Monday, April 30, 2007

My Favorite Song!!

Artist/Band: Dean Billy
Lyrics for Song: Let Them Be Little
Lyrics for Album: Let Them Be Little

I can remember when you fit in the palm of my hand.You felt so good in it; no bigger than a minute.How it amazes me you're changin' with every blink.Faster than a flower blooms, they grow up all too soon. So let them be little,'Cause they're only that way for a while.Give 'em hope, give them praise,Give them love every day.Let 'em cry, let 'em giggle,Let 'em sleep in the middle,Oh, but let them be little. I never felt so much in one little tender touch.I live for those kisses, your prayers an' your wishes.An' now you're teachin' me how only a child can see.Tonight, while we're on our knees, all I ask is: Please, let them be little,'Cause they're only that way for a while.Give them hope, give them praise,Give them love every day.Let 'em cry, let 'em giggle,Let 'em sleep in the middle,Oh, but let them be little. The so innocent, precious soul:You turn around, an' it's time to let them go. So let them be little,'Cause they're only that way for a while.Give them hope, give 'em praise,Give them love every day.Let 'em cry, let 'em giggle,Let them sleep in the middle,Oh, but let them be little. Let them be little.


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Some Men....

I got a phone call from a friend the other day that got me thinking about something that happened to me in my past. This friend used to be my best friend in high school but we kinda drifted away as the years went by. We now have pretty much nothing common as she is a single mommyfree working girl and I am the opposite of these things, except for the working part. We get together once in a blue moon and sometimes she calls me to chat or vice versa - but the calls always seem awkward - forced.

Well she called the other night and was telling me she was sorry for not making it to my party, that she had a bunch of drama going on right now. In my head I was thinking man, it is really nice to be passed all of those drama days. She went on to ask me if I remembered her telling me about that guy she had been dating for about 6 months now. I told her I did and she said well did I tell you that his brother was on some radio station here in Houston, I told her no I did not remember that.

She went on to say how he had told her he had gotten a job offer in Austin and he was trying to decide if he was going to take it. A few days after that conversation, her dad was listening to the brother's radio station and heard him talk about how his brother had gotten this job offer and how it was a really good job and the only thing he was waiting on was for the okay for him wife. His wife!! My friend is not married. Her dad called her right away and told her what he had just heard, immediately she calls the boyfriend who never answers his phone for her again.

She did some googling and found out that this guy was married, had a house where said wife lived, and an apartment for his lady friends. Wow.


What seems like ages ago, I was 19 and working at an HEB in College Station. I was going to school, working full time, and juggling an off again on again relationship since my junior year of high school. There was a guy that was the front end manager at the store I worked at, and technically we was also my boss. He was 26 and I was completely smitten. It was the first time I had ever been interested in a guy so much older than me and the really exciting thing was, he was interested right back. It wasn't full blown on, we flirted back and forth at work, he showed favoritism to me when doling out work orders, and I was on cloud 9. I had studied this man from top to bottom and saw no reason why I should not be head over heels, he was handsome - sweet- and there was no wedding ring.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months - and he and I got closer and closer. I was shocked one day when he told me that he was actually married but they were separated. I asked about a ring and he said he was actually seventh day Adventist and they did not believe in wearing jewelry or something like that. He went on to explain that his wife had went back home to San Antonio and they were going to be filing for a divorce. I started going over to his apartment and even spending the night there. At first there were pictures of himself and wifey all over the place, but after speaking my dislike - he took them all down, including all knick knacks that were hers. We went everywhere together, but of course in other cities. He didn't want anyone we "knew" to see us together. He took me to museums, hotels, parks - he opened a whole new world for me.

What seemed like ages but really was probably only a few months, he asked me to marry him. I was thrilled and called my family to tell them the good news. It was in little girl heaven. I say this because deep down in that 19 year old body, I was very naive and had led a very sheltered life. The idea of someone hurting me never crossed my mind, especially not someone who loved me. We then found out I was pregnant. I was scared and happy and he just lavished me with love and little gifts. We started looking for apartments in Corpus Christi to move into, and I had a list a mile long for my fairytale life. We went to our first doctor visit together and found out everything was prefect with our pregnancy - and talked how we wanted a boy and I told him the names I had picked out which he said he loved as well. It was every girl's dream come true.

We had planned to go and visit my mother in GA for Christmas. I was ecstatic for family members to meet him. He said he was excited too. The time came for the trip and we got all the way to AL when he decided he just couldn't do this. Imagine my shock when he tells me I can stay in this strange hotel, alone, pregnant with his baby, and wait for my dad to come and get me. And yes, that is what happened - he called my dad, my dad looked like he wanted to kick some ass when he arrived and my Prince Charming was gone. That Christmas I spent the whole time crying, listening to cds, wondering what I had done wrong. My family really didn't know what to say to me. The drive back to TX was the worst because my little sister kept asking me if we could name the baby in my tummy Thumbalina. I felt like I had let my family down somehow, and refused to meet my father's eyes.

There is a whole other part to the ending of this story but I really don't want to write a damn novel so I will stop for now and finish tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Want to win some free stuff? There is this pretty nifty contest going on here Basically she just wants us to post a pic of ourselves without makeup. The only thing about that for me is - I dont wear any makeup - at all - ever. But if you're interested, check it out. :)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dear God

Dear God:

Why didn't you save the school children at ?.
Virginia Tech 04/16/07
Amish Country, PA
Columbine High School
Moses Lake , Washington 2/2/96
Bethel , Alaska 2/19/97!
Pearl , Mississippi 10/1/97
West Paducah , Kentucky 12/1/97
Stam! p, Arkansas 12/15/97
Jonesboro , Arkansas 3/24/98
Edinboro , Pennsylvania 4/24/98
Fayetteville , Tennessee 5/19/98
Springfield , Oregon 5/21/98
Richmond , Virginia 6/15/98
Littleton , Colorado 4/20/99
Taber , Alberta , Canada 5/28/99
Conyers , Georgia 5/20/99
Deming , New Mexico 11/19/99
Fort Gibson , Oklahoma 12/6/99
Santee , California 3/ 5/01 and
El Cajon , California 3/22/01?
Concerned Student
Dear Concerned Student:
I am not allowed in schools.
How did this get started?...
Let's see,
I think it started when Madeline Murray O'Hare complained
she didn't want any prayer in our schools.
And we said, OK..
Then ,
someone said you better not read the Bible in school,
the Bible that says
"thou shalt! not kill,
thou shalt not steal,
and love your neighbors as yourself,"
And we said, OK...
Dr. Benjamin Spock said
we shouldn't spank our children
when they misbehaved
because their little personalities
would be warped and we might damage their self-esteem.
And we said,
an expert should know what he's talking about
so we won't spank them anymore..
Then someone said
teachers and principals better not
discipline our children when they misbehave.
And the school administrators said
no faculty member in this school
better touch a student when they misbehave
because we don't want any bad publicity,
and we surely don't want to be sued.
And we accepted their reasoning...
Then someone said,
let's let our daughters have abortions if they want,
and they won't even have to tell their parents.
And we said, that's a grand idea...
Then some wise school board member said,
since boys will be boys
and they're going to do it anyway,
let's give our sons all the condoms they want,
so they can have all the fun they desire,
and we won't have to tell their parents they got them at school.
And we said, that's another great idea...
Then some of our top elected officials said
it doesn't matter what we do in private as long as we do our jobs.
And we said,
it doesn't matter what anybody,
including the President,
does in private as long as we have jobs and the economy is good....
And someone else took that appreciation a step further
and published pictures of nude children
and then stepped further still by
making them available on the Internet.
And we said, everyone's entitled to free speech....
And the entertainment industry said,
let's make TV shows and movies that promote
profanity, violence and illicit sex...
And let's record music that encourages
rape, drugs, murder, suicide, and satanic themes...
And we said,
it's just entertainment
and it has no adverse effect
and nobody takes it seriously anyway,
so go right ahead.
Now we're asking ourselves
why our children have no conscience,
why they don't know right from wrong,
! and why it doesn't bother them to
kill strangers, classmates or even themselves.
if we thought about it long and hard enough,
we could figure it out.
I'm sure it has a great deal to do with...

Sunday, April 22, 2007


This was me a few days ago, I was in a total state of shock. Our computer had some sort of nervous breakdown and I lost ALL of my favorites. Every.Last.Blog. I have done my best to remember and put it back together, but if I was a frequent visitor and you don't see me, around - shoot me an email or leave a comment so I can add you back to my list. :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Birthday Meme

The rules are:
1) Go to Wikipedia
2) In the search box, type your birth month and day but not the year.
3) List three events that happened on your birthday
4) List two important birthdays and one death
5) One holiday or observance (if any)
6) Tag other bloggers to complete

November 13


1. 1849 - Charles Dickens watches the public hanging of husband and wife murderers Frederick and Maria Manning at Horsemonger Lane Gaol, London, an event that prompted a condemnatory letter to The Times and a character (Hortense) in Bleak House.

2. 1960 - Sammy Davis, Jr. marries Swedish actress May Britt. Interracial marriage was still illegal in 31 US states out of 50.

3. 2001 - War on Terrorism: In the first such act since World War II, US President George W. Bush signs an executive order allowing military tribunals against any foreigners suspected of having connections to terrorist acts or planned acts on the United States.


1. 1955 - Whoopi Goldberg, American actress, comedian, and singer

2. 1967 - Jimmy Kimmel, American comedian and talk-show host

3. 867 - Pope Nicholas I


1. Roman festivals - Iovis epulum; feast of Feronia

2. Day of the pupusa - El Salvador

Okay not it is your turn, I am tagging:

Jenny from, and,

C'mon ladies, I want to know what happened on your birthdays!! :)

PS. Thanks Holly for the fun meme!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oops I Did It Again!

So I have started doing again exactly what I had said I wouldn't do, which is not blog about things I am doing or going on in my life. I had made a promise to myself a little while ago to ACTUALLY blog about something that that happened, heard, said, etc - instead of just thinking hmmm, this would be great to post about. Then a few days will go by and nada. It aggravates me but hey, no one is perfect.

So what has been going on in your world? Not much has changed around our little world. This past Sunday and I am afraid again last night, the kids and I thought we were watching the Discovery Channel live! One of our cats, Binx, has turned into Simba the Lion. I am not an outdoorsy person. I do not like bugs, I do not like to sweat, and I dislike very much to get dirty. After saying that, I can also say that I have never actually seen an animal eat or try to kill another animal. Our new house came with a lovely backyard that the kids and our animals enjoy tremendously and I do too - I enjoy watching the kids splish splash in their little pool and sit out in lawn chairs while Bryan cooks out. This is a big luxury for us after being cooped up in an apartment for so damn long. With the backyard came lots of woodland creatures for us to admire, squirrels, birds, lizards, etc. The kids and I love to watch them while we eat and we leave little treats like bread and stuff for them.

Sunday we had the backdoor open because the weather was just so beautiful we were enjoying the fresh air. I was sitting on the couch when I heard this unusual flapping noise coming from outside. The kids and I went outside to inspect and were greeted with the sight of feathers flying and Binx trying his damnedest to eat a bird. It was like we were on a farm and he was trying to catch our dinner. Kentucky Fried Chicken has nothing on this cat!! I screamed, I sprayed with a hose, I eventually beat him with my flip flop until he let go of the freakin bird. I had never seen anything like this in my life. Yes, I had seen Binx eat live june bugs before but actually thanked him for that (I have a huge fear of those), but not a helpless fluffy bird. We put Binx in the garage in "time out" and the kids and I thanked God when the injured bird was able to finally get out of our backyard. *Falling over our fence into the neighbors yard is as good as ever*

So what could possibly top that you may ask?? Well, last night I was in the back yard with Claire and the animals when I heard a faint thud. I looked into the general direction that the noise came from and here comes the cutest little baby squirrel God had ever made. Cue the music to "Welcome To The Jungle" by Axle Rose. Like lightening our cat was on top of this little angel before we even knew what had happened. I have never heard an animal scream before but people, this squirrel sure as hell did - the Whole.Damn.Time. Now if I am being honest here, I saw the little thing bite Binx a few times and I WANTED that baby to injure my cat so he would leave her the fuck alone. Somehow, that squirrel got away with not a scratch or hair out of place for Binx. He strolled inside to get a drink of water, I guess he had fur in his mouth or something. We are forever scarred.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sand and Stone




Monday, April 16, 2007

THE Party

Yes now when I say THE party, I mean my party - my first ever grown up party that I was the host of. Some of you may remember, but this past friday (Friday the 13th actually, I picked that day just for that reason-cause it is way lucky for me being born on it and all) I had a Pure Romance party. Some of ya'll may have been to one of these parties before but in case you haven't, you can buy things like the above.
What a blast!! I had invited pretty much everyone from work and a few friends, and a total of 10 women showed up. Getting ready for the party was oh so stressful though. I was running around the house like a chicken with my head cut off, and practically threatening the kids within an inch of their lives if they touched anything. But everything turned out perfectly - and thank you Jenny at, everybody loved your famous beergaritas!!
I don't think I will be having another party at my house for awhile (a few things got broken-I blame Jenny's beergaritas:) ) And the highlight of the evening, I got me a B.O.B!
Last night we were watching Dancing With The Stars when Taylor piped up....
Taylor: Look (pointing at Clyde Drexler), that guy looks just like Popop!! (This is my dad he is referring to)
Me to myself: Yeah if Popop were black and like 2 ft taller.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Phone Call

By friend Sheila called me a little while ago to see if I wanted to go out to eat with her and her daughter Iana. I told her thanks but today is house cleaning day. She said she should be doing the same but she had purchased tickets to go and see The HighSchool Musical for Iana and after got all dolled up she looked at her tickets and saw that they were dated for 2008. WTH? She explained this to Iana that the show/concert was next year and Iana would be in the 2nd grade by then. Iana asked her mom " Gosh mom, will you still be around by then?" Sheila laughed and responded with I am sure honey.


I just went to go and check on the kids, I had put them down for a nap about 15 minutes ago and I found Claire asleep on her bible. How sweet is that? How I wish I had a camera.


Shauna over at Pass The Chocolate tagged me for this Three Things meme like forever ago and Im sorry - but here it finally is!

Three Things That Scare Me:
1. Bugs
2. The idea of something happening to our little family
3. Haunted Houses

Three People Who Make Me Laugh:
1. Bryan, Claire, and Taylor
2. Redneck Comedy (Larry the cable guy mostly)
3. My friend Sheila

Three Things I Love:
1. My kids and hubby
2. Budlite
3. Scary movies

Three Things I Hate:
1. Shit starters
2. Infidelity
3. Lying

Three Things I Dont Understand:
1. Computers
2. Things that get broke but no one did it
3. Molestation

Three Things On My Desk:
1. Speakers
2. Air Freshener
3. Mouse Pad

Three Things I Am Doing Right Now:
1. Blogging
2. Laundry
3. Keeping an eye on kiddos

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
1. Go out of the country
2. Bungee Jump
3. Take the kids to Disney World

Three Things That I Can Do:
1. Make just about anyone laugh
2. Finish a book extremely quick
3. Multi Task

Three Things I Cant Do:
1. Have more babies
2. Math
3. Like my mother

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To:
1. Mother's intuition
2. Your significant other (not always though)
3. Your kids

Three Things You Should Never Listen To:
1. People's idea of wrong/right way to raise your children
2. In my case my mother 99% of the time
3. Mean people

Three Things I'd Like To Learn:
1. Be more patient
2. Not to be so anal about "my stuff"
3. How to fix my own car

Three Favorite Foods:
1. Pork chops
2. Mexican (anything mexican)
3. Spaghetti

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid:

1. Woodywood Pecker
2. Tom & Jerry
3. Smurfs

Three Things I Regret:
Honestly, I really dont have any "regrets", my life is the way it is because of the choices I have made and I wouldnt want it any other way.

Three People That I Am Tagging: (If you have already done it - thats ok!)
1. Holly over at
2. Lotta over at
3. And last but not least,

The Perfect Award For Me!

Honestly, being so new to the blogging world I didn't really think Id be nominated for anything - but I love Marnie's idea from So without further ado.......

Friday, April 13, 2007

Animal Planet

Last night we were watching "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader" and one of the questions was *What is the largest animal on the planet", or something like that.

Bryan: A whale
Claire: A kangroof

Me: *Looking at Bryan* What is a kangaroof?
Bryan: I guess it is a mix between a roo and a dog.


This morning while cuddling with Taylor, he farts on me.

Me: Eww, you're a stinky boy.
Taylor: Im a stunk. See (while raising his butt up at me and wiggling it) I raise my tail and make stink.
Me: P.U.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Surliness sucks. Kindness rocks. Using girls sucks. Appreciating girls rocks.

I am in love with this post - ATTN: Surly Teenage Boys!! Check it out and tell me you dont want to just get on your knees and thank her.....

My friend Holly over at told me about this awesome blog.

Too Funny Not To Share

A young boy comes down for breakfast. Since they live on a farm, his mother asks if he has done his chores."Not yet," said the little boy.His mother tells him no breakfast until he does his chores.Well, he's a little ticked off so when he feeds the chickens, he kicks a chicken. When he feeds the cows, he kicks a cow. When he feeds the pigs, he kicks a pig.He goes back in for breakfast and his mother gives him a bowl of dry cereal."How come I don't get any eggs and bacon, and why don't I have any milk in my cereal?" he asks."Well," his mother says, "I saw you kick a chicken, so you don't get any eggs for a week. I saw you kick the pig, so you don't get any bacon for a week either. I saw you kick the cow so for a week you aren't getting any milk."Just then, his father comes down for breakfast and kicks the cat halfway across the kitchen.The little boy looks up at his mother with a smile, and says, "You gonna tell him or should I?"

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Oh No He Didnt....

So I was just sitting here catching up on some blogs while hubby was mowing the lawn. A few weeks ago he mauled one of our plants with the weed eater and I had a fit. He promised to be more careful and I believed him. He was just now weed eating the backyard and I happened to walk into the kitchen to get a drink. While looking out the back window I see him accidentally maim another plant. I watched him pick the piece up and glance over his shoulder at the dining room window to see if I saw - Not seeing me he HID IT among the other leaves!!! Damn, he is like one of the kids.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Vicks VaporRub

So a friend of mine sent an email the other day with this little helpful solution for us mommies. According to the email, if you take a little of the Vicks VaporRub and smear some on their little feet and then put socks on - it supposed to help suppress their coughs! Has anyone ever tried this before? Did it work?? I am defiantly going to give it a shot the next time one of my monsters are hacking up a lung.

Another thing going on right now in my world (and I am sure pretty much everyone else's in Houston) is my crazy ass sinuses. I have been having to use nose crack (Afrin) at night to be able to breathe so I can get some much needed rest. I thought about spreading some rub under my nose but then doesn't it get all over your pillow and face??


We had to call the water company out to our place because there was something seriously wrong with our water. It looked like pee and smelled like ass. I had brought this to hubby's attention a week ago but he thought I was just crying wolf - as I tend to complain alot (so he says).

Me a week ago: Honey, there is something wrong with the water, it smells.
Bryan: It's fine. I bought you some of the bottled water you asked for.
Me: What the hell, am I supposed to take a bath in it too?

Claire Saturday afternoon: Dad somebody peed in my water!
Bryan: Hmm, it does look sorta yellow.
Claire: It stinks in here too daddy.

Bryan puts a call into the water company.

Easter Residue

Easter started for us at 4 am Saturday night/Sunday morning. Claire yelling from her room (yes people she is back in her bed all on her own and seems to have forgotten all about her mean ole bed throwing her out of it) "Has the easter bunny came yet? We both groaned having not been to bed until after midnight. Bryan had braved the crazies at Walmart to get some last minute Easter shopping done and I was determined to stay awake until he got hope to finish setting up for the bunny. After telling Claire that no, the easter bunny had not made it to our house yet we all settled back in our beds. We had set our alarm for 7 am so we could get up before them and hide the dyed eggs (we didn't want them rotting and stinking up the joint all night). 6 am Claire is yelling from her room enquiring about the bunny, again. After laying in my bed starting at the clock for about 30 minutes I wake Bryan up to help me do the eggs because I am stressing out that they're going to get up before us and Easter will be ruined because they will think the damn bunny has forgotten them. We're back in bed at 6:45ish and both drift off to DreamLand when we are bombarded with our little ones at 5 till 7. *Sigh* You know you did good though when your daughter says "This is the bestest easter ever!!"


The cookout over at my aunts went fine, we all pigged out on cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and queso/salsa!! My aunt had put out some goodies for them as well from the Bunny and Claire and Taylor were impressed that the bunny could drive. The big hit was a fan that is sorta like the pictures up above (because I cannot ever seem to get pictures to go where I want them), but the ones the kids got were all sparkly and light up and also have candy in the bottom - I know how friggin cool is that?? Well it took Claire a whole 10 minutes to get the damn thing so tangled in her hair we had to cut it out. Happy Easter to us. :)

Monday, April 9, 2007

Another Sign I May Be Getting Old

This morning while eating my Raisin Bran I thought to myself, "hmmm, I bet this is going to help me poop regularly".

Friday, April 6, 2007


Happy Easter Everyone! So what are everyone else's plans? Our house is crackling with the excitement of the Easter bunny. The kids have finally gotten to the ages where they understand more about holidays and can hardly wait. Claire was shocked to find out that the bunny brings gifts just like Santa! They have gotten goodies for Easter every year since birth - they just don't seem to remember. So tonight Dad is boiling the eggs and tomorrow the dying will commence. Any my munchkins are counting down the hours. They are out of school today and daycare is closed so Dad chose to stay home with them. I called at about 9ish to see how things were going and heard one of the kids screaming in the background. Poor hubby I could tell was losing his ever loving mind. "The sad thing is", he said, "they have only been up like 10 minutes." I secretly smiled inside. For Easter Sunday our plans are to go over to my aunts and grill out hamburgers and hot dogs. Yum yum!! My aunt asked me a few days ago if we wanted to go to church for Easter, that it would be fun. I don't know what planet she is from but church has never been "fun" for me. When I was a child I was made to go and I dreaded it every Wednesday and Sunday. When I became an adult I only went with my family on Christmas and Easter - we joked that we were C&E Catholics. Now that I have a family of my own, I CHOOSE not to go to church because it just isn't something I want to do. And hey, relatives, it is MY choice. The kids go with their grandparents when they stay over at their homes and go to bible camp when they go and see Bryan's parents in GA. If they came home and said "Hey mom, lets go to church" then of course I'd go - but having people try to "manipulate" you into going - not so much fun. So in case you're still wondering, I am not going to church on Sunday and I am sure our Easter will still be just fab.
On another note, Bryan and I had our very first threesome last night. Before you start the whole "what the hell?" - I am talking about my daughter hogging the bed, OUR bed. Claire and Taylor have a bunk bed and at our old place they shared a room. After moving into our new house they have their own rooms and we had to turn their bunk beds into single beds. Claire slept on the top bunk so she now has a bed with an "under the bed" that is big enough for her to walk under. The bed has a guardrail and falling out of it has never been an issue until Wednesday night. At 2 in the morning we were awakened by a blood curdling scream and Bryan and I just about broke a leg trying to get to our daughter. We found her on the floor, crying and still half asleep. How did she fall out?? We have no clue. She had to either slither under the guard or throw herself over one of the ends. It is quite perplexing. The big issue now it Claire is afraid to sleep in her bed. Bryan relented and let he sleep on the living room couch last night but she ended up sleeping with us for the first time since she was 2 years old. This cannot start happening. She woke up many times complaing about our snoring and although our bed is a queen, there is just not enough for 2 adults and a 6 year old. I had to sleep on my side facing the same direction ( I am usually a tosser at night) because if I rolled over I then was face to face with Bryan and his stank breath. I will stick with the wall. So come on and help a girl out, anyone out there got any ideas for us??

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A Tag Yourself Meme

So Jennifer over at had a cute lil' meme up about herself and I happily said I would love for her to tag me as well. So, here are all of my answers to your awesome questions!

1. What is your favorite kind of milkshake? Actually, none. I don't like ice cream. I actually don't eat anything sweet at all. I would take a pickle or some chips over a milkshake any day. Please, don't hate me.

2. What is your fantasy job? Do you ever think you'll have that job? Again some people are going to think I am crazy but it would be to own my own daycare. I worked in many day cares when I was younger and LOVED it. When I was very pregnant with Claire I was the teacher of a class of 9 two year olds. Fun times my friend. I would like to think that some day I will win the lottery (in order to do this though I think I have to actually play it), or talk myself into getting a loan - I don't think it is ever going to actually happen.

3. Do you consider yourself a "neat freak" or can you handle a little mess? Honestly it depends on my mood, oh and how much I have had to drink. ;) I do not like clutter but can stand to see some dishes in the sink or the beginnings of a ring on the tub. During the week I just "pick up" around the house but save the serious scrubbin' for Sundays.

4. What are your thoughts about tattoos? Well I guess I'd have to say "love 'em" since I have 5 of them right? Actually I love mine. Each one has a memory for me. Just to name a few - the one on my ankle was my first one ever. It is 3 dolphins swimming in around a heart and I was 18 when I got it. It was my real "do something crazy since you're an adult now" thing after I moved away from home. I also have a small butterfly on my right upper butt cheek. Bryan actually bought me that for my 21st birthday, another huge milestone in my life. Now when I see people who have so many tattoos that it resembles clothes - nah, not so much.

5. Where would you go on your fantasy vacation? Who would you want to be with you? Honestly, anywhere out of the country where there was a beautiful beach and drinks with cutsie umbrellas in them. And the honest to God truth, I'd want to be with only Bryan.


On another note, this morning as I was making my coffee I thought of a perfect little slogan for CoffeeMate (which I LOVE).

"CoffeeMate, add a little mischief to your coffee"

Whaddya think??

Monday, April 2, 2007

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Bathroom Humor

Taylor: Mom, I have diarrhea!

Me: Goodness, you sure do.

Taylor: Yeah I have diarrhea so bad it's hurting my brain.

The Koolaid Mom

You guys all remember that mom right? She had the house that all the kids seem to migrate to like a bug to a light. She always invited everyone with open arms and drinks/snacks. She was the cool mom. I am soooo the opposite of this. I cringe when the kids' friends ring our doorbell. The thought actually crossed my mind to ask Bryan to disconnect it but then they'd just knock on the door.

These children drive me crazy and I hate to see the house that I just spend hours cleaning destroyed in a matter of minutes. So tell me, does this make me a bad mother?

Signs of Teenage Years

The kids were both supposed to be cleaning their rooms before they could go outside and play. I went to check on the progress and heard some sounds coming from Taylor's room that were not sounding too good.

Taylor: *Grunting* *Sighing* Okay now stay right there and don't fall out please.

I peek into his room and Taylor has taken every toy he had on his bedroom floor and shoved them into his closet and was desperately trying to close the door without causing an avalanche.