Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Past 2.

So I had been living with my Mom for a while now having good times and bad.  At one point we got a roomate.  My Mom I guess was struggling to make rent so she took all of my stuff out of my room and put it all into the closet in the hall.  This closet was pretty tall and long so sometimes I'd sit in there amongst my stuff and write my stories.  I slept in my Mom's room with her.  It was kind of odd but it was what I had to do.

I can't remember what her name was but I loved her.  I remember she had a cocker spaniel named Jamie which I thought was funny because it was my Aunt's name.  I loved hanging out with her because she was so sweet and was nice to me.  She drove a Volkswagon Beetle and I remember riding with her to the gas station once.  I adored her and of course my Mom never laid a hand on me when she was there. It wasn't long before my Mom got jealous and ended up giving her the boot.

I don't remember how long I lived with her.  I remember my siblings coming to visit during the summer.  I know I was in charge of making her coffee in the am and when it was cold, to start the car and warm it up.  She drove a white Jetta that was referred to as a Rabbit and it was a stick.  One time I must have hit it out of gear because I remember when we came outside to leave, the car was gone.  Luckily it had rolled into the parking stops across the way and came to a stop.

The day came when I told my Aunt and Grandfather what was going on.  I don't remember a lot of it, only that they called to talk to me and I don't think she was home.  I told them I was home all the time by myself, I hardly went to school, and that she hit and screamed at me.  I must have blocked it all out becuase I don't recall anything until my Aunt and Grandfather got there.  They had drove all night from TX-GA because my Mom had told them she was going to throw me out.  I remember her being gone and even though she hurt me, I loved her too and wanted to say good bye.  I don't know where she was, only that she made sure she wasn't there when I left.  I remember wanting to write on the wall on the staircase "I love you most of all Mommy" because it was a line from a song we both liked from George Jones.

Things were better with my Aunt.  Much better.  She is actually the one who I feel raised me and made me into the person I am today.  I can't imagine what I would have become if I had been raised by Mom.  Now she was not out of my life.  Hardly.  She ran my world from states away because she had convinced my Aunt that although she was allowing me to live with her and granted her temporary guardianship, she would take me back in a heartbeat if we didn't do what she said.  For example, I wanted to cut my hair short so my Aunt called my Mom who said no and it was a done deal.  My aunt told me a few years ago that she thought my Mom held all of the cards back then but she really didn't and she wished she had known that.  I also still went to visit her every summer.  Those stories are soon to come.

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