Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lice Sucks.

Last night was better than the night before but still had an issue. A big itchy crawly issue.

Claire has a sensitive scalp that she inherited from her Daddy. They both have to use Head and Shoulders or he gets dandruff and she gets scaly like spots on her head that she itches. About once a month I break out with the Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo that smells awful but does a wonderful job.

Last night we were going to eat and she was going to town on her head. It was driving me crazy. I fussed at her about it and told Bryan we needed to stop by Walgreens on the way home. We are walking down the aisle where the shampoos and conditioners are and once again, she is scratching the shit out of her head. I ask her to lean over so I can get a better look at her scalp under the bright lights.

I start moving hair around and lo and behold, I see lice. Not just nits, live ass bugs running around in there. Eek! I immediatly moved away from my child because I have a shit ton of hair and if I get lice, I would probably just have to shave my head and call it a day. I felt just like Cam on Modern Family on a recent episode where he tries to invent games to keep Lily away from him after she comes home with lice.

We bought a few lice kits and headed on home with them. Claire's hair is very long and I already have issues with it because she likes to be lazy and only brush the outside if it making it look all nice and pretty but underneath, it is a rats nest. I suggested us cutting it at home, doing the treatment, and then when she was lice free we could take her to the salon and get it fixed. She didnt want to do that and Bryan said he would take care of it so I was all, have at it.

Minutes after he got started, he was cursing all of that hair. He saw what I had been talking about when he was trying to get that tiny ass comb through that mess. Claire was crying from all of the pulling and I felt sorry for her because I know it isnt her fault she got lice but it is her fault that her hair was so tangled.

Luckily after about an hour he was able to get it through all of her hair and this morning, all of the bugs had died so now we are just working on getting all of the nits out of her hair. He is sticking to his guns about getting her hair cut though since he saw first hand what I had been trying to tell him.

Last night I had such a hard time sleeping because even though I had Bryan check my head, I kept itching. All.Night.Long.
I washed my hair really good this morning but still every time I think about it, I start to scratch. I hope this is the last time we ever have to deal with this.

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