/period and not just smush it in there.  We are hoping with this extra help, when he starts the 7th grade, he will be a little more adjusted and he can be responsible.  I don't know though, this is the same boy who continues to put his violin in the same spot every day when I ask him to put it in his room.  Time will tell I guess.

The animals are driving me crazy.  I know I can't complain because I am the one who brought the majority of them into our home, but potty training is the worst.  And now, Because of Loretta having her accidents, Jackson (the pug) started thinking it was ok to pee where she did.  Hell no.  I beat the crap out of him and then made him go sit in his kennel for awhile.  He hasn't done it again since so lets keep our fingers crossed.  Clover (Bengal) has taken a dump twice in the hall.  Why?  I haven't a freaking clue.  He has a nice and clean litter box to use so why my carpet?  Bryan said he put his nose in it and spanked him good so hopefully, that will be the end of that as well.

Bryan still hasn't heard about the new position but they continue to talk about it like it is going to happen so I guess that's a good sign.  We sure could use the money.

I am thinking about making my chili this weekend.  Although it isn't cold, I have been craving it and like that I can live off of it for a week almost.  I actually won a contest for it and always get rave reviews so let me know if you want the recipe.

Goodbye for now my friends!

The Post Where I Turn Into a 2 Year Old.

I am not a big snacker.  I don't care for sweets at all but I will eat the occasional chip and I love me some pickles.  I would eat a pickle every day if they weren't so chock full of salt.  Oh, and the more sour the better for this girl.  Anyway, one of my favorite chips to have is pork rinds.  I know I know, nasty and they have a terrible smell but I love the spicy flavored one.

When we go grocery shopping, everyone gets their own snacks.  Some the kids share, they also get some individual, (Taylor loves oreos and Claire adores Goldfish) and then Bryan and I have our different ones.  Unless you ask, you are not supposed to be eating someone elses snacks.

When I get a bag of the spicy pork rinds, I never eat it all in one sitting because after 4 or 5, my mouth is just too hot.  It just isn't one of those snacks you can gorge on in my opinion.  So like I said, I eat a few and then put it up.  I always look into the bag and pick and choose which one I want to eat next.  This bag happened to have one that was as long as a ruler.  This was a first for me.  In all of the years that I have eaten pork rinds, I have never ever had one that big.  I dubbed it the Magic Pork Rind and decided I would save it for last.

Flash forward a few days and I grab my bag and settle down on the couch to munch.  Imagine my surprise when I look into the bag and find Magic Pork Rind missing!  I stomp into the kitchen and start hollerin that I want to know who ate my chips!! 

Bryan:  I had a few.

Me:  You ate the special one I was saving!  It was the biggest pork rind I had ever seen!!

Bryan:  It was pretty big.  I am sorry, I didn't know you were saving it.  I will buy you another bag.

Me:  I don't want another bag.  I doubt I will ever find another one that big!  And why are you eating my chips anyway?!?

He went on to say he didn't know why I was making a big deal about it and said he was sorry and would buy me more.  I told him I wanted a divorce.  Just kidding.  But it did take me a while to not want to throw something at him.


My Dad from one of my grandfather's infamous birthday parties!  Yes, that is my husband trying to photo bomb.