Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Claire's Joke

Normally when the kids tell us they have a joke for us it is usually something like Knock, Knock and then maybe something about a banana. I was shocked when Claire told us this joke and I grinned from ear to ear, pleased with how big she is getting.

Claire: Hey, I have a joke for you guys.

Me: Oh yeah? Well lets hear it.

Claire: There was a baker, a maid, a lawyer, and a doctor in a round house. Someone killed the doctor and they were trying to figure out who killed him. The baker said I was busy baking things so I didn't do it and the lawyer said I was busy reading books so I didn't do it and then the maid said I was busy cleaning the corners so I didn't do it so do you know who did it?

Bryan and I just looked at each other and told her no.

Claire: *Giggling* It is the maid sillies because the house is round, there are no corners!!

Taylor's New Do

Friday, January 23, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Alien Children

Last night while I was walking past my son's room, he let out a fart that sounded like a pissed off monkey. Maybe it is all of the cough medicine.............


I was cooking dinner, helping Claire with her homework, getting a snack for Taylor, you know ~ doing the juggling Mommy thing when Claire finished and asked if I would put a certain movie on in her room. I told her yes, but to give me a few minutes. I got busy again and forgot about the movie until she brought it up to me again.

Claire: Mom, are you going to put my movie on?

Me: Oh hon, I'm sorry I forgot about it. I will go and do it right now, I am so sorry.

Claire: Oh it's okay Mom, I know with two kids and everything you're going to forget things and we need to remind you sometimes.

I swear I looked at her like she had 4 eyes and an arm coming out of the side of her head. Who are you and what did you do with my child??

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Goal For '09 Is My Family Before Work

Yesterday was day 4 of Taylor having a fever that we just couldn't seem to break. Tuesday night around 2:30 in the morning it had reached 103.5 and we had to place him in a cool bath, which he hated, but it did do it's job.

I know that sickness effects Taylor a little different than it does his sister, his immune system is like the puny little weakling playing on the playground as opposed to my daughter's immune system which manages to bully its illness out of her body within 24 hours. But, Taylor being a preemie and all is usually down for the count for a few days before he starts to show some improvement. But as you can imagine with any child, I started to get worried yesterday when Bryan called me at work at 1:30 and said his temperature was back up to 102.8. I called the pediatrician and they agreed they should see him and worked him into their full schedule.

Because it was later in the day, I told Bryan I would take Taylor because I knew it was going to be a long wait, it typically is when we actually have an appointment so being "worked in" meant they would see us sometime around 5pm. Someone had to be available to get Claire from tutoring and since I am Taylor's rock, I said I would take him.

I know that my place of work is not too thrilled when I leave but luckily with MLK day and the President's Inaugural, the phones had been pretty peaceful so I rushed to pick my son up and get him to the doctor in the 30 minutes the nurse had asked of me.

They checked Taylor head to toe and I sat there with tears in my eyes watching my son quiver with fear and fever because he still remembers last year when he ran a fever for a week and they ended up giving him some sort of shot in his upper thighs to bring the fever down, and how much it hurt, and how I had to hold him down and watch him scream in pain. The kind nurse asked Taylor to follow her to the scale in the hall so she could weigh him and I started to sit in the chair in our room like I usually do but before I could, I hear the nurse calling Taylor's name. I stepped into the hall to see my son running down the hall towards me just as fast as his toes could carry him. His mouth was open in a silent wail and he wasn't breathing, he was in mid sob. I picked him up and held him close to me, my eyes filled with tears for my little man. I begged him to tell me what was wrong and he finally sobbed about that he was just so scared she was going to stick him with that needle. It broke my heart that this little miracle was terrified, so scared that he didn't want to step on the scale thinking if he turned his head for a moment, they'd get him.

Last night I called one of my supervisors to let him know that I would be in tomorrow but if Taylor was still running a fever the next day, I would need to take him back so they could do more tests, how they thought he might even have something called silent pneumonia. I was pissed and a little hurt that his only response was oh, okay. He nor my big boss bothered to call or ask if he was okay, if he was still alive?!?! Sometimes, like they like to tell me, I wish they would step out of the box and see that it isn't all about work.

*UPDATE* As of 7:10 am Taylor seems to be fever free ~ please keep us in your prayers and thoughts.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Damaged Jeans & Elbows

I know there comes a time in every parent's lives where they want to beat another little kids ass for doing something to your child. These past few days I feel like the good Lord is testing my patience with putting me in these situations.

Saturday my daughter comes in half laughing as she points to her jeans which are sporting two black letters on one of the legs. After seeing my face, the smile completely disappears and is replaced with large eyes shimmering with fear.

Me: What is that?

Claire: Oh, well see I was over at that house where they were having a garage sale and my friends held me down and wrote on me.

Me: Your friends held you to the ground and wrote on your jeans??

Claire: Well, I mean..uhhh..they didn't like hold me down they just wrote on me and I couldn't get up.

Me: What the hell Claire? Those are brand new jeans! Did you think I would find this funny??

Claire: "Crying"

So I stripped her and washed the pants 3 times, soaked them, tried spot treating, but nothing was bringing out the permanent ink. I informed her to let her "friends" know that if this didn't come out, I expected for their parents to buy her another pair of jeans.

When Bryan got up (he works nights these days) I explained to him what happened. He asked that I call Claire inside so he could speak with her. When she came in he immediately pretended like he was worried, asking her if he was alright and did she have any ouchies? I saw her looking at him while those little wheels turned in her head, confused because she expected him to be reprimanding her, not coddling. She let a small smile show and told her Dad that no she was fine. He continued with how he just knew she must be hurt in some way if her friends were holding her down and writing on her. Busted. She immediately started crab walking with that whole story, especially when Bryan and she went to the neighbors home and saw these 2 little girls who were maybe 2 and 3?

The big issue with all of that is the way their mother behaved. She didn't speak English so although Bryan never raised his voice, she acted as though he had, flailing her arms around and continually lurching the wet jeans at my daughter. We had to ask another little neighbor girl to be a go between and though she changed her story many times, "let me wash them, I will get it out" to "we will just buy new jeans" before Bryan politely told her that he really just wanted her to know that her daughter was writing on people and that we also believed our daughter was just as much as fault seeing as how she could have gotten up or told these two no. I did my best to stay calm but when she is pointing fingers and rudely speaking to my daughter, I wanted to slap her with those wet jeans.

Then yesterday Claire comes running inside holding her arm with blood dripping off of her elbow. Long story short, a little boy that she plays with quite often pushed her ass to the ground because he didn't want her on his driveway. Again, the Momma Bear gene in my raised it's ugly head and I was about to storm out the door and show him how to get off of MY drive way. But of course I didn't, I stayed and cleaned her up while Bryan went and dealt with the hoodlum. I know kids are going to fight but my goodness, for a boy to shove a girl THAT hard. He is also the one on our street who finds it amusing to throw rocks at other kids and animals. Grrrrr.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Garage Sale

Yesterday was our house cleaning day, throughout the week we pickup the living room or maybe run the vacuum but we really save it all for Sunday which for our family is known as "Chore Day". Bryan said that since the weather was warming up he was going to tackle the task of cleaning out the garage and asked Claire if she would like to help him. To my surprise she said yes but then realized that she had a plan all along. She hoped that we would say yes to her having a garage sale with things we no longer used or had outgrown. I didn't have a problem with it and after some begging Bryan finally broke down and said yes as well.

Most of the things being sold I advised her to sell for around a buck but the scooter and the bike she was too big for we thought 10 dollars a piece was a reasonable price. As I was getting a load of wash out of the dryer Claire came running to me, jumping up and down because she had just had her first sell. A neighbor had purchased the scooter and a couple of other things for 3 dollars.

Me: You only sold the scooter for 1 dollar?

Claire: Yes, I didn't want to ask for more because I was afraid it would be too much and then he wouldn't buy it.

Me: Well, whatever ~ I mean we were not using it so I suppose you got something for it.

So she runs inside to tell Bryan and of course he wasn't too thrilled. She comes back out to me saying that Daddy is upset with her for selling it for a dollar. I told her not to worry and she said that the neighbor had to go and get some cash to pay her. Claire goes back to her garage sale and Bryan comes to me to ask if I knew she only sold that scooter for a dollar??? I told him the same thing I told her, it isn't a big deal.

A few minutes later Claire comes inside proudly waving a ten dollar bill.

Me: Where'd you get the from?

Claire: The guy came back to pay me for the scooter and stuff and he said do you have change and I said no, I don't do change because that would be too hard for me. So he just told me to keep it.

I smiled at Bryan. That girl knows what she is doing after all.

I Still Have A Dream....

It bothers me that there are still people out there that see in color. But it makes me smile that my children do not.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Almost a Whole Year?

Egads! To think that it has been almost an entire year since I have posted, that my friends is very dissapointing. Things had just gotten really crazy for me at work and I think I got a little burned out on the whole blogging thing. With the economy being what it is, things have slowed down a bit at work so I started catching up on some of my favorite bloggers. And of course, the more I read and the more I got caught up in their loves, the more I missed MY blog.

So who knows how this will turn out, if I will post every day or if it will be a sporadic thing. I DO know that there have been many times the kids have done or said something and I thought hmmmm, I wish I could blog about this ~ because that is friggin hilarious!

On that note, I leave you with a pretty recent picture of the kids, my how we have grown right?