Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Chronicles of Bryan and Drew

I am going to start back at the beginning.   I want to always remember this as detailed as possible and yes, people used to tell me to write things down all of the time when I was younger about the kids because I would forget and I just brushed them off only to read my blog from years ago and find things I had forgotten.  So yea, they were right.

A lot of people get confused when I tell them that Bryan is Claire's Dad and Drew was Taylor's father.  Drew is my ex husband and Bryan is my husband now.  I look at people's faces when I tell them and can see the wheels spinning as they try to wrap their mind around it.

I was 20 when I met Bryan.  As you may or may not remember, I have posted here before about how we met.  He was my waiter and I thought he was super cute and had a sexy butt.  He commented on my pretty blue eyes and I claimed they were mine.  We flirted and I ended up inviting him to come and hang out with me and my bff at The Falls.  The Falls was an apartment complex her and I used to live in when we were kids.  We were such good friends that anytime my Mom or her Mom moved, the other did as well so they could keep us girls together.  The apartment complex had a pool and hot tub at the very front and we spent many many days and nights there when we were growing up.  As an adult, her and I would drive back over there and pretend to live there.  Boys would hit on us and if we were interested, we might give them our numbers.

He met us over there after he got off of work.  I thought he had a pretty smile when he grinned at me while walking into the hot tub.  We talked, he and I and my bff.  He could tell we were close and did everything together.  We had a few other dates and my bff and I would go up to the restaurant he worked at a lot and ask to sit in his section.

Soon it came time to invite him to spend the night with me.  I lived with my bff and her Mom at the time.  My bed had The Little Mermaid bedset which I loved.  I remember telling him he was going to have to pass the Little Mermaid test if he wanted to stay dating me.  He and I made love that night and then snuggled together under my Disney blankets.

I loved Bryan and I loved being with Bryan but he had other ideas.  For him, his friends and partying came first.  He drank and did drugs when he was with them and I didn't do any of that.  My idea of fun was going to see a movie or renting one while we cuddled on the couch.  He worked nights and after getting off, he would go to his friends' houses.  I really only saw him during the day and even then, not every day.

When he did have time for me, it was always perfect.  He would take me to eat at places I had never been to.  I was a super picky eater back then and he liked for me to try new things or how he would put it, broaden my horizons.  I remember trying fried calamari at The Macaroni Grille and thinking they tasted like rubber bands.

One time he took me to the zoo.  Another time he took me to see Christmas lights even though he was sick with a cold.  He liked me and enjoyed being with me but it was just more important for him to be with his buddies and get messed up and I was ready to have a serious relationship with him.  Move in together, get engaged, get married, etc. and he wasn't ready for that.  I think I scared him a little because I was pretty intense and it didn't help that my Mother was trying to ruin things.  She didn't like him for some reason and complained that I acted differently when I was around him.  How she could say that with only having met him one time at dinner but whatever.

A few weeks later she had the audacity to call him while he was at work and tell him that I was unstable and he needed to break up with me because I had an abortion a year ago and still was trying to recoup.  Bunch of shit and I am surprised he bothered to stay around after that!  In case you are new to my blog, I did have an abortion and that fella really did a number on me but I had moved to GA to get away from all of that.  And what kind of parent does that anyway??  A crazy one, that's what. 

Anyway, Bryan and I continued to see each other whenever he made himself available and I became lonely.  Next, Drew enters into my life.

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