Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I am NOT a farm girl.

I consider myself to be pretty much in the box when it comes to my taste in foods.  Meaning, I am not big into tryying new things but sometimes I have been pleasantly surprised.  A perfect example is about a year ago I tried brussel sprouts and turns out, I love them!  I am also a fried chicken snob but I gave Golden Corral's a try a month or so ago and that shit was the bomb.  If you haven't checked it out yet, do it!!

Taylor has a friend that he goes to school with and he also lives a few streets over.  Taylor likes going over there and hanging out.  His friend is terrified of dogs so he tried coming to our house once but left in tears seeing that we had 4 dogs.  Even if they are in their kennels, he is shaking like a leaf.

Anyway, Taylor told me when he first started hanging out with Esteban that they had a pet chicken named Eagle.  He said it lived in the house, was potty trained, and slept in the garage.  Taylor said it liked to sit on their shoulders like a parrot.  I was intrigued.

Last weekend Taylor told me that it was almost time for Eagle to start laying eggs.  I don't know anything about chickens but I guess they do not lay eggs all year round?  So I told him to bring me one home if he could.  Saturday night he came home with one wrapped in a papertowl and inside a plastic grocery bag.  At first he said he was going to eat it but then changed his mind and said I could have it.

This morning Bryan offered to make me an overeasy egg sandwich and I said yes and asked him to use the fresh egg.  As I was stepping out of the shower, he brought the egg in for me to see.  It was a tannish color and I thought it was pretty.  He went back to the kitchen to prepare it and I continued to get dressed.  I came into the dining area afterwards and he brought me the plate while mentioning it was a little different than the eggs I was used to from the grocery store.  I asked him what was wrong with it and he said nothing, but the yolk was a little darker than the bright yellow ones.  He went on to explain the reason for that was it depended on what the chicken was fed.  The grocery store ones are most likely to eat grain.

I began to eat my sandwich and when I got to the yolk part (in the middle of the egg), it broke and it was definitely a darker color than I was used to.  It also had a different taste.  Not so much bad but not good either.  I tried to get as much of the yolk out of the sandwich as I could but did finish it.

As I was cleaning up, I asked Taylor what they feed their chickens.  He said meal worms.  Oh and crickets and beetles sometimes.  Great.  I had a bug egg.  Ew.

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