Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Update

Whew, I made it through Christmas! I know I haven't been posting much lately, but we just had so much going on with trying to get everything ready for hosting our first (and last if I have anything to say about it) ever Christmas at our home. We had about 11 family members coming (one being the Wicked Witch of the West-uhh I mean my Mother) so everyone was a little nervous there at the beginning.

In our family Santa comes Christmas Eve night, so we take the kids outside so they can throw the reindeer feed (oatmeal & glitter) in the front yard, pile into a car, and then ooh and aah at the Christmas lights throughout the neighborhood. Bryan and my grandfather usually stay at home to welcome Santa and make sure he knows where everything should be placed. Santa usually leaves a half eaten cookie or two and then a nice little note for Claire and Taylor thanking them for the treats and reminding them to be good.

I had ordered a couple of trays of sandwiches for Christmas Eve because for our family that night is all about Santa coming, drinks, fireworks, and all around partying. Christmas Day was a bit hectic for me, I am really good for one day of entertaining and found myself desperately wanting a nap by 1 pm. Our menu consisted of queso, guacamole, jalapeno poppers, ham, and a bunch of sides. Plus, my Stouffer's lasagna which can never go wrong.

The kids loved their Wii and really a good time was had by all. I can see why people are not jumping up and down with their hand up yelling pick me, pick me to have Christmas at their home. I am exhausted and my house looks it too.


On to a much sadder topic, Friday night I had to have my beloved cat Tinkerbell put to sleep. At around 7pm she was hit by a car in the head, and some how made it home, got in the house, and hid under my bed. I didn't even know anything had happened to her until I crawled into bed and could hear her making some sort of gurgling noise. After examining her, I saw the blood dripping from her mouth and ran to get Bryan. He suggested I take her to the emergency room, so off me and Tinkerbell went while Bryan stayed home with the kids. 4 1/2 hours later and much tears and snot, I went home ~ with out my Tinkerbell. Her jaw had been broken so severely she could not even close her mouth. They gave her pain medication as soon as I got there to try and make her more comfortable. I had to make one of the hardest decisions in my life that night. Alone. There was no consoling me, every time I tried to speak the emotions took over and I became a sobbing, heaving mess again. I wanted to save my kitty but I knew we did not have 2000.00 for her jaw to be fixed only to then have to return many times for follow ups, x-rays, feeding tubes, and a life for Tinkerbell that would never be the same. I have been told many times the decision I made was the right one, but it sure didn't feel like it.

I chose to have Tinkerbell put to sleep, and for them to send her home with me after being cremated. Leaving the e.r. with an empty cage when I had came in with a meowing her ass off cat just broke me. I sat in my car for a good 30 minutes crying more. They gave me a sweet imprint on clay of her paw prints that I will always cherish. So this is for you Tinkerbell, may kitty heaven be full of mice for you to chase, tuna fish cans that do not need to be opened, and plenty of nice warm beds for you to curl up in. R.I.P.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Can't *sob* Stop *sob* Crying

It seems my computer is sick again, at first it would not even come on, Bryan fiddled with it a bit and got it to come on safe mode finally. He called me at work to tell me that he had good news and bad news, I always cringe when people say this. The good news is he got the computer to work again, the bad was everything is gone. E V E R Y T H I N G All of my favorites are gone, all of our pictures, gone. The computer demons are laughing at me right now, I just know it.

UPDATE: Please if you happen to stop by will you leave your link so I may save you to my new blog roll I am creating. Thanks!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Think I've Lost My Mind

We've done it. We shelled out a little more than 600 bucks so Santa could bring my two monsters a Wii. Out of all of the things the kids were asking for, this was the main thing that continued to be asked for from Santa. Yes, yes I know they were only around 300.00 a few weeks ago, but being on a pretty tight budget we had to wait for the 15th of this month before we would even have the funds. Luckily, other family members are sending cash as well for Xmas so this should help with getting other things for Claire and Taylor as well seeing how all of Momma and Daddy's money is tied up with Santa.

Is it totally worth it?? Completely! To see the looks on my kids' faces Christmas Eve, every time they smile at me because Santa is the GREATEST person on Earth, will remind me that it was. I even thought to myself last night after Claire saw that commercial where the girl got the pony instead of a phone like her friends, and then she's all "Momma I would love to have a horse and then I could ride it to school", knowing me I would love to buy that girl a pony for the back yard and then listen to Bryan bitch because it ate the fence and shit on the patio. Again, totally worth it.

So, what gifts are you getting for your kiddos this year? Did you have to pawn your title to your car like we did?? (I kid, we didnt really do that but I wont say I havent had to before.) I wanna know, are we the ony suckers out there? ;)

Monday, December 10, 2007

My Own Fun Monday

I see lots of people participating in the Fun Mondays, but I thought I'd do a cute lil' version myself. You dont have to repost or anything, just answer in the comments if you wanna play.

Today's question will be, What Disney princess would you be if you had to choose one?

My Answer:


De-Croutonize Me Baby!

I have talked about this before, the way hubby and I first met 10 years ago this time of the year actually. He was my waiter and I was a freakishly picky eater, so when I ordered my salad I asked for him to de-croutonize my salad please. He understood exactly what I was asking for, I did not want any croutons on my salad. He thought I was cute (and liked my blue eyes even though later he found out they were fake), and I thought he had a nice butt.

This past Saturday Bryan made me a salad for lunch and as he set it on the table and told me it was ready, he turned and said, tell me what you told me 10 years ago. It took me a few seconds and sadly the first thing to pop into my head was "Oh no he didn't go and put those nasty stale pieces of bread on my salad" but then I looked at it. On the top of my salad was one lone crouton, I asked him to de-croutonize my salad please and grinning ear to ear, he took it off.

I love this man.

Weekend Update

See that picture? That is what I got to babysit all weekend for my sister, that is a picture of her new baby Brinnley. Keeping her reminded me of having a little one to care for again, the constant potty breaks, naps, feedings, etc. Whew, it was exhausting. When my sister picked her up on Sunday she asked if I would miss Brinnley and I responded with yes and no. She was much fun but so much work!


We took the kids to see the Parade of Lights off of Hwy 6 last night, this was our 3rd year to take the kids but I have to say this was my favorite so far. There was no crying or covering of ears because of the loud sirens, there was nothing but big grins and frantically waving hands. If you live around the Copperfield area you need to try and make it next year, and let me know if you go - we'll sit together! Sorry I do not have any pictures, my camera died. :(

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mother's Day

Claire's Hair

It seems like just yesterday when we cut Claire's hair short because of a lice infestation at the day care, what a nightmare that was. But wow, how fast it grows.

Potty Talk

Claire yelling from the restroom: Mom, Dad!! I don't know what I ate but my poo smells bad!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Merry Christmas To Me & My Washcloth!

I won these awesome Christmas Cards over at, arent they just the coolest?? You know you want some, so go on over to her blog and get you some from

So, Where Do All Of Your Asses Live?

Last night I had some errands to run and as we were returning to the house, the song "All My Exes Live In Texas" by George Strait came on the radio. I heard Claire humming along in the back seat followed by a giant gasp.

Claire: Mom, he just said a bad word!

Me: What? I don't think George has ever cursed in his life?!?

Claire: See, there, he said it again. He said the A word.

Me: *Listening* Honey, I don't hear.....

Claire: *Whispering* Yeah Momma, he just said ass. Hear it?

Me: *I couldn't help laughing* No honey, he is saying Exes. That's what we call a serious country twang.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

So, What Are You Getting For Xmas?

I overheard this conversation between Claire and Taylor last night:

C: You know, if you're bad you get rocks from Santa.

T: What?

C: Yeah, he just puts rocks in your stocking, nothing else.

T: What kind of rocks?

C: Black ones.

T: Is it poo?

C: Maybe

T: We better start being good huh?

C: Yeah, I don't want poo for Xmas.

T: Me neither.

*I didn't have the heart to tell them it was actually called coal, poo works way better.*

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday Funnies

Claire: Momma, what does *#&*@ mean?

Me: Uhhhhh......

Claire: I think it means ooouuuccchhhhh!

Me: Sounds good to me.