Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Does anyone else lay awake sometimes thinking about their next post?  I do but I am not stressing or losing sleep so maybe I should reword that.  It is more like I wake up and move into a new position and as I lay there waiting for sleep to claim me again, I think about it.  Things I haven't told you guys or maybe forgot to.

Last night I thought about a call I got awhile back early early in the morning.  I have the after hours/on call phone for my company.  It can be a real pain in the ass sometimes but the extra money is worth it.  Around 5 am on a Saturday morning the phone rings for the office and I answer it.  Below is the conversation that took place.

Me:  Thank you for calling (My Company), how can I help you?  *very sleepy sounding*
Caller:  Good Morning!!  Have you let Jesus into your heart?
Me:  Sir, this is a company.
Caller:  But have you found Jesus?
Me:  Sir, even Jesus is still sleeping at this hour.

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