Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Loretta Loo Hoo

Loretta's pjs are a still a little big but I wanted to see if they fit yet.  Isn't she cute?

Didn't You Just Love The Ending?

Have you ever been to a musical?  I had never and when Wicked came to town a few years ago, I bought two tickets for Claire and I to see.  I had read the books when Taylor was a baby and I heard nothing but amazing things about the actual show.

We made a date of it and went to eat at Spaghetti Warehouse first which is my favorite italian restaurant to eat downtown.  We made our way over to The Hobby Center and of course hit up the stand for Wicked memorabilia.  Claire picked out a t-shirt and I bought a pretty snow-globe/music box.  I bought Claire some candy to snack on and we went and sat down.

The show started and I was in love.  Claire munched on her candy and was interested but she started getting antsy after a little bit.  I bet if I took her now, she would also love it.  Anyway, so the first act is an hour and 1/2 long and then it goes to intermission but for someone who has never been to a musical or play, I had no idea there WAS an intermission.  So the bell-noise comes on and Claire and I leave!!  We left!!!!   I thought it was over!!!!!!!

To this day Bryan gives me a hard time any time we see a commercial for Wicked or someone mentions a musical or play.  I can't believe I missed the whole ending.  Don't tell anyone though, our little secret.  ;)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I am NOT a farm girl.

I consider myself to be pretty much in the box when it comes to my taste in foods.  Meaning, I am not big into tryying new things but sometimes I have been pleasantly surprised.  A perfect example is about a year ago I tried brussel sprouts and turns out, I love them!  I am also a fried chicken snob but I gave Golden Corral's a try a month or so ago and that shit was the bomb.  If you haven't checked it out yet, do it!!

Taylor has a friend that he goes to school with and he also lives a few streets over.  Taylor likes going over there and hanging out.  His friend is terrified of dogs so he tried coming to our house once but left in tears seeing that we had 4 dogs.  Even if they are in their kennels, he is shaking like a leaf.

Anyway, Taylor told me when he first started hanging out with Esteban that they had a pet chicken named Eagle.  He said it lived in the house, was potty trained, and slept in the garage.  Taylor said it liked to sit on their shoulders like a parrot.  I was intrigued.

Last weekend Taylor told me that it was almost time for Eagle to start laying eggs.  I don't know anything about chickens but I guess they do not lay eggs all year round?  So I told him to bring me one home if he could.  Saturday night he came home with one wrapped in a papertowl and inside a plastic grocery bag.  At first he said he was going to eat it but then changed his mind and said I could have it.

This morning Bryan offered to make me an overeasy egg sandwich and I said yes and asked him to use the fresh egg.  As I was stepping out of the shower, he brought the egg in for me to see.  It was a tannish color and I thought it was pretty.  He went back to the kitchen to prepare it and I continued to get dressed.  I came into the dining area afterwards and he brought me the plate while mentioning it was a little different than the eggs I was used to from the grocery store.  I asked him what was wrong with it and he said nothing, but the yolk was a little darker than the bright yellow ones.  He went on to explain the reason for that was it depended on what the chicken was fed.  The grocery store ones are most likely to eat grain.

I began to eat my sandwich and when I got to the yolk part (in the middle of the egg), it broke and it was definitely a darker color than I was used to.  It also had a different taste.  Not so much bad but not good either.  I tried to get as much of the yolk out of the sandwich as I could but did finish it.

As I was cleaning up, I asked Taylor what they feed their chickens.  He said meal worms.  Oh and crickets and beetles sometimes.  Great.  I had a bug egg.  Ew.

Monday, April 28, 2014


I love this picture of the four of us! 

Weekend Wrap Up!

Happy Monday!!  Before the day got away with me, just wanted to check in and see how everyone else's weekend was?  And does it irk you when you ask someone how theirs was and they respond with the whole not long enough?  It does me.  Come on people, the weekend has been 2 days since Jesus was around.  That shit doesn't change unless it is a holiday or you take a vacation.  Stop it already.

This weekend we started teaching Claire to drive.  Why so early you may ask?  Yes, she is about to be just 14 but I want her to be familiar with driving way before it is time for her to take drivers ed.  Plus I remember doing it with family members and it is still a fun memory of mine.

I took her Saturday afternoon in my car to the empty parking lot at the high school.  She was super nervous when she sat down behind the wheel and while I was going over the different letters for the gear shift.  Once she actually started moving though and drove a little bit, she relaxed.  Afterwards, she told me she had been nervous about driving and because she had so many shows on tv where the parent is screaming at their kid.

Sunday we let her drive Bryan's truck through the neighborhood.  That was the first time she actually drove where there was stop signs and actual other moving and parked cars but she did great.  She got  a little too close for comfort a few times with some cars parked on the street but I was able to move the steering wheel and help.  Oh, and she did run up on the curb one time but I still have to say, I am so proud of my little girl!!

I will be back tomorrow my loves!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Flashback Friday!

Yes, that is a cinnamon roll.  If you have ever seen Diners. Drive-ins, and Dives it was also featured on there.  When we went to San Antonio a few years ago we made sure to stop in at Lulu's Bakery.  Total yumminess!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cake Pops 2014

Bryan bought a box of Pillsbury Funfetti Cake Pops to make with Claire about a month ago.  I saw it in the pantry this past weekend and knew Claire had really been excited about making them but their schedules hadn't really lined up.  Now I do not bake.  When I have tried, it usually turns out poorly so I grabbed the box and checked out the back to see how indepth it was.  I saw a picture of a microwave and immediately thought well shit I can do this, I don't even have to use the oven!

I went to Claire's room and asked her if she wanted to make the cake pops.  She looked at me quizzingly and said, "But you don't bake" and I was all no baking, it goes in the microwave.  She jumped up and off to the kitchen we went.  I started with reading off of the ingredients that we needed.  Simple enough, I thought.  1 egg, 1/2 cup of water, and 1 tsp. of oil.  I had to call Bryan and ask which oil because we had veg and olive.  I started to read the first paragraph for the instructions and it told me to preheat the oven to 350.  Ya'll, that didn't even click with me.  Claire was actually the one who was all why are we having to do that if we don't have to use the oven?  Good point smart girl.  Turns out after skimming though everything, the microwave was only used to melt the chips.  Awesome.

Well I wasn't going to stop now because I knew she was all excited about it.  The next step was to pour cake batter/powder, water, oil, and egg into a bowl and mix it.  Not whip it with a whisk, but an actual mixer was being called for.  We do not own one of those fancy KitchenAid mixers but I did remember Bryan had a hand held mixer thingie.  I got it out and put the beaters in and then proceeded to set it on low only to find out it doesn't have a low speed.  I ended up having Claire stand on one side of the bowl and hold up a towel around it like it it was changing out of a wet swimsuit outside.  Believe it or not, it worked and the ingredients quickly turned into the cake batter.

The box called for an 8x10 pan which we did not have so I used a larger one.  When I poured it, the shape resembled a mound on a golf course.  I figured it didn't really matter since we were going to be smooshing it up anyway.  Claire was stoked to be able to lick the bowl and the beaters.  I actually couldn't get the beaters out of the machine but I made sure to unplug it before giving it to her.

15-20 minutes go by and my cake is done.  I used a toothpick to check (believe it or not I do know that little baking trick) and it came away clean so I sat it on the stovetop to cool.  I called Claire to come help once it was ready to work with and told her the next step was to crumble it into the bowl.  She did and of course, tried a little nibble.  She was excited and so was I that yes indeed it did taste like cake.  Next step was to knead the icing stuff.  I did and then squirted it into the bowl with the cake crumbles like the recipe said.  It then told us to mix it all together and I thought it would be easier if Claire used her hands.  Big mistake.  The icing stuck to her hands like glue and refused to even bother to latch onto the cake.  Fail.  I had Claire wash her hands and hoped the balls would still form even though they didn't have much "glue".

I grabbed a small handful, squished it into the shape of a ball, and then sat it on the cookie sheet where it proceeded to fall apart immediately.  Another Fail.  I scooped up the pieces and poured them back into the bowl.  I told Claire even though we couldn't make the balls, we could still add everything else and she could just eat it with a spoon.  There were two bags still left to the recipe.  One was these white chips (I guess chocolate) that looked like nipples and a bag of sprinkles.  The recipe said to pour half the chips into a bowl and melt it in the microwave, stirring often.  Now I know not to put metal in the microwave so I grabbed a plastic bowl.  I poured half the chips, put them in, and turned it on.  After a few minutes, I took it out to stir but the chips hadn't even began to melt.  I stuck it back in, waited, took it back out to stir and still no melting.  Claire commented on how they looked like candles to her.  I decided to put them back and leave them a bit longer this time before stirring.

About this time, Bryan comes home for his lunchbreak.  When he walks in, he says it smells like cake in here but I think it was really just the candle I had burning.  He walked into the kitchen when I decided to take the bowl out to stir.  As I brought it out and to me, a glob of what looked like melted chocolate fell from the bottom on the stovetop and some still hung from it.  Turns out it was actually the plastic bowl itself that had melted and the damn white chips had barely started to do anything.

I was able to wipe it right off the stovetop but the plate I had the bowl sitting on was ruined because I couldn't get the melted plastic off of it.  I threw the bowl away and when Bryan wasn't looking, I threw the plate away too.  Miss Claire ended up eating a bowl full of cake crumbles with sprinkles.  Bryan told me I was no longer allowed to bake.  Betty Crocker I am not.

Claire's Selfie

My daughter LOVES to take selfies.  I happen to think this is a very pretty pic that she took.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

You Smell That?

Texts between Claire and I.

Claire:  Mom, are you going to stop by the gas station?

Me:  No.  Why?

Claire:  Wanted to see if you would pick me up something?

Me:  Claire I told you I have barely any money until payday.

Claire:  How much?

Me:  Just a few dollars.  (I have more but only a few dollars to spare on snacks or candy for her and her brother.)

Claire:  Oh, just keep that for yourself.

How nice - She is letting me keep my own money.


I do have to give her major props though because when I got home, Jo's kennel was outside drying.  When I asked her what had happened she said he had diarrheaed in his cage and peed but she cleaned everything up on her own.  I gave her a huge hug and thanked her.  See, not all bad.  ;)

Taylor & Feathers

More on what I posted yesterday because I forgot to mention how Taylor complains a lot about food.  I know I mentioned when we go out to eat but he does it at home too.  He is a super picky eater and whenever we do find something he likes, he eats the hell out of it and then doesn't want it anymore.  Bryan calls him Mister Complainer and as much as it drives us crazy, we try to remain calm and not get upset when we make something he liked 2 days ago and now doesn't want to eat it.  When we sit down for dinner, he will look at the plate of food with a face that shows disgust.  As you can guess, man does it try our patience.  There have been times when we have wanted to put him to bed with no dinner but growing up with hunger pains in my belly as a child sometimes keeps me from doing so.  Oh well, when he is an adult I am sure we will look back and remember what a challenge it was to get him to eat and laugh about it.  I hope.

Remember when I told you guys that Bryan made chicken wings and onion rings for dinner Sunday night?  It is not the first time he has done this and I have to say, he can give Buffalo Wild Wings a run for their money because they are ggoooodddd.  He buys the frozen bags of chicken wings and then uses his Fry Daddy.  He makes his own sauces and it is always a huge hit for us.

He brought me a plate and when I began to eat, I noticed one of the wings still had a feather on it.  A white fluffy feather!!  Is anyone else freaked out about that?  Bryan acted like it was no big deal and just plucked it.  He said they were covered in feathers at one time which I understand but by the time they get to me, there shouldn't be no damn feathers on my food!!  *Shudders*  I had such a hard time eating but I didn't want to be rude when he just spent all of that time preparing our meal.  I guess that is why some people say they don't eat chicken wings becuase they are dirty.  Oh well.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Grass is Always Greener.

So I ended yesterday's post with a comment about how the kids have really been getting to us lately.  I am not saying we have bad kids because we don't.  If anything, we spoil them because we like being able to buy them things and take them places.  When they were younger, I struggled as a single mom and even now there are times when we are living paycheck to paycheck so when we have it, we are more than willing to spend it. 

Some examples would be just two weekends ago I took Claire with me to Old Navy to do some Spring shopping for her and her brother.  Taylor I knew needed some new jeans and he has gotten into wearing gym-like shorts and Claire I knew would find things she liked because she loves to shop.  I ended up spending almost 300.00 bucks and the majority of it was on Claire.  Just this past weekend after our Easter lunch, she tries talking us into taking her shopping at Kohls or Palais Royal and I am all Come on!!  I just spent so much money on you for clothes.  Not to mention last month we went to one of her favorite places to shop Rue 21 and I bought her clothes there too.

Taylor will pine for a game and we will buy it for him only for him to play it for a few hours and not like it or get stuck and not want to play it anymore.  Taylor is the worst about going out to eat.  He never likes anywhere we go and complains.  It is a chore to get him to get dressed and go and then he is in a pissy mood the whole time.

Both of my kids have Playstation 3's in their rooms and dvd players and flat screen tv's.  We have a Wii in the livingroom and a trampoline in the backyard.  They both have bikes and Claire has a cell phone.  They each have their own laptop although Tayor got his taken away not too long ago because he wasn't taking care of it.

I feel like all I am doing is complaining about my kids and am putting myself in the same boat as them but we have been putting up with it for so long and it seems the older they get, the worse they get.  I love picking them up goodies from the grocery store or the corner store and don't want to stop but I want them to be appreciative.

Bryan has threatened the kids with having to hold signs on the street corner by our neighborhood with something like "My parents give me everything but it is never enough".  I told him I was down for it but I think getting them out of the car will be rough.  Maybe the scare will be enough to get them to appreciate the stuff they have.  I hope it doesn't have to go that far but Bryan did mention to Taylor that it was going to happen if he didn't change his attitude.  I have also mentioned taking them down to a soup kitchen but I don't know if I could handle it.  I always want to give any cash I have to the guys on the corner and if they have a dog, I am a puddle.  I guess we will see.

Happy Earth Day!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014


I had tried posting this on Thursday last week but forgive my ailing internet.  My Claire Bear.

Easter/Weekend Update

I felt so bad deserting you guys like I did.  I know I mentioned last week I had came down with the sinus/allergy crud and boy did I but thanks to Zinc, nose spray, humidifer at night time, and aantihistamine I am almost good as new!!  I wanted to post last Thursday and Friday but our internet was seriously wacked and was only letting me access certain sites.

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!  This was our first one not to really do much.  The kids decided last year they don't believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa, or the Tooth Fairy so reminded them that meant a lot of the fun (magic) stops too.  We still get them Valentines gifts and of course, plenty of Christmas gifts but I don't see the point of buying baskets and all of that jazz.  Besides, they get pretty much everything they ask for so it isn't like they are deprived.

Our family has gotten smaller and smaller as people pass away.  I remember as a kid going out to my great grandparents house in Hempstead where everyone got together.   Popo grilled bbq chicken (his suce was famous) and Momo cooked so many sides and desserts and homemade rolls that most of the adults napped after the meal.  There seemed to be so many of us.  Now all that is left on my Mother's side is my Mom (which of course I don't speak to anymore), my aunt and her husband and son, my brother (lives in NM), my sister (stationed in VA right now), and then my little family (Bryan, Claire, and Taylor).  Holidays aren't what they used to be.  My aunt is still very much into everyone (that is left) getting together but she lives an hour away now and this year she didn't know if they were going to be in town or not so I told her we would do our own thing.

I could tell she was a little dissapointed but I have to say that this year was one of the first time I got to enjoy just chilling with Bryan and the kids.  Bryan made some of the best damn deviled eggs ever and we went to our favorite chinese restaurant for lunch.  For dinner, Bryan made chicken wings and onion rings and afterwards, I finished up laundry while we watched Hop.  The kids were a little dissapointed that was all we did (never enough I tell you) and I reminded them how normally they bitch about going over to so and so's house for the holiday because they get bored and then want to go home as soon as we get there.  And as for not getting any candy, I reminded them of all of the junk they had got Friday and Saturday from the gas station and they really needed to give it a rest.  They have been irritating Bryan and I quite a bit with their smart mouths and whoah is me it is never enough attitudes.  More on that later my friends.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Your Opinion Please

Still feeling pretty shitty today today.  Actually, worse today then I did yesterday and I didn't sleep well at all from not being able to breathe out of my nose like a normal human being.  But I didn't want to not stop by and ask you guys some advise.

I mentioned on Monday how Claire's friend Iana came over this past weekend.  Well before Iana went home, the girls swapped phone cases because Claire has about 3 or 4 becuase it seems they are now considered an accessory and I guess this is the new friendship bracelet.

I didn't really care but I mentioned last night at dinner that the case she ended up with was a Hello Kitty one that I didn't think was all that cute and I knew the one we bought her was a lot more expensive.  She said she didn't swap the one we got from Traders Village (25.00 for that one) but had switched the one she got from Walgreens.  (Just 10.00 Mom!)  She went on to say the one from T.V. had gone missing and when I asked her to explain, she said over the weekend Iana claimed she saw one of the dogs carry it off into the livingroom but Claire said she couldn't find it.

Now let me tell you, the dogs do not go into her room and they have never carried anything lik that off.  I think she stole it.  I want to contact her Mom and not accuse her daughter but mention it has gone missing and was wondering if it had ended up in Iana's bag or should I just let it go?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sinuses Can Kiss My Ass.

Where have I been today?  Feeling like crap.  In the middle of the night last night I woke up because it hurt when I swallowed.  It continued to do that all night long and that morning, it felt like my throat was on fire.  As the day has progressed, my nose is starting to clog, I am developing a cough, and my face is killing me from the sinus pressure.  Tonight is definitely going to be an early bedtime for me full of Vicks, nose spray, and the humidifer on full blast.  I hope tomorrow is better.  Love to you all but no germs!  =)

Monday, April 14, 2014

No Vacancy

I would consider myself to be a bit of a hermit.  I thrive on routine and nothing makes me happier knowing Tuesday we are going to be doing this, Saturday was our day to go out to eat as a family, so and so forth.  I also am not comfortable with people coming over, makes me nervous and I always let out a huge sigh of relief when everyone goes home and it is just the 4 of us again.

This past weekend Claire asked me Friday around 5ish if her friend Iana could come and spend the night.  If you are new to my blog, Iana is the daughter of Sheila who I was ALWAYS with before Bryan and I got back together.  Our daughters were about the same age, we were both single parents, we both liked to drink and would have tons of fun together.  I met her at the apartment I moved into when the kids were about 4 & 3.

When we moved into our house, shortly after Sheila moved into a townhouse just down the street from us.  Every Friday we would go to her house and have drinks while the kids played.  They ended up moving to The Woodlands so we don't really see much of them at all anymore.  Since Bryan was actually working out there last week, he was able to bring Iana back with him.  I thought it was going to be for one night but it was actually for the whole weekend.  I had a hard time with it, just a little, not totally stressing but I hadn't really planned to have someone over so I felt weird with the house not being spotless and we had planned on going grocery shopping Tuesday (payday) so there wasn't really a whole lot to eat in the house.  I planned on just whipping some things up that I found in the pantry, fridge, and freezer.  Luckily, Bryan came to the rescue because he got paid Friday and was able to handle meals.

Friday night we offered to get McDonalds and Iana said she couldn't eat that.  I asked why and she said because of all of the calories she was going to have to run off in Athletics.  I asked what sport she played but she said she didn't play any, she just took it this year because P.E. was so boring last year.  I didn't even know that was a choice.  What irked me the most is her tummy is already concave so it isn't like she needed to be worried about weight.  Besides, she had no problem eating Panda Express, pizza on Saturday, and then 3 bowls of mac n cheese at Boston Market.  SMH.

The girls went skating Saturday night which is a common thing for Claire but I think she enjoys it more than Iana because she knows more people.  Her stories are always feeled with lots of drama but such is the life for a 13 year old I suppose.

Sunday morning rolled aorund and I couldn't get her out of the house fast enough.  I woke up with a migraine and had been having bad cramps all weekend.  I stayed in bed in our room while Bryan tended to the kids and the animals and then he eventually met Sheila around 2.  God I love my husband.

Do any of you guys ever get like that?  I have never been one to entertain though.  I mean, I like going to parties and am told I am the life of them, I just don't like to have them.  I would rather lay around the house in my pj's, watching tv or a movie, going out to eat with Bryan and the kids, and I am content.  My aunt after years finally stopped calling and asking me to go shopping with her or go with them to some shindig.  For the longest time I would go because I felt bad saying no but then one day I realized I am almost 40 years old and can really do whatever the hell I want to.  *Sigh*  That's  a nice feeling. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Taylor the Tiger

I ran across this photo the other day of Taylor.  We had gotten it done at Traders Village which is a gigantic flea market here in Houston.  I never noticed the tear stains until recently though.  Awe..

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Us at Disney in 2010 on The Hollywood Tower of Terror!  I love how Taylor and I are looking at eachother and Bryan and Claire look like they are crying.

Square Peg Meets Circular Hole.

Do I still consider myself a mommy blogger?  Yes but I know I write a little about all kinds of things now but it all still involves what is going on with me or my family right now or about my past, which of course made me who I am today.

When I first started this blog, I was full on mommy blogger because my kids were little and said cute things.  Now they are older and although still loveable most of the time, if I only blogged about them, you wouldn't be seeing very many posts.

I can say though that one of the main reasons I started to blog again was because I had read my blog from the beginning to when I stopped and loved being reminded about things they said or did that I had forgotten.  I want to be able to chronicle as much of their lives on here as possible so that in a few years when they are both driving and in high school (egads I am getting old), I can look back and reminisce.  Another reason is because I LOVE to write.  I will start a post on here and just type and type and type and then realize I am writing a damn book and need to wrap it up or people are going to fall asleep!

I think for now instead of trying to force my blog into a certain category, I will just say oh yes, I have a blog and if asked what it is about I will reply, you will just have to check it out.  ;)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Damn Near Killed Someone...

We have had a fruit & cheese tray in our fridge for a few days so instead of it going to waste, I decided to take it to work with me this morning.  I looked it over real  quick and everything still looked bright and yummy.

I went into the company kitchen and opened the lid, threw it away, and set it out for everyone to snack on. I went back to my desk for my breakfast and came back into the kitchen to warm it up when something on the tray caught my eye.  It looked like mold, on some of the cheese so I picked up the tray and tossed it.

Just a few minutes later one of the gals I worked with came in and asked where the goodies went.  I told her I threw them away because I saw mold and she started laughing.  She said, "I just ate one of the apples and it was delicious!"  I said "Well now you have had your penicillin for the day."

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

No Means No

Taylor was in the 6th grade this year, his first year in junior high.  He chose to take orchestra at the beginning of the year and the instrument he wanted to play was the violin.  He has had it all year and it started out great but then became just another chore for him.  He loves playing it at school or at a concert but hates to practice.  It got old fast with the constant harassing for him to practice, he getting bad grades in the class because he would forget to turn in his time sheet, and then of course the time was going from 10-15 minutes to 25-30.  He would practice for maybe 5 minutes and ask if he was done!

In the middle of the year, we sat him down and discussed that it would probably be best for him not to take orchestra again the following year since all he wants to do after finishing his homework is play video games or go outside.  He agreed and when it came time for selecting his electives for next year we went with Spanish and Wood Shop.  Done deal I thought.

Well here we are getting closer to the end of the year and the orchestra teacher is talking up the idea of signing up for another year to the students.  She asked Taylor if he enjoyed playing and of course he says yes and I am sure something along the lines of but my parents said no which is fine by me, I will be the bad guy if we don't have to do this for another year. 

Last night I get home and Taylor was practicing the violin which was odd.  He jumped up and and informed me he had been practicing and was almost done.  I said that was great and asked if he had any other homework which he claimed no.  When I went into the kitchen, I see his time card out and a sheet for me to fill out for him to continue with orchestra next year!  I call him in there and remind him he is not taking it again next year because he never wanted to practice.  He starts to cry!

I told him I was surprised that he was behaving this way when he himself acted like a huge weight had been lifted when we first informed him he didn't have to practice any more.  If you don't want to do it, then don't and no more orchestra.  I wrote on the paper that Taylor would not be taking the class again and I signed it and he did as well.

Later at dinner the subject came up and again and Taylor began to cry.  Bryan responded the same way - we already went through this Buddy and you don't ever want to practice so we aren't doing it next year.  It finally dawns on me and I lean over and say Taylor, did the teacher talk to you about this today and talking it up?  He said yes which of course makes sense because she wants as many kids as possible in her elective.  I told Taylor not to get so upset about it and he will have just as much fun if not more next year with his new electives.

I wrote an an email to the teacher this morning and asked her to stop encouraging Taylor because he wasn't going to take orchestra so basically, in not these same words, let it be.  She responded shrotly after saying she had talked to Taylor yesterday and it seemed he really wanted to continue but she understood and left instructions on how to return the violin.  Man I will be happy when this year is over!

UPDATE:  On my way home, I get a call from Ms. Allen who is like a counselor there at the school and she wanted to touch base with me because she saw for Taylor's electives next year, orchestra was on there and she thought she remembered having a conversation with me about Taylor NOT taking it.  I told her that yes, he was not to be taking orchestra again and how I didn't know how that had happened when I personally had filled out the form with Spanish and Shop class.  She said she would get it corrected but man, Orchestra is like the bug you try to kill that will not die!  The teacher emailed me again this morning about how she respected my wishes but then goes on about him continuing with it.  She only knows Taylor at school who SAYS he will practice but the Taylor I have at home,  he only wants to be one with the Playstation.  If I hear one more thing about orchestra and next year, I may just scream.


Does anyone else lay awake sometimes thinking about their next post?  I do but I am not stressing or losing sleep so maybe I should reword that.  It is more like I wake up and move into a new position and as I lay there waiting for sleep to claim me again, I think about it.  Things I haven't told you guys or maybe forgot to.

Last night I thought about a call I got awhile back early early in the morning.  I have the after hours/on call phone for my company.  It can be a real pain in the ass sometimes but the extra money is worth it.  Around 5 am on a Saturday morning the phone rings for the office and I answer it.  Below is the conversation that took place.

Me:  Thank you for calling (My Company), how can I help you?  *very sleepy sounding*
Caller:  Good Morning!!  Have you let Jesus into your heart?
Me:  Sir, this is a company.
Caller:  But have you found Jesus?
Me:  Sir, even Jesus is still sleeping at this hour.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Really Do Look Like Giant Boogers....

I am a HUGE seafood fan!  Lobster, crab, shrimp, crawfish, you name it and I love it.  Not all fish though.  I do not like the fishy fish but do like tilapia and of course, Long John Silvers or Captain D's.  Yuuummmmm.

Whenever we go out to eat to a restaurant like Pappadeux (this one always without the kids because it is expensive enough for us 2 and my daughter tends to go for the priciest plate on the menu) or Red Lobster, I see people order the half shell oysters.  I am always so envious because they look so fun coming out in their own tray with their little forks and lemons.  People always seem so happy and chatty as they dig out the slimy little fellas and add their favorite condiments.  I always told Bryan how I wanted to try them and he suggested I wait until we ate at the Chinese buffet by our house where I could just try 1 in case I didn't like it.

The day comes and I chicken out.  Taylor tries to eat it as is and he actually starts to chew, his eyes start to water, his face looks like he just smelled a nasty fart, and he literally half spit/half vomited it back onto his plate.  That of course didn't make me just want to jump on up and snag me one.

A few months later, I decide to try and add lemon and cocktail sauce on it.  I know you are supposed to just suck it on down and not chew but my gag reflex will just not let me play that game.  I gotta chew.  And chew I did, and it wasn't too bad.  Every time I went I always got a few and ended up turning Claire onto them as well.

Fast forward to a Saturday lunch we were having at Red Lobster.  I saw they had FRESH oysters so Claire and I ordered some for an appetizer.  Bryan doesn't eat shell fish because he has gout but good God dont mention it to the restaurant because shit just get fu**ed up with our order.  Anyway, they bring them out and the first thing I notice is how big and plump they are.  I don't know what is going on with the buffet's oysters but RL's could kick their asses.  Claire goes first and as she is chewing I grab one, lather it with my condiments and bring it to my face.  The first thing I smell is sea water.  These are so damn fresh, I feel like I am at the beach.  I suck it into my mouth and start to chew at the same time I look over at Claire.  Her eyes are all watery and looks like she is going to toss her cookies.  She gets it down but not before turning to the side, making a gag noise, and pieces of oyster fly out of her mouth onto the ground.  It took all of my might to look away and swallow that damn thing.  Never again.  Fresh Oysters are not our Friends.

Bad Boys Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do, Whatcha Gonna Do..........

I've got a good one for you.  Two times that I busted my parents for doing drugs when I was a kid.  The first would be my Dad.  He was a single parent of 3 kids and we lived in an apartment complex.  I had made friends with the girl next door who was my age.  She had an older sister but I am not sure how much older.

I remember Dad and her sister would go out dancing sometimes.  We lived in Pasadena TX and there were lots of country western bars around back then, Urban Cowboy being as popular as it was.  My friend told me that my Dad smoked pot with her sister.  I didn't actually know what that meant other than she said it was a drug.  I was 8.

When my Dad came home that night I was waiting at the door and yelled "You smell like pot!!"  H yelled back at me that I didn't know what I was talking about and to get my ass to bed.  I was hurt becuase I thought I was doing something good.  As an adult, Dad fessed up to me that it had been true and he had been shocked that I knew and that was why he responded like he did.


My mom's was because she was hardly ever home and I liked going through the things on and in her dresser.  She had tons of beautiful jewelry, perfumes, porcelain dolls on top, and other trinkets in her top drawer.  I once came across a little box full of baby teeth.  I knew they were probably ours but they grossed me out.  Then I found a pretty compact-like object and when I opened it, it contained a white powder with a little straw.  I want to say I was around 10 and I knew what this was.

I ended up taking it to school with me the next day and turning it into the nuns at school.  They of course called my Mom and explained that I had been in DARE classes and was doing the right thing.  She told them it wasn't hers and had been her ex husbands when he had came to visit years ago.  I don't know if I believe that story even now but I know she was pissed.

The Past 3.

My life was a lot better.  I loved living with my Aunt but she was married to a man who was hard to respect.  And they fought, all the time.  Not just screaming either - they would get into physical fights.  I was never in any danger but I didn't like to have friends stay over sometimes because of that.  He also cheated on her and would smoke pot.  Every time she threatened to leave him, I secretly hoped she would.  Sometimes she would get fed up with him and we would leave and go have lunch together but we always went back.  Things eventually settled down for them as far as the physical violance went after they had their son, but they still fought like cats and dogs.  They did end up getting a divorce about 2-3 years later and it was the best thing she ever did.

As I mentioned, my Mom still ruled from states away and I went and visited her during the summer.  There was no choice because she basically threatened to take me back if we didn't jump when she said to.  For the most part, nothing really eventful happened when I would go up there.  She wasn't abusive because I think she missed me and having a kid for a few months must have been easier than all the time.

My Mom had many boyfriends throughout my life.  She was a very beautiful woman and I knew this, but it made me uncomfortable with how free she was with her body.  Am I calling my mom a slut?  Not right out because that sounds so mean but in a nice way.  She used men to buy her things, pay her bills, etc.  I mentioned in one of my last posts that dating Bryan and Drew at the same time was one her moves to the T.  She taught me to use my looks to my benefit.

I remember one summer she was dating this guy and he came over to watch a movie with her.  She was wearing pajama shorts and a top that had these large arm holes that showed her breasts.  It made me feel queasy every time I looked over and could clearly see her boob and knowing he could too.

One summer I got swimmers ear.  Shocker that I never got it before considering I lived at the pool.  There wasn't really much else to do but that and play Barbies with Vashti or of course, watch MTV.  I was lying in her bed (which was where I slept when I came to visit) feeling like I was dying and trying to sleep.  She came home from a date with this guy and picked me up, put me on the couch to sleep, and then I heard the bedroom door close.  I cried because I thought she should be caring for her kid, not some man.  I hated to think what they were doing in the bed I was to sleep in.

I remember most summers I was hungry.  She never seemed to have food in the house.  One time I visited with my brother and sister and I remember putting vanilla extract in some milk thinking it might make it taste like a shake.  We ate a lot of cheese toast.  She was never home.  You might be asking yourself didn't my Aunt know this?  She didn't.  I didn't tell her a lot until I became an adult.

Monday Update!

So what do you guys think of my new look?  I am in LOVE!!!  If you like what you see, hop on over to and let Holly know what you are looking for.  She has her own company HRD Design and she is fantastic!!  Thank you again Ms. Holly!!!


Some sad news.  Claire didn't make the honor choir.  Out of the 15 girls that tried out, only 4 were chosen.  We were dissapointed for her and was as well but we assured her that she was still our superstar and there was always next year.  Also, towards the end of the year the choir puts on a Pop show and allows the girls to sing more popular songs so hopefully Claire will try out and make that.  She really does sing all the time and I know she is good but I also know, true Choir songs can be more difficult, especially if she didn't learn the music (which I don't think she did and was just reading the music).

I let her know I tried out once for a choir show as well and just knew I got it but didn't.  I was also dissapointed but that didn't mean I couldn't sing, I just wasn't singing how they wanted me to.


I tried baking over the weekend.  I have been branching out more in the cooking field for dinners and so far, all has been a success except one meal that was just ew.  It was like eating glue.  Nasty.

Anyway, every time I have ever tried baking in the past, it is never a good thing but I was watching The Pioneer Woman's show Saturday morning and she made the peanut butter cookies with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in them.  It looked so simple I thought surely I pull this off.  And I did!!  The kids at first complained they were too hard but somehow after resting for a while, the cookie part became moist and chewey.  Yay me!  If you want the recipe you can get it off of her blog or I can provide it to you if you want.
  It made about 24 and there was only 3 left this morning.  =)

Am so proud of myself!!

Happy Monday!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Chronicles of Bryan & Drew Part 3

I decided to continue to see him.  He would sneak out at night and I would pick him up down the street from where he lived.  We would go back to where I lived and have sex all night long.  I would take him back to his neighborhood right before dawn.  It was scary, it was romantic, and every time he opened my car door to get in I would melt when I would see his face.

One day I am at home when the phone rings and I answer it.  The guy's voice on the other line I do not recognize.  He asks me if I remember him and I apologize, saying I do not.  He tells me it's Bryan.  We talk for a little bit and he asks if I am still dating Drew.  I told him I was and he asked me if I wanted to go with him to the Coca Cola Factory in Atlanta today as a friend and I accepted.

I had never been before and was really enjoying myself.  He kissed me and I kissed him back.  That was the start of the Nicole-Bryan-Drew triangle.  I was still living with Vashti and her Mom but they started having issues with me dating them both at the same time.  They would buy me things, especially Bryan and of course I was sleeping with them both.  As rudely as this sounds, they were jealous.  Both were over weight and neither had boyfriends or dates.  Of all people to complain to, my friend's mom called my Mom (the woman who juggled more boyfriends and had them taking care of her than anyone I know) and voiced her opinion about what I was doing.  I remember my Mom talking to me about it but I pretty much just shrugged it off.

I moved out and actually moved in with Bryan.  That was fun.  It was like playing house to me and I remember being ecstatic the one day we went grocery shopping together.  I remember he went out of town with family and I accidently killed his fish while he was gone.  I was scared he was going to be mad but luckily he wasn't.  I continued to see both of them.  Bryan was still working as a waiter and I was still at Winn Dixie for a little while longer.  Bryan was hardly ever home since he worked at night and then would get off and go be with his friends so really it was like having my own place. 

One night I had just gotten out of the shower when I hear the front door.  Bryan is walking in with a girl that he introduces to me as his ex girlfriend Ashley.  I had heard about Ashley before and loathed her.  I felt like she was my competition because she was Bryan's highschool sweetheart and they had been really really close.  I don't remember now if they had ran into each other or what but he said he was going to let her spend the night there.  I got pissed and left.  Shortly after that, I got my own apartment with Drew.  We moved his stuff out while his Dad was at work one day.  He worked nights at Dunkin Donuts while I worked as a cashier at a gas station.  We lived off of donuts and other junk food I would get from the gas station.  We slept in a twin bed together and were happy.  I was no longer seeing Bryan.  But then something happened.

Glee Here We Come!

Claire is auditioning for the Regional Honor Choir tonight!  I am so excited and one very proud Momma!!  Only 15 girls are trying out from her school but they will be competing against each other and girls from other junior highs.  They will ride the bus from their junior high and the auditions start around 5 pm.  The girls will try out one at a time and the judging will be blind because the girls will be behind a curtain and only be known by numbers.

Claire will text us when she is finished and we will go and pick her up.  Her teacher said she will email us the results tomorrow evening.  I hope she makes it!!

Go Claire Bear!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Past 2.

So I had been living with my Mom for a while now having good times and bad.  At one point we got a roomate.  My Mom I guess was struggling to make rent so she took all of my stuff out of my room and put it all into the closet in the hall.  This closet was pretty tall and long so sometimes I'd sit in there amongst my stuff and write my stories.  I slept in my Mom's room with her.  It was kind of odd but it was what I had to do.

I can't remember what her name was but I loved her.  I remember she had a cocker spaniel named Jamie which I thought was funny because it was my Aunt's name.  I loved hanging out with her because she was so sweet and was nice to me.  She drove a Volkswagon Beetle and I remember riding with her to the gas station once.  I adored her and of course my Mom never laid a hand on me when she was there. It wasn't long before my Mom got jealous and ended up giving her the boot.

I don't remember how long I lived with her.  I remember my siblings coming to visit during the summer.  I know I was in charge of making her coffee in the am and when it was cold, to start the car and warm it up.  She drove a white Jetta that was referred to as a Rabbit and it was a stick.  One time I must have hit it out of gear because I remember when we came outside to leave, the car was gone.  Luckily it had rolled into the parking stops across the way and came to a stop.

The day came when I told my Aunt and Grandfather what was going on.  I don't remember a lot of it, only that they called to talk to me and I don't think she was home.  I told them I was home all the time by myself, I hardly went to school, and that she hit and screamed at me.  I must have blocked it all out becuase I don't recall anything until my Aunt and Grandfather got there.  They had drove all night from TX-GA because my Mom had told them she was going to throw me out.  I remember her being gone and even though she hurt me, I loved her too and wanted to say good bye.  I don't know where she was, only that she made sure she wasn't there when I left.  I remember wanting to write on the wall on the staircase "I love you most of all Mommy" because it was a line from a song we both liked from George Jones.

Things were better with my Aunt.  Much better.  She is actually the one who I feel raised me and made me into the person I am today.  I can't imagine what I would have become if I had been raised by Mom.  Now she was not out of my life.  Hardly.  She ran my world from states away because she had convinced my Aunt that although she was allowing me to live with her and granted her temporary guardianship, she would take me back in a heartbeat if we didn't do what she said.  For example, I wanted to cut my hair short so my Aunt called my Mom who said no and it was a done deal.  My aunt told me a few years ago that she thought my Mom held all of the cards back then but she really didn't and she wished she had known that.  I also still went to visit her every summer.  Those stories are soon to come.


Last night we made pizza for the first time ever.  I had bought the family kit from Little Ceasers from a fundraiser that one of the girls at work sold for her daughter.  For some reason I thought it was going to be an actual pizza already prepared but frozen so all I would need to do would be to throw it in the oven.  Negative.  This was one that I thawed the dough out and then added the sauce, cheese, and toppings.

I got everything thawed out and then called Claire in becuase she is so creative.  She did an awesome job with it and I think it turned out pretty yummy!

The Chronicles of Bryan & Drew Part 2

I worked at Winn Dixie as a cashier and then eventually moved up to front end supervisor as well as whatever you call the person who counts down all of the tills at night and deposits the money.  There was a handsome guy that worked as a bagger named Drew.  At first I didn't pay that much attention to him but the more I interacted with him, the cuter he became to me.  He was tall, had brown hair and eyes, and the girls loved him.  I don't recall how we first started talking other than I was in charge of scheduling his breaks and occasionly I would cashier and he would bag for me.  It is funny how someone who became so important in your life you can't even put your finger on how you two started off.

I know that I began to pursue him.  I didn't see much of Bryan those days and Drew seemed like he would be a lot of fun.  He was also younger than me so I figured that meant I wouldn't have to deal with drinking or drugs.  I remember flirting with him at the store.  Did one of us ask the other out to "go steady"?  I don't remember that either.  What I do know is I started hanging out with him a lot.  We would got with my bff to a playground in the evening and play night hide and seek.  He would come over to the house and we would watch movies.  We started to sleep together.  It was amazing.  I loved spending time with him and loved that he wanted to be with me all the time, unlike Bryan.

Bryan started calling again because since I wasn't harrassing him to hang out with me, he actually missed me.  At that time, my heart belonged to Bryan more than Drew.  Bryan was the one I wanted to be with but I liked having Drew around.  When Bryan would call, I would take Drew home and then go to Bryan's.  We played that game for awhile.  Then Bryan and I broke up but neither of us remember why or who broke up with who.  I continued to date Drew and would have to describe our relationship very Romeo and Juiletish.

Like I mentioned earlier, he was younger than me and still in high school.  He lived with his Dad and sister who was only about a year older than him and they were very close.  Wierd close I thought.  She didn't like me becuase I was taking Drew's attention away from her.  His Dad was physically and emotionally abusive towards him so I tried to keep him with me as much as possible.  His Dad didn't want him seeing me because I was older so he told Drew he wasn't allowed to see me anymore and he actually called up at Winn Dixie and basically said you are too old for my son and to stay away.  I agreed to.

  I know this is my blog so technically I do not need to defend myself or make excuses but I do want to explain that I have always looked younger than my age.  I didn't even french kiss a boy until I was 16 and he was 13.  I have always dated guys that were younger than me.  I don't know if I felt safer with boys younger than me or maybe I felt like I had more control.  I really couldn't say.  I was 20 when I met Drew and he was 15.  Everyone that met him thought he was the same age as me because he was a big boy. 

Anyway, like I said, I agreed to stay away from Drew but later that evening as I was working on counting down tills, he called me at work.  He wanted to see me.  I told him what his Dad had said and he said he didn't care, he loved me and wanted to be with me.  I had a choice to make.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Past.

My mom used to go out a lot when I was a kid.  From the age of birth until around 6 or 7 my parents were together but then my Mom decided she didn't want to be married or have and kids anymore so she just up and left my Dad.  My Dad was a single parent and was wonderful at it until my grandmother passed away.  My mom came back for the funeral and from what I was told later on, asked for money and when everyone told her no, out of spite she took me with her when she went back to GA.  I was 9.

I missed my family but I had missed my Mom too and was happy to be with her, at first.  I thought how cool it was going to be being the only child.  She lived with a friend in a house that was surrounded with woods.  I slept on the couch in the livingroom with the stereo playing George Michael on low.  It was still summer time and I don't remember much other than playing outside in the trees and pretending, pretending, pretending all day long.  School was about to start and I got poison oak.  First time ever and I was miserable.  I remember begging my Mom to let me go to school and trying to cover up the blotches with concealer becuase I wanted to make friends.

That was the year I met Vashti at the cute school of Hickory Hills.  She was the bff I mentioned in the post about Bryan and Drew.  The kids made fun of her because she was heavier and had bright red hair and freckles.  I knew right away we would become fast friends and when we moved to our own apartment/townhouse, it turned out she lived there too!  The funny thing is that Bryan actually went to that school at the same time I did, we just never met.

I didn't stay at the school long becuase my Mother was a huge fan of Catholic private schools.  I had been attending one back when my parents were still together off and on.  She enrolled me in St. Josephs where I had to start all over with new friends and wear uniforms.  We went to church on Wednesdays and Sundays and for the most part, everything was ok.  She would have her moments where her temper would flare and she would scream or hit or slap but I was used to it.  To be honest, I loved and feared my Mother.  She was so beautiful and people loved her but they didn't see the bruises she would leave on me.  She usually left them in places where clothes hid them.  I remember looking at them sometimes when I would get out of the shower.

She went out a lot.  She liked to drink and she liked to dance and the men adored her.  I don't recall her having one night stands but if she did, they must have left before I got up.  Sometimes I stayed up late too though because I could.  Noone was there to tell me otherwise.  I would watch tv and read or write stories.  Some mornings she was too hungover to go to work so we would just stay home.  Sometimes I didn't want to go to school so she would just let me stay home.  It got to where it seemed like I missed more school than I actually attended.  They would have days where you got to where your normal clothes and she would be dropping my ass off in the morning in my uniform because we didn't know having not been there the day before.  Those were embarrasing days.  My grades were struggling and some times I would be there but so tired because Mom would have kept me up the night before.

Sometimes she would come home drunk and have me drive her to Krystals so she could get fast food.  Yes, me drive.  Sometimes she would wake me in the night because she decided to vacumme at 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning, including in my room and under my bed.  Looking back now, I am sure she was probably high on something.

In the townhouse I remember her banging the back of my head against the wall but I don't recall why.  She slapped me in my face a lot.  She threw things at me.  I don't recall ever having much food in the house.  I ate a lot over at my friends house Vasti because her Mom was also pretty heavy so they always had lots of good things to eat.  I tried to spend as much time as I could over there.  I know when my Mom called and told me to come home and her voice had that tone, I knew it meant I was going to get beat.  I would cry, beg and please my friend's mom not to send me home but she always did.  A few years ago I asked her about that and she told me that honestly, she was scared of my Mother.

The times were not always bad.  She took Vashti and I to the roller rink almost every weekend and dropped us off.  Technically she was using it as a babysitter but we had fun.  She had many romantic boyfriends that were nice to me and took Vashti and I along on some outings.  She had one serious boyfriend who had a lakehouse so that was a fun summer.  I remember her giving me money so I could attend the circus with my school.  She showed her love by buying me things or taking me places.  But her violence towards me and the horrible things she said had changed me.  I was still an innocent child in a lot of ways but she took a lot of that away too.  When my Grandfather and Aunt would call to check on me or talk to me on my birthday I wanted to tell them so badly but she had already threatened me should I utter a peep.  I didn't stay quiet forever though. 

An Awesome Bloody Mary Recipe


At Taylor's party, the kids were gabbing while eating pizza and us parents sat around listening to them and jumped in whenever they asked us something.  Somehow the conversation turned to college because Taylor's friends seem to already be planning their future while in the 6th grade.

Einstein said he wanted to go to Texas A&M to study engineering and robot something or another.  Veruca said she wanted to go to Stanton or some other well known college to be an interior designer.  Taylor jumped in and said he wanted to go to LSU but didn't know yet what he wanted to major in.

My beautiful daughter is sitting at the other end of the table and she pipes in, "I am just going to go to Lone Star College."  We all busted out laughing.  That's my girl!

Bugs Be Gone

Good Morning!  We are finally lice free - yippee!!!

Even though Bryan had to drive a good 45 minutes there and back, the whole procedure didn't take too long at all.  Claire said the place was decorated with palm trees and monkeys which I thought was funny because we were comparing them to monkeys with all of that head scratching going on.  She said they got to watch tv while the guy did their head.  It ended up costing 130.00 total plus gas but as far as we are concerned, it was worth it.

Everyone's bedding was changed again and Lyesol was on the surface of everything.  Lets hope this chapter is behind us and we never have to read it again.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Day Bryan!!!

Got some Exciting News!!!!!  Bryan works at Home Depot, has for 9 years now and has had a few positions within the company.  He started in lumber, then moved to receiving.  He became a supervisor in receiving and then moved to millworks as a supevisor for that department.  He recently took their test to become an assistant store manager and just found out that he passed!  Now we just sit back and wait to see which store picks him up.

Congrats Baby!!!!   143!!!!!!!!

The Chronicles of Bryan and Drew

I am going to start back at the beginning.   I want to always remember this as detailed as possible and yes, people used to tell me to write things down all of the time when I was younger about the kids because I would forget and I just brushed them off only to read my blog from years ago and find things I had forgotten.  So yea, they were right.

A lot of people get confused when I tell them that Bryan is Claire's Dad and Drew was Taylor's father.  Drew is my ex husband and Bryan is my husband now.  I look at people's faces when I tell them and can see the wheels spinning as they try to wrap their mind around it.

I was 20 when I met Bryan.  As you may or may not remember, I have posted here before about how we met.  He was my waiter and I thought he was super cute and had a sexy butt.  He commented on my pretty blue eyes and I claimed they were mine.  We flirted and I ended up inviting him to come and hang out with me and my bff at The Falls.  The Falls was an apartment complex her and I used to live in when we were kids.  We were such good friends that anytime my Mom or her Mom moved, the other did as well so they could keep us girls together.  The apartment complex had a pool and hot tub at the very front and we spent many many days and nights there when we were growing up.  As an adult, her and I would drive back over there and pretend to live there.  Boys would hit on us and if we were interested, we might give them our numbers.

He met us over there after he got off of work.  I thought he had a pretty smile when he grinned at me while walking into the hot tub.  We talked, he and I and my bff.  He could tell we were close and did everything together.  We had a few other dates and my bff and I would go up to the restaurant he worked at a lot and ask to sit in his section.

Soon it came time to invite him to spend the night with me.  I lived with my bff and her Mom at the time.  My bed had The Little Mermaid bedset which I loved.  I remember telling him he was going to have to pass the Little Mermaid test if he wanted to stay dating me.  He and I made love that night and then snuggled together under my Disney blankets.

I loved Bryan and I loved being with Bryan but he had other ideas.  For him, his friends and partying came first.  He drank and did drugs when he was with them and I didn't do any of that.  My idea of fun was going to see a movie or renting one while we cuddled on the couch.  He worked nights and after getting off, he would go to his friends' houses.  I really only saw him during the day and even then, not every day.

When he did have time for me, it was always perfect.  He would take me to eat at places I had never been to.  I was a super picky eater back then and he liked for me to try new things or how he would put it, broaden my horizons.  I remember trying fried calamari at The Macaroni Grille and thinking they tasted like rubber bands.

One time he took me to the zoo.  Another time he took me to see Christmas lights even though he was sick with a cold.  He liked me and enjoyed being with me but it was just more important for him to be with his buddies and get messed up and I was ready to have a serious relationship with him.  Move in together, get engaged, get married, etc. and he wasn't ready for that.  I think I scared him a little because I was pretty intense and it didn't help that my Mother was trying to ruin things.  She didn't like him for some reason and complained that I acted differently when I was around him.  How she could say that with only having met him one time at dinner but whatever.

A few weeks later she had the audacity to call him while he was at work and tell him that I was unstable and he needed to break up with me because I had an abortion a year ago and still was trying to recoup.  Bunch of shit and I am surprised he bothered to stay around after that!  In case you are new to my blog, I did have an abortion and that fella really did a number on me but I had moved to GA to get away from all of that.  And what kind of parent does that anyway??  A crazy one, that's what. 

Anyway, Bryan and I continued to see each other whenever he made himself available and I became lonely.  Next, Drew enters into my life.

My Partner in the Car - Loretta



Frustrated.  We have spent about 60 bucks in lice shampoos and such only to have both kids still have them.  Claire has had lice at least 10 times in her younger days and we never had this issue.  We are following the directions, using Lyesol, washing everything in hot water but last night we found babies on both of their heads.  It seems the product isn't killing the eggs.

We found a place that does it professionally so we are just going to shell out the dough and be done with this shit.  They also offer a guarantee so yee-haw.  Bryan is off today so he is handling the task.  I didn't even know these kind of places existed.  I wish I was going so I could tell you guys all about it.  Have any of you guys ever been to one?  My fingers are crossed because I am over

*Scratching my head because I do every time I think about it.*  :(