Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Recap

How was your weekend? Mine was good! Sunday we met up with my Dad and stepmom for Taylor's belated birthday lunch. They were on a cruise last weekend so they had told Taylor he could pick wherever he wanted to eat and they'd meet us there. He of course chose Sushi Choo Choo. It is by far his most favorite place to eat.

The place is actually really cool but only if you like sushi. Surpisingly Taylor does even though he is by far the most pickiest eater ever. You sit at a bar and plates of sushi and other goodies go by on a little conveyor belt. I love it! It was my parents first time going so they really got a kick out of it. My Dad even described one of the rolls as pretty which I thought was too cute. We enjoyed the yummy food and the great company. I wish they lived closer and although an hour doesnt seem like much, when we get together we usually like to have drinks and have so much fun - we just spend the night but with all of our animals, it can be tough some times.

Afterwards we took Claire to get her hair cut. She was nervous and so was I. She is lice free and we have ran that tiny comb through her hair but some of those nits are hard to get out. Their glue is like crazy glue. Anyway, they cut it and didn't say anything until the very end. The stylist said as long as we had treated her, it was fine. The same thing the nurse from school has said too. I remember when I was in school, they acted like you had to be quarantined. Times sure have changed.

Last night Taylor was up at the kitchen table working on homework. I look over and see him scratching his hair. A lot. I check it out and sure enough, he has it. Now I will be honest and say I did not check his head when she came down with it last week because all of the times she has had it before, not once did Taylor ever get it. First time for everything I guess. I am definantly over it.

Happy Monday!

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