Monday, March 3, 2014

This weekend was fun. Well, not all of it but a lot of it.

Friday night I met up with a coworker and his friend for some kareoke. I LOVE me some kareoke! Oh, and beer. They just go hand in hand in my opinion. A little liquid courage and you can usuall get just about anyone up there. His friend reminded me of Usher and the more I drank, the more I gushed over the Usher look-a-like. Needless to say when I thought back on it Saturday, I felt like a dumbass but oh well. When I talked to my coworker on Sunday they only had super nice things to say about me. Relief! ;)

On Saturday we had a girls day. Claire and I went to Casa Ole for lunch which is one of our faves. I love gabbing about her friends, music, school, and whatever over cheese dip. Although she can really rub me wrong some days with her 13 year old attitude, I have to admit most of the time, I like the person she is becoming.

After lunch, I needed to get my eyebrows done. I have been getting them waxed since I was 19 and recently tried the threading as well. I love the results of threading but it doesnt last as long as the waxing. I asked Claire if she wanted to get hers done but she passed. She got hers threaded once but said it hurt too much. Luckily, her eyebrows look pretty great without.

I decided to let her get her nails done and they turned out amazing! She got basically a french manicure but it is totally all her nails. I could tell how excited she was when finished because she could not stop looking at them. Afterwards we stopped by this clothing store called Rue 21. I have been suggesting for that past few years to check it out but she never wanted to. Well, now she is in love. I am just glad that were having such great sales because we got her 3 new tops, a pair of shorts, and 5 pairs of socks for 40.00. Can't complain about that!

While there I ran into my highschool sweetheart's sister. Her and I were really close back in the day so it was no surpise we recognized eachother but I always feel a little uncomfortable when I meet up with people from the past. I weighed 123 lbs back in the day and lets just say, I am no where near that weight anymore. Don't get me wrong. I am happy with my life and with myself but can't help but feel a little self confident when someone knew me in my skinnier days. I think to myself I bet they are thinking holy cow she got fat but you know what, I move one and forget about it. These people do not know me now and I am not that same person so it is all good.

I also watched Paranormal Activity 3 with Taylor and both of us were scared to death with some parts. We both have this funny "habit" of covering our ears when a really scary part is coming. I find it isn't as bad if I can't hear it and I guess he picked that up from me. Bryan was giving us a hard time because when he walked in the front door from work, we both were on the couch with ears covered and giant eyes. I am sure we were a sight!

Sunday ended with us going out to eat to Chili's. We hadnt been in forever so it was really nice. I just recently started eating ribs so I ordered theirs and fell in love. Messy but sooooo worth it. Somehow the conversation came up about women who keep their phones in their bras. No offense to anyone who does it but it just grosses me out. Bryan said he had heard that cancer has recently been linked to that. :( Claire mentioned she did that with her money when she was at the skating rink so Taylor and I were giggling about it. He tells her to show him her butter. I said, butter? He goes " Yeah you know, it is slang for money. Oh wait, I mean bread." I could not stop laughing.

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