Monday, March 31, 2014

Ruff Ruff

I just thought out the time I got lice when I was a kid.  I was around 9 or 10 and my brother and sister had just came for the summer.  They went back home to my Dad when the summer was over and my life continued as usual.

My best friend lived in the same townhouses so we ran back and forth between our two homes to play all of the time.  One time, I was wearing a trash bag as a raincoat to get back home because it was raining. I noticed a little bug hanging in my hair on my trek back.  Once I got in the house, I told my Mom about it and she proceeded to yank my hair around so she could look at my scalp.  When she also saw the bugs, she started yelling that my damn cat had given me fleas.  Her assumption was based on the fact that when I went to bed at night, my cat slept at the top of my head on my pillow and my dog slept at my feet.

She had me get in the tub nad washed my hair with dog shampoo for fleas.  I cried and said I was cursed with this hair and how I must have been a dog in my past life.  After she finished and we washed my hair out, she still saw the bugs.  She ended up calling my Dad who informed her my siblings had lice and I must have gotten it too.  She was pissed.

I remember her calling her hair stylist to come and get my hair because it was just too much to do the lice treatment with.  Think Curly Sue x 10.  I remember her telling me how greatful I should be that he would be willing to do this for her because lice for their profession was like the plague.

The funny thing is I don't actually remember the treatment itself although I am sure it was terrible considering how rough my Mom could be.  One of the main things I DO remember is my best friend's Mom allowed her to still play with me so I wouldnt be so lonely.  Yet when she came down with it, my Mom banned her from my life until she was completely lice free.

I see now that my friend's Mom really should have played it safe and kept each other way until I was lice free and can see why my Mom didn't want us to just keep passing it from one to the other but isnt it funny what seems to stick with us after all of these years?

Fresh Out

Oh I almost forget!!  Yesterday when we were at Sushi Choo Choo, you sit at a bar and your party is sitting in a line next to each other.  Bryan was first, then me, then my Dad, next was Taylor, and so on and so forth.  The only problem being further down the line is there might be something you wanted but it is all chosen before it gets to you.

It doesn't take them long to replace the item so you can grab it hopefully next time around but yesterday, Taylor asked my Dad to grab him one of the rolls.  My Dad mention he liked that one too but there were not anymore.  Taylor responds, "sucks to be you" and my Dad just busted out laughing.  He patted his back and said, "Thanks for always thinking of me buddy."  :)

Weekend Recap

How was your weekend? Mine was good! Sunday we met up with my Dad and stepmom for Taylor's belated birthday lunch. They were on a cruise last weekend so they had told Taylor he could pick wherever he wanted to eat and they'd meet us there. He of course chose Sushi Choo Choo. It is by far his most favorite place to eat.

The place is actually really cool but only if you like sushi. Surpisingly Taylor does even though he is by far the most pickiest eater ever. You sit at a bar and plates of sushi and other goodies go by on a little conveyor belt. I love it! It was my parents first time going so they really got a kick out of it. My Dad even described one of the rolls as pretty which I thought was too cute. We enjoyed the yummy food and the great company. I wish they lived closer and although an hour doesnt seem like much, when we get together we usually like to have drinks and have so much fun - we just spend the night but with all of our animals, it can be tough some times.

Afterwards we took Claire to get her hair cut. She was nervous and so was I. She is lice free and we have ran that tiny comb through her hair but some of those nits are hard to get out. Their glue is like crazy glue. Anyway, they cut it and didn't say anything until the very end. The stylist said as long as we had treated her, it was fine. The same thing the nurse from school has said too. I remember when I was in school, they acted like you had to be quarantined. Times sure have changed.

Last night Taylor was up at the kitchen table working on homework. I look over and see him scratching his hair. A lot. I check it out and sure enough, he has it. Now I will be honest and say I did not check his head when she came down with it last week because all of the times she has had it before, not once did Taylor ever get it. First time for everything I guess. I am definantly over it.

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 28, 2014


I overheard a conversation the other day that made me think of a childhood memory. I know I told you guys my Mom took me to live in GA with her when I was around 8. I spent most of my time alone because my Mother was always either at work or going out.

During the summer, my brother and sister (both younger) would come and visit. We would be home all day by ourselves and constantly thinking up crazy shit to do because we were bored. One day we took the mattress off of one of the twin beds and rode it down the stairs. That was tons of fun until my brother's foot went through the wall, leaving a nice hole Mom was sure to see.

I had a huge imagination so I was always writing stories, playing Barbies, reading, or creating games for us. At the time this happened, we were living in a 2 story house. The way it was built, you could crawl out either bedroom window upstairs right onto the roof. I got this great idea to jump off of the roof with an opened umbrella and float down to the ground like Mary Poppins.

I crawled out there, stood at the edge, opened the umbrella, and jumped. And fell so damn fast, I dont think I even knew what was happening. I landed on my feet, crumpled to the ground, and screamed bloody murder. I thought I had broken both of my legs because I couldnt seem to stand up.

I don't know if this is better or worse but my Mom happened to be home that day so my siblings went in and got her. She picked me up and brought me inside, asking me why in the hell I jumped off of the roof. Luckily I was able to walk shortly after the incident. I learned my lesson that day - Mary Poppins was a damn liar.


Another day my sister and I got the great idea to ride our skateboards down the giant hill in front of our house. We lived in Atlanta GA and this was no baby hill, it was like a damn mountain to get to the top. We got to the top and I chickened out. My sister did not.

She started off sitting with legs jutted out in front of her. I was at the bottom watching her. She began to catch up speed, she was really flying and she started to wobble so she put her feet out to stop her. But that didnt happen. It barely slowed her down. She ended up crashing into the curb by our house and the street burned a hole through her sock and had began to tear her skin off of the top of her foot. She still has the scar to this day. Not our greatest idea for sure.


I can also tell you the time that my brother was jumping on the couch in the livingroom and ended up breaking one of the legs off. Scared to get in trouble, he threw the leg in the trash. When my Mom came home from work and proceeded to sit on the couch, the whole thing tilted with a loud BONK to the left. She was pissed. Wasn't a good night for him.


We had chores we were all supposed to do. My brother was supposed to vacuum the livingroom and our bedrooms. Being lazy, instead of picking up anything that was on the floor, he attempted to just suck it up. This time it was my sister's underwear. He sucked them up and broke the vacuum. My Mom beat him with the vacuum hose when she got home. Fun times.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Just Cut It Off.....

I have to share because I remembered earlier today about this bit of fun I had right before Christmas. We had actually just pulled into the Walmart parking lot to do some Christmas shopping. Bryan parked next to the cart corral and I grabbed my purse as I stepped out of the truck. Walking to the back of the street, I sling my purse onto my shoulder and ladies as you know, when we do this we sometimes do a little toss of the head. The last thing I was doing was looking down.

I was walking as I was slinging only to stumble on something and then feel a terrible pain in my foot. I grab the side of the truck to keep from falling and lift my foot. There is a piece of metal sticking out of the bottom of my shoe. In order for me to remove the shoe, I had to pull the piece out of my foot. There was a perfect circular puncture that immediatly started to bleed. I am not going to lie, I was crying as well because damn did it hurt. I hobbled to the back of the truck so I could sit on the tailgate.

The kids were staring and a couple across the way noticed what was going on and came over with a first aid kit. Bryan had also gotten ours out of the truck so between them they got me doctored up. The lady asked me if I was up to date on my tetanus shot and I couldn't even begin to think when I last had one.

We thanked them for their assistance and Bryan helped me back in the truck. There was an ER clinic right by our house that Bryan had been told by a coworker took our insurance and we only had to pay a copay. He took me on over there and I filled out the neccessary paperwork and waited to be seen.

They called me back shortly and I explained to the nurse what had happened and that I came in because I wanted to get a tetanus shot. She agreed but said the doctor would want to see it. Her big question was did I think there was a piece still in there. I explained to her that it came out smoothly and that there wasn't anything still in my foot. She gave me my shot in my arm and the shot itself was not bad but my arm felt like someone beat it with a bat for days afterwards.

She told me to wait for the doctor which I did and it took forever. When he finally came in, he said he was going to have the nurse clean the wound and he also was worried about pieces still being in my foot. I explained to him what I had told the nurse, the piece came out of my foot perfectly. I had only came to get the tetanus shot which I got. He leaves the room, she comes back shortly and prepares to clean it. She also tells me the doctor has ordered an xray for my foot. I go along with it not knowing I could have denied it.

2 hours later, xray is clean, foot is clean, and they are sending me on my way with antiobiotics. We go to pay copay and the damn thing is 100.00. Seriously ouch with Christmas in like 2 days. A few weeks later we get more bills for the visit as well as a bill for the xray. All in all, that visit cost us about 400.00. Isn't that some shit?

Moral of the story, watch your feet people when walking in parking lots. :(

Party Update!

Taylor's party was a success even though only 2 of the 8 children showed up. We had booked it at Track 21 which is an indoor go-cart place that also has laser tag and putt putt golf.

The kids got 1 hour on the track for just their party. Claire was also a part of the party and Bryan chose to race too. When they first started, neither of my kids have driven go-carts before so between then and Bryan flying around the track like a crazy person, I was a nervous wreck. I ended up having to not watch them. The party started at 1 pm and one of his guests showed up on time. The other I knew was going to be late because her Mom had called and said they should be there around 2 which I said was fine. She didnt get to drive as much as the others but that was probably for the best because she hit the walls a lot.

The friends that came I will call Einstein and Veruca Salt. Bryan had filled me in on Einstein on the way to the party because Taylor has had classes with him since elementary school and Bryan had met him a few times at class parties. He said he was known as the smartest kid in school and that he was gluten free. Veruca Bryan was not familiar with and since she showed up with her Mom while the others were racing, I chatted with her briefly. She kept demanding loudly for them to stop the race so she could join. She was rude to her Mom and woudl slap her arm hard if her Mom said something she thought was not funny. They were chummy about it but I did not like the disrespect. And she was loud. They finally got her on the track with a huge sigh of relief from me.

At one point I look over and Taylor's glasses have fallen down his face and are resting on his chin. A sign that we need to get them adjusted for sure but I told the party coordinator that she needed to stop the race so he could get them back in place. She does and I see Taylor hand his glasses to the fella with the flags! Someone who needs corrective lenses to see is now DRIVING around a course without them!! Surpsingly, he did pretty good - only glancing off the sides a few times. I felt like I needed a Valium watching the maddness.

Laser tag was a bust according to the kids. Not exactly sure why other than the kids saying it was lame. We ended up not getting home until 5 pm and Taylor told us he wanted to do it again for his next birthday so I guess it was a hit. I am thinking next year maybe having his party the week before so it doesnt fall on Spring Break, maybe that will help with the attendance.

I have to say this was probably his best party since he was real young. Yay Mom and Dad!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lice Sucks.

Last night was better than the night before but still had an issue. A big itchy crawly issue.

Claire has a sensitive scalp that she inherited from her Daddy. They both have to use Head and Shoulders or he gets dandruff and she gets scaly like spots on her head that she itches. About once a month I break out with the Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo that smells awful but does a wonderful job.

Last night we were going to eat and she was going to town on her head. It was driving me crazy. I fussed at her about it and told Bryan we needed to stop by Walgreens on the way home. We are walking down the aisle where the shampoos and conditioners are and once again, she is scratching the shit out of her head. I ask her to lean over so I can get a better look at her scalp under the bright lights.

I start moving hair around and lo and behold, I see lice. Not just nits, live ass bugs running around in there. Eek! I immediatly moved away from my child because I have a shit ton of hair and if I get lice, I would probably just have to shave my head and call it a day. I felt just like Cam on Modern Family on a recent episode where he tries to invent games to keep Lily away from him after she comes home with lice.

We bought a few lice kits and headed on home with them. Claire's hair is very long and I already have issues with it because she likes to be lazy and only brush the outside if it making it look all nice and pretty but underneath, it is a rats nest. I suggested us cutting it at home, doing the treatment, and then when she was lice free we could take her to the salon and get it fixed. She didnt want to do that and Bryan said he would take care of it so I was all, have at it.

Minutes after he got started, he was cursing all of that hair. He saw what I had been talking about when he was trying to get that tiny ass comb through that mess. Claire was crying from all of the pulling and I felt sorry for her because I know it isnt her fault she got lice but it is her fault that her hair was so tangled.

Luckily after about an hour he was able to get it through all of her hair and this morning, all of the bugs had died so now we are just working on getting all of the nits out of her hair. He is sticking to his guns about getting her hair cut though since he saw first hand what I had been trying to tell him.

Last night I had such a hard time sleeping because even though I had Bryan check my head, I kept itching. All.Night.Long.
I washed my hair really good this morning but still every time I think about it, I start to scratch. I hope this is the last time we ever have to deal with this.


Tell me this isn't the funniest damn picture you have ever seen? This is Bryan and Claire last summer on a roller coaster when we went and checked out Pleasure Pier in Galveston. We always try to do something right before school starts back up and this was definantly a good one.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Recent pictures of Loretta.

Stop Pooping on my Porch!

Bryan had to be at work at 7 am this morning which meant I was in charge of getting the kids up, animals pottied and fed, and get the kiddos to school. I cheated a little by allowing them to eat at school so I didnt have to worry about that part.

As I was putting Loretta out with her Momma, she decided to poop right on the front porch. Literally right in front of the door. I let them in so they could eat before having to be kenneled and asked Claire to clean up the poo so I could finish getting ready for work.

When I came out of my room, Claire was on her way to take care of it when she turns to me and says, "It's a lovely day for picking up poo right?" I couldn't help but laugh.

Here We Go Again

Last night was very frustrating. I know I posted a few weeks ago when Taylor was home sick. He missed 3 days of school and then returned for that Thursday and Friday. We received a doctor's note for him to take to school and we reminded him to do so many many times Wednesday night and Thursday before he got on the bus. I had also asked him before Spring Break if he had any makeup work and the answer was no. Yesterday when I got home from work I asked him if he had any homework to which he responded just MATH, he had already done it and just needed Bryan to check it.

Fast forward to almost dinner time and I decided I was going to have him come and help me declutter his backpack. Imagine my surprise when I see a packet that has Absent written in red on the top. I ask him about the makeup work and why he hadn't done it and his response was he forgot. I was so mad. So mad and so dissapointed. Here we go again with one step in the right direction and two back. And then because I am terrible in Math and Science, Bryan had to spend his whole evening helping Taylor. We took his video games away from him for the rest of the school year. We have explained to him that not turning in makeup work or not doing his homework is going to bring his grades down. We have even told him that if he continues to do this, he may not pass the 6th grade. I know he doesn't want this to happen but we can't do it all for him. I am going to talk to him again tonight when tempers aren't flaring and hope we get somewhere.

In all of that commotion, I had put our puppy Loretta in the backyard because she had just peed on the floor and we are in the middle of potty training her. I don't know exactly what happened but somehow Bryan shut the door on her leg when he let her in. I know it was an accident but she cried so hard and then favored her leg the rest of the night. She seemed okay this morning and I know Bryan felt bad and had a lot going on last night with trying to cook dinner and dealing with Taylor. I am just glad last night is over.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Vacay Over.

I'm back. My vacation was fantastic. Although we didn't really go anywhere, we stayed busy with going to the rodeo and seeing Robin Thicke, sleeping in late, staying up late, Taylor's birthday party, and some other things were sprinkled in there too.

I am going to be getting a blog makeover soon and I am ecstatic. That is all for today.


Monday, March 17, 2014


I am on vacation this week so I may not be posting as much as usual but hey, dont go anywhere ok? ;)

Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Birthday!

So Bryan's grandmother is turning 96 next weekend. She lives in GA where all of Bryan's family and this year, his mom is putting a basket together with cards from all of the relatives. Bryan told the kids he wanted them to make cards today when they get home from school.

Taylor said he didn't know what to write so I offered up some ideas.

Happy Birthday Grandma Daisy,
So, how were the dinosaurs?
Love, Taylor

Now the next one is because she has alzheimer's disease and although she remembers Bryan and sometimes Claire, she always just calls Taylor, Boy.

Happy Birthday Grandma Daisy!
Love, Boy

Taylor started cracking up laughing.

Taylor's Party

Taylor's birthday is next Saturday. We have his party scheduled at a place called Track 21 where they are known for their indoor gokarts, laser tag, and putt putt golf. Taylor handed out about 8 invitations to his friends and although he has told me some of his friends said they were coming, I haven't received one RSVP. I am starting to get worried. It is still a week away and maybe folks don't usually RSVP till the last minute, I hope. It will be terrible if no one shows. I asked him to remind his friends today about RSVP'ng so lets hope I get some calls.

The party itself is costing 300.00 dollars so I would really like him to be able to enjoy it. We have never had much luck with Taylor's parties so we usually try to do something where my parents and aunts & uncles and cousins come bowling with him. I thought this year might be different though because he is in junior high and talks about his friends all of the time. There is one that lives just around the corner that comes over and he goes over there and he invited him as well so I guess that's all I can do.

Claire's birthday is in the summer so I don't usually have to worry about throwing her a party. Typically we go out of town for our summer trip to Sea World or Galveston and then combine her birthday with that. Last year she invited friends to go skating with her and then had a slumber party. Easy enough.

I hope and pray that his party will turn out as fantastic as he is!

Alrighty then....

Claire has UIL for choir today at school so she was required to wear her "uniform". She was still getting ready when I came into the kitchen but I thought she looked so pretty, I asked to take a picture. Afterwards, I was walking back to the bedroom when I hear her ask her Dad, "You think I can twirk in this?" Crazy girl.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Itsy Bitsy....

Yes I went missing again. Taylor was still sick yesterday so it was my turn to stay home with him. The good news is he stopped running a fever yesterday afternoon and although he still has a constant cough and is so sore from all of the coughing, we went ahead and sent him to school today. So far, no calls from the nurse so yay. I hope he makes it through the day.

Yesterday evening he started acting more like himself. I walked by his rooom and he was up in bed, sitting on his knees, playing the Playstation 3 which is how I normally see him. Just a few minutes later he runs into the living room and tells me while playing, a spider came down right by his head from a web. He said it scared him so he slapped and it and then ran.

I asked him if he killed it and he said he didn't know but he didn't want to go back in his room. I said "Taylor, you hunt for Gods sake! You kill deer, hogs, turkeys and crap but you are scared of a spider?" His response was that it wasn't the same Mom. I went in there to see if I could see the web but I didn't see anything. I did spy the spider on the wall, the thing was the size of a dime. I grabbed it with some tissue and flushed it down the toilet. Taylor was very grateful and returned to his bedroom.

Mom to the rescue!!!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Meat Loaf

I wrote not too long ago about how I have started venturing out in things I cook. The funny thing for me is I have to be in the mood. I will cook during the week things I know I know how to make like tacos or Hamburger Helper but occasionally I get a creative spark and want to try something new.

Friday I was going through some simple recipes and ran across beef tips in a gravy over toast. It basically sounded like something my Aunt used to make when I was a kid called S.O.S. I pulled up the ingredients and thought, I can do this. The meat was actually Carl Budding's lunch meat and then the ingredients was basic stuff for a gravy, so said my husband.

The first time I made it, I tasted the gravy before putting in the meat and it was nasty. Tasted like paste. I poured everything out and started over. When I tasted it the second time, it still made me want to throw up. Bryan was at work so I called him about it. He said the meat would flavor it so I threw it in, warmed it for a little while and then tried it once more. I almost threw up. It tasted just as gross.

When Bryan got home I asked him to please fix it. He added all kinds of seasoning and said it tasted much better but I refused to taste it again. He put it in tupperware and it is in the fridge, staring me down every time I open the door. Ick.

Last night I tried to make meatloaf. I did not have a loaf pan so I used a baking sheet like it suggested with a tall rim. The recipe called for a 1 & 1/2 pound of meat and 1 whole onion. To me that seems like a lot of onion. I get that onion adds flavor but really, it was like would you like a little meat with your onion? And to make matters worse, my chopping skills are seriously lacking. Some bits looked nice and others looked like the ladies who grow their nails so long you wonder how they manage to do anything.

I do have to say, with the ketchup, mustard, and brown sugar topping on it the smell was heavenly when it was baking. I did my best with shaping it into a "loaf" shape. When I pulled it out, all I could think was how my meatloaf actually resemebled a turd. At least it was a delicious turd though!

Oh, Bryan loved it but both kids hated it.

Claire's Nails

Thought I would share the pics I took of Miss Claire when we got her nails done. Aren't they pretty? And those are her own nails!

MIA Yesterday

Sorry I wasn't around yesterday. Taylor was home sick from school. He started running a fever Saturday evening and coughing so Bryan went to Walgreens and bought some Childrens Mucinex for cough, cold, and fever reducer. Sunday he seemed to be on the mend but when that evening came around, the fever was back. He didn't sleep well at all that night from the nonstop coughing. That morning we checked his temperature and it was still high so I let work know I wouldnt be in that day.

I got him a doctor's appointment at 9:30 and after seeing the doctor, I was told he had a virus and they were going to prescribe an inhaler for his cough. The doctor felt that would be best because his lungs easliy become irritated since he was a preemie. This was news to me but made sense becuase when I had bronchitis, that inhaler was a God send. He said we could continue with the Mucinex for the fever.

We left, picked up his prescription, and then headed on home. He ate a good breakfast, took his inhaler, and then went and laid down. He continued to cough all day and I reminded him that he did just start the inhaler, how we needed to give it time to work. By than evening, his appetite had dissapeared and he was still coughing and the fever was back. I sent Bryan to Walgreens for an aresnol of stuff.

We ended up putting him to bed with Vick's Vapor Rub on his chest and his feet. We gave him Tylenol for the fever (102.3), a cough suppresent that was night time formula that we hoped would help him sleep, the inhaler, and a cough drop. I figured either we killed him or things would get better for him.

Bryan is home with him today and so far so good. He is asleep right now but Bryan is going to wake him around 12, take his temperature, and then go from there.


Yesterday while sitting in the car waiting on his prescription I mentioned outloud that the phones were down at the office which sucks. I said, "Thank you Baby Jesus that I don't have to deal with that today." Taylor responded, "No, thank Taylor for being sick."
Awesome kid.

Friday, March 7, 2014


Back before I stopped talking to my Mother, occasionaly she would get on Yahoo Messenger to chat with me. She was very unfamiliar with that and of course lingo like lol.

I was talking to her one day and wrote to her BRB.

She responded "Nicole, that is gross. I do not need to that you burped!"

I still laugh to this day every time I think about it.


I am having a hard time with Taylor right now. It seems like he takes a step forward with making good choices and then takes two back. I am mostly referring to the homework/school work situation. He really struggles with math so he is supposed to come home, give it his best shot, and then my husband (because I suck at math) checks it when he gets home. Sometimes Bryan gets frustrated because he doesnt feel like Taylor is giving him the best effort. It seems sometimes it is more Bryan doing the homework and Taylor watching and listening how to do it. Sometimes there are lots of tears and it is so frustrating.

One of the first things I ask when I get home from work is has everyones homework been finished. Claire usually does and will have the occasional math problem she needs Bryan to go over with her. Sadly, both kids got my poor math skills. Taylor yesterday said he had finished his math homework and just needed Dad to check it. He went on to play his video games and I continued with my evening chores and getting dinner prepared.

At 8:30 last night, 30 minutes before his bedtime he shows up at the kitchen table explaining he has science homework. I was so mad because he had all evening but chose to play instead of being responsible. Technically he should have done it after he finished with math but was too interested in those video games.

Anyway, I was so mad I told him no. You go and get ready for bed becuase you had all evening to work on this but you chose to put your video games first. Please know we have gone over this over and over and have taken his electronics away becuase of his low grades or choosing not to do homework.

I sent him to school this morning with nothing done on his science homework which means he will get a big fat zero. It was so hard for me. Taylor is a Momma's Boy and I know I tend to baby him. I really wanted to help him finish it this morning but Bryan wants him to learn. He wants him to be responsible and learn from his mistakes. Don't get me wrong, I want him to as well but it is just so hard for me. He will be 12 in just a few weeks but he holds a special place in my heart with being a preemie, almost losing him, and then of course the battle of c.p.

Parenting is hard work folks.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Someone actually found my blog by googling what to do for a chapped ass. Yikes. My post was more like what NOT to do for a chapped ass because man did that hurt.


Have you ever rolled your eyes so high, your contact got stuck?? Yea, that just happened to me.

Mean Girl

This morning on the way to work I was listening to The Hot Show on 95.7 because I love them. They crack me up. One of the topics this morning was how many people between the ages of 20-30 are breaking up with each other via text. That is just crazy to me! So impersonal.

They went on to ask for examples of how you have either broken up with someone or been broken up with. They wanted to hear ones that you felt bad about doing and immediately I thought about my junior year.

It was my homecoming dance and I was going with a boy named Chad. He was actually a freshman and on the baseball team. Cute boy. Right before the dance, he broke his arm. I was not happy. We went with me wearing the mum he had bought for me and he wearing the boutonniere I had bought for him.

Shortly after arriving, I ran into some friends and one of them was there with a boy I had liked. I decided I wanted to be with him instead so I broke up with poor Chad there at the dance. I remember clearly him standing on the sidelines of the dance, staring at me, tearing up his boutonniere. I ended up dancing with my friend's date pretty much the whole night.

So not nice of me but that is my worst breakup that I ever did. Anyone else want to share?
I don't think I have ever posted this before so I wanted to share so I can keep for my memories.

Claire's whole name is Claire Britley Moore but when she was younger (3-4) if you asked her what her name was she would always say, Claire Bear Moore. Too cute.

Throwback Thursday!

Claire and Taylor when we took them to take photos with the blue bonnets.

The Next Carrie Underwood?

Claire has try outs coming up for All-Region Honor Choir. Basically all of the 7th and 8th grade girls that are in choir will perform individually before a five judge panel. She has practice this Saturday over at Watkins Junior High, they will have a mock audtion at school, and then the real audtion is April 4th at Kahla Middle School. If she gets chosen, she will be in the concert and clinic April 25th and 26th at another middle school one day and then a high school the following day.

She is super nervous about singing solo in front of strangers. I hope she does well because Claire is an amazing singer. She sings all of the time. In her room, in the shower, in the car, at the dinner table, you name it the girl is singing. I am not just being a mom here either, she is really good so I will have my fingers crossed for her. And of course, as soon as I know something I will let you guys know as well. Go Claire Bear!! =)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Phone Call Update

The AP finally called me and filled me in on what happened. It seems they were playng a game called wall ball in P.E. and the team Taylor was on won. They went back to the locker room to change where Taylor proceeded to brag to another student about winning and how he sucked. The kid snapped and grabbed Taylor by the collar of his shirt and threw him to the ground.

The coaches came to the rescue and took both boys to the AP's office. Taylor did admit to bragging and badgering so I do hope this teaches him a lesson because we have had this discussion at home. And of course we will talk about it some more tonight at dinner.

I am just glad it wasn't bullying. Time to resume my day. =)

Phone Call

I just got a call from the nurse at the junior high that Claire and Taylor go to. The lady had a heavy english accent so it was a little hard to understand her but from what I could figure out, she was calling to tell me that Taylor had been pushed to the ground but that she didnt see any bruises, marks, and there was no bleeding.

Of course, my first question was why was he being pushed to the ground. She said she couldn't legally speak about what had happened but he had came from the AP office so they would be contacting me once they finished their investigation.

I am going to be one angry Momma Bear if I find out that someone was beating on my son.


Baked Spaghetti

I have actually started branching out in my cooking. I am MUCH better than I used to be but I still tend to stick with the things I am comfortable making. Some examples would be tacos, Hamburger Helper, spaghetti, eggs & bacon, and some crock pot meals.

A few things I have ventured outside of my comfort zone to make with some success was french toast, sliders, and most recently, a baked spaghetti. I have to share my story with you on the making of the baked dish becuase it was a doozy.

I was at work the other day trying to decide what I wanted to cook that night. I was in the mood to try something new so I was checking out recipes online for hamburger meat, something I knew I had at home. I was also paying attention to the ingredients the recipes called for because I didnt want to have to go to the grocery store. I ran across one for baked spaghetti and after scanning it, other than the sauce I had everything at the house.

I stopped at Walgreens because it was right on the way home and grabbed the sauce and as soon as I walked in the door, I began to prep because it said it took 45 minutes to bake and I didnt want the kids to have to eat much later than normal. Now I must tell you that this was the first recipe that called for so many steps. Usually the dish I make may have a lot of ingredients but they tend to all go in one pot or pan. This had me browning meat, sauteing onions, boiling noodles, and also whipping together some other ingredients in a bowl. A lot of steps and things going on for this beginner cook.

I had the meat defrosting in the microwave and went to the pantry to get the noodles out. Now I have to tell you, we always have 2 or 3 bags of pasta. Always. The reason is everytime we go grocery shopping, we grab another bag or two just because. I look at the shelf and there is little left in 1 bag and that is it. Turns out my husband had used the rest the other day when he had made spaghetti for us and another batch for a benefit we were having at work. I toss the pasta that is left and ask Claire to go and see if she can borrow a bag from a neighbor.

She comes back with a box that looks a little old but I figure it will work. She is standing there with me and telling me who she got it from while I open the box and pour them in. Immediatly the water turns cloudy and I see little brown things floating on top of the water. I look closer and see that they are shells from roaches. Nasty.

I ended up throwing all of that out and running up to the gas station to buy the last two boxes pasta that they had. So needless to say, on top of the stress I was already feeling from the steps of the recipe and then having to recover from the bug pasta, I was so proud of myself when it turned out good.

If you are interested in the recipe, sans bugs ;), let me know!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Something else just popped into my head that I want to share. If you are familiar with my blog, then you know that my relationship with my mother has not been the best. For years I allowed her to make me miserable by the cruel things she would say and do. Of course, when I was a child, I didnt have a choice but when I became an adult, I still had that fear of her. Becoming a mother myself, I wished often that we could have the relationship that so many others had. We could go to lunch and gossip or she could keep the kids for me but sadly, that never happened and never will.

To put it bluntly I am not able to trust her. I refuse to allow my children to be subjected to some of the crap that was done or said to me. And honestly when it came down to it, I was tired of all of the drama. The feeling I would get when I would see her number pop up on the caller id. The fact that it became a chore to make myself call her because I never knew how she was going to be that day.

So after 36 years I made the decision a few months ago to stop talking to her. I was the last one out of my siblings and all of the other family members who still talked to her. I still made sure to visit her every other year at Christmas when I would go to GA with Bryan to visit his side of the family. Not anymore though. I am done. I felt guilt at first but now, just relief. I know she is my Mother but if you look at what the description of a mother is supposed to be, it isn't her.

I wish her the best and hope things start looking up for her. I have to do what is best for myself and my little family.

And life will go on.......


Claire (13) & Taylor (12)

So if you live in Houston, I have to ask, how are you loving this weather? I do have to say it was a little crazy being in the 80's on Saturday and then to be below freezing last night and this morning but I love the winter wonderland look. The trees look so magical covered in ice and everywhere I looked it seems like the perfect picture to snap. We did have some branches break off of one of our trees but luckily they did not fall on the house.

It all started around 6 or 7 at my house with hubby talking about freezing rain later that night. Of course, all Taylor heard was school is closing. We told him that they probably would not make that call until later tonight or super early in the am. We put him to bed like normal at 9 pm and then he is allowed to watch tv until 10. Something tells me he stayed up much later though because when Bryan woke him up this morning for school (not closed) he started bawling. He cried all morning and then as I drove him to school, he stopped crying but started noddin off. Someone is going to have a long day.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Quick Question.

I used to have a ton of blogs that I followed religously, as I mentioned the other day. And like I also commented, most are not blogging any more so I thought I would reach out to my few readers I may still have or gained and ask that you let me in on the new hot blogs out there. Or maybe you have recently started one, let me know and I will totally hit you up.
Look foward to hearing from everyone!




Almost forgot! Our family conversations go everywhere because you just don't know what either kid might say. Claire was talking about her friend Kevin from the skating rink who is gay. I think it is awesome that kids these days can be open and freely talk about their sexuality. I also impressed that both of my children have gay friends but instead of labeling them as gay, they are just friends to them.

Anyway, Claire mentioned her friend Alex (boy) is now bisexual. She spoke about it like stating the weather was raining. Bryan and I both looked at each other with wide eyes. We basically were like ookkkaayyy and Taylor responds well I am straight, straight as a pencil! LMAO!! He kills me.

Just realized how much my header reminds me of Mad Men. Love!!!!!
This weekend was fun. Well, not all of it but a lot of it.

Friday night I met up with a coworker and his friend for some kareoke. I LOVE me some kareoke! Oh, and beer. They just go hand in hand in my opinion. A little liquid courage and you can usuall get just about anyone up there. His friend reminded me of Usher and the more I drank, the more I gushed over the Usher look-a-like. Needless to say when I thought back on it Saturday, I felt like a dumbass but oh well. When I talked to my coworker on Sunday they only had super nice things to say about me. Relief! ;)

On Saturday we had a girls day. Claire and I went to Casa Ole for lunch which is one of our faves. I love gabbing about her friends, music, school, and whatever over cheese dip. Although she can really rub me wrong some days with her 13 year old attitude, I have to admit most of the time, I like the person she is becoming.

After lunch, I needed to get my eyebrows done. I have been getting them waxed since I was 19 and recently tried the threading as well. I love the results of threading but it doesnt last as long as the waxing. I asked Claire if she wanted to get hers done but she passed. She got hers threaded once but said it hurt too much. Luckily, her eyebrows look pretty great without.

I decided to let her get her nails done and they turned out amazing! She got basically a french manicure but it is totally all her nails. I could tell how excited she was when finished because she could not stop looking at them. Afterwards we stopped by this clothing store called Rue 21. I have been suggesting for that past few years to check it out but she never wanted to. Well, now she is in love. I am just glad that were having such great sales because we got her 3 new tops, a pair of shorts, and 5 pairs of socks for 40.00. Can't complain about that!

While there I ran into my highschool sweetheart's sister. Her and I were really close back in the day so it was no surpise we recognized eachother but I always feel a little uncomfortable when I meet up with people from the past. I weighed 123 lbs back in the day and lets just say, I am no where near that weight anymore. Don't get me wrong. I am happy with my life and with myself but can't help but feel a little self confident when someone knew me in my skinnier days. I think to myself I bet they are thinking holy cow she got fat but you know what, I move one and forget about it. These people do not know me now and I am not that same person so it is all good.

I also watched Paranormal Activity 3 with Taylor and both of us were scared to death with some parts. We both have this funny "habit" of covering our ears when a really scary part is coming. I find it isn't as bad if I can't hear it and I guess he picked that up from me. Bryan was giving us a hard time because when he walked in the front door from work, we both were on the couch with ears covered and giant eyes. I am sure we were a sight!

Sunday ended with us going out to eat to Chili's. We hadnt been in forever so it was really nice. I just recently started eating ribs so I ordered theirs and fell in love. Messy but sooooo worth it. Somehow the conversation came up about women who keep their phones in their bras. No offense to anyone who does it but it just grosses me out. Bryan said he had heard that cancer has recently been linked to that. :( Claire mentioned she did that with her money when she was at the skating rink so Taylor and I were giggling about it. He tells her to show him her butter. I said, butter? He goes " Yeah you know, it is slang for money. Oh wait, I mean bread." I could not stop laughing.