Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Here We Go Again

Last night was very frustrating. I know I posted a few weeks ago when Taylor was home sick. He missed 3 days of school and then returned for that Thursday and Friday. We received a doctor's note for him to take to school and we reminded him to do so many many times Wednesday night and Thursday before he got on the bus. I had also asked him before Spring Break if he had any makeup work and the answer was no. Yesterday when I got home from work I asked him if he had any homework to which he responded just MATH, he had already done it and just needed Bryan to check it.

Fast forward to almost dinner time and I decided I was going to have him come and help me declutter his backpack. Imagine my surprise when I see a packet that has Absent written in red on the top. I ask him about the makeup work and why he hadn't done it and his response was he forgot. I was so mad. So mad and so dissapointed. Here we go again with one step in the right direction and two back. And then because I am terrible in Math and Science, Bryan had to spend his whole evening helping Taylor. We took his video games away from him for the rest of the school year. We have explained to him that not turning in makeup work or not doing his homework is going to bring his grades down. We have even told him that if he continues to do this, he may not pass the 6th grade. I know he doesn't want this to happen but we can't do it all for him. I am going to talk to him again tonight when tempers aren't flaring and hope we get somewhere.

In all of that commotion, I had put our puppy Loretta in the backyard because she had just peed on the floor and we are in the middle of potty training her. I don't know exactly what happened but somehow Bryan shut the door on her leg when he let her in. I know it was an accident but she cried so hard and then favored her leg the rest of the night. She seemed okay this morning and I know Bryan felt bad and had a lot going on last night with trying to cook dinner and dealing with Taylor. I am just glad last night is over.

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