Thursday, March 27, 2014

Just Cut It Off.....

I have to share because I remembered earlier today about this bit of fun I had right before Christmas. We had actually just pulled into the Walmart parking lot to do some Christmas shopping. Bryan parked next to the cart corral and I grabbed my purse as I stepped out of the truck. Walking to the back of the street, I sling my purse onto my shoulder and ladies as you know, when we do this we sometimes do a little toss of the head. The last thing I was doing was looking down.

I was walking as I was slinging only to stumble on something and then feel a terrible pain in my foot. I grab the side of the truck to keep from falling and lift my foot. There is a piece of metal sticking out of the bottom of my shoe. In order for me to remove the shoe, I had to pull the piece out of my foot. There was a perfect circular puncture that immediatly started to bleed. I am not going to lie, I was crying as well because damn did it hurt. I hobbled to the back of the truck so I could sit on the tailgate.

The kids were staring and a couple across the way noticed what was going on and came over with a first aid kit. Bryan had also gotten ours out of the truck so between them they got me doctored up. The lady asked me if I was up to date on my tetanus shot and I couldn't even begin to think when I last had one.

We thanked them for their assistance and Bryan helped me back in the truck. There was an ER clinic right by our house that Bryan had been told by a coworker took our insurance and we only had to pay a copay. He took me on over there and I filled out the neccessary paperwork and waited to be seen.

They called me back shortly and I explained to the nurse what had happened and that I came in because I wanted to get a tetanus shot. She agreed but said the doctor would want to see it. Her big question was did I think there was a piece still in there. I explained to her that it came out smoothly and that there wasn't anything still in my foot. She gave me my shot in my arm and the shot itself was not bad but my arm felt like someone beat it with a bat for days afterwards.

She told me to wait for the doctor which I did and it took forever. When he finally came in, he said he was going to have the nurse clean the wound and he also was worried about pieces still being in my foot. I explained to him what I had told the nurse, the piece came out of my foot perfectly. I had only came to get the tetanus shot which I got. He leaves the room, she comes back shortly and prepares to clean it. She also tells me the doctor has ordered an xray for my foot. I go along with it not knowing I could have denied it.

2 hours later, xray is clean, foot is clean, and they are sending me on my way with antiobiotics. We go to pay copay and the damn thing is 100.00. Seriously ouch with Christmas in like 2 days. A few weeks later we get more bills for the visit as well as a bill for the xray. All in all, that visit cost us about 400.00. Isn't that some shit?

Moral of the story, watch your feet people when walking in parking lots. :(

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