Friday, August 17, 2007

We Miss You Elvis

My grandmother was a HUGE fan of Elvis, and because of her Elvis holds a very special place in my family's heart. My grandmother died when I was 9 and it tore my little world apart. But, every time we hear an Elvis song my aunt used to tell me "Momma is thinking about you."

So of course now as an adult, I still think my grandmother is thinking of me when I hear that man singing to me on the radio. Tuesday was Claire's birthday and as we were driving home from daycare, Elvis came on with Suspicious Minds. A huge grin spread across my face as I thought Momma was wishing my Claire Bear a happy birthday too!

I love you too Momma!!


min said...

Elvis has perfect timing!! We all melt when he sings. I wish he quit with the playing dead routine and make a comeback!!

Ann(ie) said...

That's so sweet!! She was thinking about your baby and made sure Elvis came on the radio. I love that!

Everytime it hails we think my grandma is throwing a party in heaven and mixing drinks b/c there was a hail storm right after she passed. It makes us smile.