Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Chronicles of Bryan & Drew Part 2

I worked at Winn Dixie as a cashier and then eventually moved up to front end supervisor as well as whatever you call the person who counts down all of the tills at night and deposits the money.  There was a handsome guy that worked as a bagger named Drew.  At first I didn't pay that much attention to him but the more I interacted with him, the cuter he became to me.  He was tall, had brown hair and eyes, and the girls loved him.  I don't recall how we first started talking other than I was in charge of scheduling his breaks and occasionly I would cashier and he would bag for me.  It is funny how someone who became so important in your life you can't even put your finger on how you two started off.

I know that I began to pursue him.  I didn't see much of Bryan those days and Drew seemed like he would be a lot of fun.  He was also younger than me so I figured that meant I wouldn't have to deal with drinking or drugs.  I remember flirting with him at the store.  Did one of us ask the other out to "go steady"?  I don't remember that either.  What I do know is I started hanging out with him a lot.  We would got with my bff to a playground in the evening and play night hide and seek.  He would come over to the house and we would watch movies.  We started to sleep together.  It was amazing.  I loved spending time with him and loved that he wanted to be with me all the time, unlike Bryan.

Bryan started calling again because since I wasn't harrassing him to hang out with me, he actually missed me.  At that time, my heart belonged to Bryan more than Drew.  Bryan was the one I wanted to be with but I liked having Drew around.  When Bryan would call, I would take Drew home and then go to Bryan's.  We played that game for awhile.  Then Bryan and I broke up but neither of us remember why or who broke up with who.  I continued to date Drew and would have to describe our relationship very Romeo and Juiletish.

Like I mentioned earlier, he was younger than me and still in high school.  He lived with his Dad and sister who was only about a year older than him and they were very close.  Wierd close I thought.  She didn't like me becuase I was taking Drew's attention away from her.  His Dad was physically and emotionally abusive towards him so I tried to keep him with me as much as possible.  His Dad didn't want him seeing me because I was older so he told Drew he wasn't allowed to see me anymore and he actually called up at Winn Dixie and basically said you are too old for my son and to stay away.  I agreed to.

  I know this is my blog so technically I do not need to defend myself or make excuses but I do want to explain that I have always looked younger than my age.  I didn't even french kiss a boy until I was 16 and he was 13.  I have always dated guys that were younger than me.  I don't know if I felt safer with boys younger than me or maybe I felt like I had more control.  I really couldn't say.  I was 20 when I met Drew and he was 15.  Everyone that met him thought he was the same age as me because he was a big boy. 

Anyway, like I said, I agreed to stay away from Drew but later that evening as I was working on counting down tills, he called me at work.  He wanted to see me.  I told him what his Dad had said and he said he didn't care, he loved me and wanted to be with me.  I had a choice to make.

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