Friday, June 11, 2010

Stop & Smell The Flowers

The other day we were getting ready to go somewhere and after getting the kids all dressed and ready to go, I got myself all gussied up and decided to play around on the computer while Bryan finished up. I saw a nice picture of some tulips and decided to change my background with it. No one was in the living room at the moment except for Taylor so I called him over so he could see it.

Me: "See my new background?"

Taylor: "Yeah, what is it exactly?"

Me: "Tulips, it is a type of flower."

Taylor: "Oh okay, they're pretty."

*Now during this conversation Bryan & Claire had wandered in.*

Taylor: *Still standing next to me & looking at the picture* "They even smell good too."

Me: "That's my perfume....."

Bryan: "It's not a scratch & sniff son."