Friday, August 31, 2007

I Think TinkerBell Wants To Go To School Too

Bath & Body Products For The Modern Girl??

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Conversations from C & T

After I met the kids at the bus stop, I asked them like any parent how their first day of school went and what Taylor thought of riding the big kids bus.

Taylor's response:

"It was a nice ride Momma."


Later that evening, I made fish sticks and macaroni cheese for dinner. As I was doling out the ketchup, thinking to myself I should so be a cafeteria worker, I overheard this conversation between my two. Now you have to know that Taylor despises vegetables, the word alone makes the boy cringe. And every nite before supper, he will ask us to please not give him any vegetables or eye his food warily asking if there might be vegetables hiding in something on his plate.

Taylor: What's in these fish sticks? (as he peers into the lil' stick after taking a bite)

Claire: (with a huge evil grin on her face) Vegetables!

Taylor: Nu uh! Momma, what is in these?

Me: Fish Taylor

Claire: Ooooh, you're eating fish. (all sing songy like na~na~boo~boo)

Me: They're just fish sticks - eat and be merry.

Taylor: See Twaire (Claire), theres just fish and sticks in here!


Today I was having a mid morning snack of saltine crackers, don't ask - I just love them. But every time I eat them it brings back memories. Good and bad memories that make me realize how far I have truly come.

I was 23 when Claire was born and had a child for a husband. We had a nice apartment, a car, and I worked full time at a day care. Drew (my husband) was constantly between jobs and spent more time out of work then anything else. I was pregnant and supporting us, living to the exact penny. Every time I got paid each dollar had a place to go - electric bill, water bill, rent, and so on and so forth. We were poor but we were making it and happy.

After we brought Claire home, I went back to work in just a few weeks but the good thing was she got to come with me (being a daycare and all) and they even let me work in the infant room so I could be close to her. But soon, I had to start paying childcare as well, even though we got a discount she still wasn't free and it still wasn't cheap. We still had all of the same bills if not more with a brand new baby.

I felt like the mother of two and somehow I was holding it all together. They depended on me and it is a wonder looking back that I didn't have a nervous break down.

I was able to pay for all of our bills out of my check but I never had enough for food, clothing, diapers, and pretty much all things my precious doll needed. So I stole. I had to steal our groceries, clothes for Claire, pretty much everything needed to live and run our little home. And even though I got plenty of food for Drew and Claire, I never really got myself anything but crackers. I lived off of crackers and anything daycare may have left over after lunch time.

Scary as this all sounds, I couldn't have been any happier at the time. And look where I am now? Amazing isn't it?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It Could Be Worse.....

That is what I told myself all the way back from seeing the neurologist with Taylor. Yes, my son does have cerebral palsy - but it is one of the types that I would want him to be diagnosed with if he was going to have it. Taylor has Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy, and after reading up on it on the Internet, I feel much better.

It turns out it is very common for preemies to have this battle, because of the bleeding on the brain they sometimes have at birth. The good news is it is "fixable". We have an appointment next month to see the physical therapist at Texas Childrens and from there, we'll wait and see. The doctor said Taylor will most likely have to wear braces on his legs for a period of time and they may even do botox shots. I looked that up as well and was shocked to see how they have been using this cosmetic drug in cerebral palsy patients and seeing results!!

The neurologist told me how special Taylor was to have been so very early and gone through what he has to be here. I had goosebumps all over when he mentioned Taylor must have had an angel looking out for him because most children born at that age have severe mental/physical problems.

I will keep you informed about Taylor's journey ~ Thanks to you all for the prayers, wishes, hugs, and smiles.

My New Motto!

"Life isn't like a bowl of cherries or peaches,
it's more like a jar of Jalapenos - - -
What you do today, might burn
your ass tomorrow.

Monday, August 27, 2007

I Am Crackin Up Over Here

Okay first if all, that is not a real dog, it is an animal, but you have to go to and click over there on the left to see the 25 weirdest animals to see it's real name. And Toni, as far as a link ~ I am not smart enough to figure that out so people just go to my profile please, I think.


Check out my other blog on here for pics of our summer time!!

Paris's Babies

I had this picture up on the computer when Taylor stopped by to take a peek.

Me: Look, that is what Paris's baby is going to look like!

Taylor: Oh My God!

(Dad in the background, "Taylor stop saying that!"

A few minutes later Bryan was near by and I asked him to come and look at what baby Chihuahuas look like.

Bryan: Holy Shit! Are you serious? That ugly ass thing turns into that?? (Pointing at Paris) That one must have gotten wet!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

More Pictures

That is my dad trying out the new bike he got for Claire.

Birthday Party Pictures

Friday, August 24, 2007

Porn For Doggies?

I will give you one guess what I am doing tonight? Give up? My dog's new man is coming over so we can start making some babies. Yup, you heard right. Paris is getting knocked up ~ hopefully.

Paris is a teacup Chihuahua (full blood with papers) and a neighbor has one as well named Harley. We've been keeping up with Paris's period (fun stuff right there) and this weekend is seems she should be ready to mount, uhhh I mean go. So Harley's owner is bringing him over to spend some quality time with Paris. Claire refers to Harley as Paris's husband, my girl's got morals! ;)

So everyone put some bow chica bow wow music on for us and keep those fingers crossed.

Life's Little Surprises

After my last post, I am sure everyone got the drift that we were climbing a financial mountain that we just couldn't seem to find the top. This morning, Bryan took the kids to meet their new teachers for the school year. Bryan was reminded again that we still needed to fork over 100.00 bucks to get the needed school supplies.

He called me before dropping the kids off at daycare and in a defeated tone, said he would be calling his parents to see if maybe he could borrow the money. You can imagine my surprise when he called back 10 minutes later practically in tears from joy. It turns out his Grandma is giving us a "gift" of 1000.00 dollars. Seems her stocks have been doing well and she wanted to help our little family out!

Thank you Baby Jesus!! Or should I say, Thank You Grandma Daisey!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Month From Hell

August has been a really rough month for us financially. With of course getting the kids ready for school, we also had Claire's birthday party last weekend, and car problems to top it off. Bryan and I had foolishly believed a party at home would be less expensive then the regular Chuck E Cheese or skating rink party. Boy were we ever wrong! After renting the moonwalk, the tables and chairs, buying snacks, hot dogs, drinks, etc we were well over 200.00. Never again we both said. And although it was a huge success and lots of fun was had by all, it was just bank account draining. That doesn't even begin to cover all of the cleaning and party preparations that fell upon Bryan and my shoulders. Sunday morning when we both woke up, it was like a huge sigh of relief to know that it was over and the house was still standing.

While all of this was going on, my car had started over heating last week. It started off in stages where I just had to make sure to add water every time I drove somewhere. But then by last Wednesday, I poured water into the water reservoir only to watch it all pour right out onto the street. I barely made it to Bryan's work and we took it over to Pep Boys, the closest mechanic shop to where we were. 350.00 later we had a new water pump and a new thermostat. Thinking how it could have been much worse we took the car that home evening with a small smile on our faces. But then Friday I noticed that no matter how much driving I did, the temperature gauge never got off the Cold mark. What the hell?? You take it in for one thing and the bastards broke something else!! Back to Pep Boys I went with my receipt and an hour later, as I was still sitting there with no news, Bryan came in on his lunch break. We switched cars so I could go and pick up the kids from daycare and finish last minute party shopping. That evening Bryan called me to come and pick him up. Seems the boys at Pep Shop had to replace some lever that they swore was broke when I brought the car in which was enabling the car to read the temperature sensor. Funny, it worked when I brought it to them the first time. They would not give us my car back without paying another 150.00, BUT, they were giving us a deal 9according to them) because they didn't charge us for the diagnostics blah blah blah they had to do. We didn't have the money so end the end, we had to borrow it from my father (thanks Dad) to get my car back to us. My dad went down there with Bryan on Saturday to make sure Pep Boys knew how pissed off he was. Needless to say, I am making sure I make my Dad proud by telling friends and family (you guys) not to shop at Pep Boys, like Dad asked me to.

I have some real cute pictures from Claire's party I will put up asap! Hope you all have a great day!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fun Tuesday

Theotherbear is hosting Fun Monday, and I guess in response to Jenny's Naked Blogging campaign, she wants us to divulge something deep and dark and... false.
Share with us a little white lie that you may, or may not, have gotten away with. Perhaps it's something more sinister than a little white lie - maybe even a deep dark secret that you've kept buried for years! All the better! Now's your chance to get it off your chest and confess: "Yes, I did eat that last slice of cheese cake", "No, I wasn't washing my hair that Saturday", "Those pants do make you look fat"!

So I stole this from Stephanie at Who doesn't like revealing deep, dark secrets right?

A long, long time ago (or so it seems) I was 22 and living in GA with my childhood best friend and her mother. I worked at a daycare with BF and we had a great little life going. One evening we went out to eat and I met the cutest waiter I had ever seen, his name was Bryan. Bryan and I went on a date that evening after he got off of work and we saw each other quite frequently. I was head over heels for this bad boy with dirty blond curls. I was very naive at that time of my life and Bryan did things with his life that I did not approve of. He did smoked pot, drank, and his world revolved around his loserrific friends. Making time for me was like pulling teeth for Bryan. A few months went by and our relationship was constantly off and on.

During this roller coaster relationship, I met another boy named Drew. Drew was beautiful, but broken on the inside. He came from a horrible family that showed more violence towards him then love, so he was just what I wanted - what my family called a fixerupper. Drew wanted to be with me every waking hour and I thought this was wonderful, such a huge difference from Bryan who never seemed to have the time and acted like I was more of a pain in the ass then anything else.

So what did I do? What any young, pretty girl would do right?? (serious sarcasm there) I dated them both. I saw Bryan during the day and he would take me places like the zoo, The Coca Cola Factory, the mall because he had the money to do those things. I spent my evenings with Drew and we watched movies, played at the park, things that didn't cost anything because Drew didn't have any money.

This went on for a few months, my friends and family were constantly telling me how wrong this was but I chose to ignore them. How bad it could it be when both guys knew about each other and although they weren't thrilled with me being with someone else, they both chose to be with me then not at all. I was on cloud nine.

Until the day I found out I was pregnant. I took the test while I was with Bryan one evening and he immediately wanted to know who's baby it was. My immature mind counted back the best I could but really just picked the man that I loved the most. Drew. I never really saw much of Bryan after that day. Once in awhile he might call or I would stop by the restaurant to say hello but honestly, I was the happiest girl in the whole wide world. I was having a baby with a boy I adored.

Claire was born August 14th at 4:20 in the morning in 2000. My mom and Drew were there with me. The last thing my tired eyes saw before the drugs took over was Drew holding his baby girl with such pride.

Drew and I got married in September 2000, had a cute 2 bedroom apartment, and the cutest baby ever. What killed me was every time I looked at my baby, I saw Bryan. His hair, his smile, his eyes. I lived with this secret inside me and thought I would die with this secret slowly eating away at me. But life had it's own surprises for me and as you all know, I am now married to Bryan with two children ~ Claire and Taylor.

Long story short, I became pregnant with Drew before Claire was even two and during my pregnancy and after, Drew was slowly drifting away. It seemed it was his turn to get into drugs, friends, drinking and I just could have that in my children's lives. I left him before Taylor was even one because Drew had become a monster. The man I had loved so very much was no longer there.

Bryan met Claire when she was 3. They fell in love with each other immediately. And we all live happily ever after.

Friday, August 17, 2007

We Miss You Elvis

My grandmother was a HUGE fan of Elvis, and because of her Elvis holds a very special place in my family's heart. My grandmother died when I was 9 and it tore my little world apart. But, every time we hear an Elvis song my aunt used to tell me "Momma is thinking about you."

So of course now as an adult, I still think my grandmother is thinking of me when I hear that man singing to me on the radio. Tuesday was Claire's birthday and as we were driving home from daycare, Elvis came on with Suspicious Minds. A huge grin spread across my face as I thought Momma was wishing my Claire Bear a happy birthday too!

I love you too Momma!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Claire Bear!

I should have done this yesterday but it just didn't work out. The 14th was my beautiful little red head's 7th birthday! I cannot believe it ~ it doesn't seem like I should have a child that age. What happened to that baby with the big head that used to scream when I left her sight?

7 years ago I went into labor at a barbecue and though I tried to stick it out, after the second contraction hit my ass went to the hospital. I needed my drugs. At 4:20 am (no snickering) after an emergency c-section Claire Britley entered this world screaming. And she is still screaming!

I brought her some pretty pink and white roses and a Disney Princess balloon when I picked her up from daycare. She was grinning from ear to ear all the way home and told me many times "thanks for my stuff mom".

I also got her a little cupcake girl for dessert and she danced her butt off to Black Eyed Peas. Her little eyes finally closed at around 9 and her Daddy put her to bed.

A perfect day for a perfect little girl.

Happy Birthday Claire, I Love You Very Much!

Monday, August 13, 2007

New Hair Do I Am Getting, Just Add Curls!


I hope that everyone had a swell weekend, mine was good but a tad bit hectic. Saturday my aunt, myself, and my BFF Sheila had a garage sale at my aunt's house in the 105 degree weather. Nice. It was totally worth it though because I made myself a little bit of money and with Claire's birthday party this Saturday we can so use it. I found it funny sitting there in my lawn chair how these people were willing to pay for my "trash". After it was over, we loaded everything leftover up and took it to Goodwill. Saturday seemed like the longest day of my life and I am pretty sure I lost 5 pounds sitting out there in the Texas heat sweating my ass of.

Yesterday Bryan took the kids to the swimming pool while I cleaned house and washed clothes. I managed to slip in a movie as well, Because I Told You So. A total chick flick and I really enjoyed it. Last night as we sat down for dinner, the electricity went out. Bryan looks at me and asks if I remembered to pay the bill, which I had but called Reliant anyway just to make sure everything was a-ok with our account. After sitting on hold in the heat for a couple of hours, I confirmed it was not issues on their part so we called our landlord. I took the kids over to my aunts just in case it wasn't coming back on.

It turned out the breaker broke or something like that because it was as old as the house. The kicker was the landlord and electrician decided to rig it for the evening and would be back out the next day to repair it. I started to freak thinking how this had to be a fire hazard but the so called electrician assured us it wasn't. Needless to say, I slept maybe 4 hours last night. I could not relax and every little noise I just knew was my house catching on fire.

Thank goodness the house is still standing and we are all safe this Monday morning ~ just very tired.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Remernber, You Asked For It.....

Because they are crazy, Min and Pheonix over at did this silly meme where you had to post a picture of yourself when you first wake up.

If this doesnt turn you off from reading my blog, nothing will.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Looky Looky what I have won!!

In case you're curious, I picked the template prize! Woo hoo me!!!!!! :)

My Husband Would Love Me Forever!

If I won this, I would not have to lift a finger for at least a week. But not only that, he totally deserves something like this. Bryan has been nominated by all of my single friends and even some family members as their "honey doer". There doesn't seem to be a day when someone isn't calling to ask for his help. And then of course, I still have him doing stuff around our house as well. Poor thing. But, if I won this tv - I think he'd be one happy dude. So go on, check it out here!!


Last night Bryan and I were watching that new show on ABC called Fat March. I am totally sucked in now. As we were watching Bryan says,

"You know, fat people are so nice."

Thinking to myself, well I must not really be fat since he tells me how bitchy I can be often. :)

Monday, August 6, 2007

I Can Wipe My Own Ass!

If you don't know where the title of this blog came from, then you must see the movie "Big Daddy" with Adam Sandler.

The other night Taylor was calling my name from the bathroom. I went into see what he needed and the boy had done his business and needed me to wipe his butt.

Me: Taylor, you really need to learn how to wipe your own butt.

Taylor: I will Momma, when I get older.

Me: Sweetie, you're already 5.

Taylor: Momma, I will learn how to when I am older - like when I'm big and driving a car.

Alrighty then.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Updates Among Other Things

I know I have not been around, not posting or even reading any one's blogs - I just haven't been in the mood.

Things seem to be quickly changing in our little family, and I am not sure if I could say for the better. Before I go into all of that, I wanted to share something with all of you.

When I was desperately trying to stay pregnant with my tiny Taylor, I was hospitalized and was not allowed out of the bed except to pee. It was horrible and I was miserable from all of the drugs they pumped into my daily which made me feel like I had the flu. I puked constantly and to this day cannot stand the smell of citrus. I was living in FL at the time with my then husband (loser) and my entire family was back in TX. I felt many worlds away and terribly alone.

My step mother was the one who was actually able to come and stay with me and try to keep my spirits up as best as she could. She tried daily to visit the local library to email and update family members of my well being and the miracle in my belly. I wanted you guys to see one of the "updates".


Hi everyone,

Grandma, Lori, got here on the 16th and boy were Mom and I glad to see her! Mom could not get out of bed (except to pee) and that was an ordeal in itself.

Poor Mom, she was stuck, prodded, checked, restricted (movement and fluids), not to mention drugged! All of that was in an effort to keep me inside of her as long as possible. It worked for 7 days, then on the 7th day I let everyone know that I wanted OUT! So they took me.

At around 5:00pm they (the nurses and doctors, which were many) decided that they would come and get me. And they did. I was brought into this world at 8:22 pm on the 22nd of March.

I think Mom had a rough time, because they said the "block" they gave her did not work too well. As soon as I was born to the world the whisked me away to a NeoNatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and I heard they gave Mom some "big time" drugs for pain.

Mom is doing better. I'm so glad. I didn't want to hurt her in any way, I just wanted to be on the outside with her.

Since my birth, Mom told me I weighed 1 pound 9 ounces and I am 13 1/2 inches long.

Daddy and his Daddy came to see me that night as well as some other people in Daddy's family. Grandma told me that Mommy could not come just yet. But the next day...

Here comes MOMMY! I would know that voice anywhere!
Mommy and Grandma came to see me when Mommy could be brought in, I was so happy! Mommy cried when she saw how small I am, but I showed her how determined I am.

The nurses explained to Mommy, Me and Grandma that I am "fiesty" but I would be in the NICU until, at least, July so that I can grow and all my insides could mature. They told Mommy that there would be good days and bad days and with everything considered I am doing well.

I have not opened my eyes yet because they cant open. I heard the nurses tell Mommy that they are still fused shut and I should be able to open them in a few days.

they have a breathing machine for me, I can breathe on my own a little, and all kinds of stuff sticking in me so they know how I'm doing at all times. I surprised them the other day, I pulled that breathing thing out of my mouth and removed all those "sticky" things. They told me to behave!

Anyway, I am getting tired and going to take a nap now.

Love to you all,



These emails she saved and printed for me to put in his baby book are very special to me. I look forward to sharing them with Taylor one day.

We had the appointment for Taylor's "tip toe walking" yesterday and saw an orthopedic specialist. They had told me my son has Cerebral Palsy. That is all I can say about that right now. We are getting a second opinion because I will be damned if I am just going to slap Taylor with this label and move on. Please, keep Taylor Bug in your prayers. :)