Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Underwear Idea?

I know we have all seen the sexy girl's panties or men's boxers that have cute or nasty little sayings right?

Well, I thought of a new one to stick on those undies, I so need to get this patented.

"No Need To Heat, Ready To Eat!"

How much would you pay to fix your computer?

Our computer was ill, it moved as a slow as a turtle and was constantly giving us errors. When I would try to watch my beloved shows on ABC or FOX, the damn thing would turn off 3 or 4 times per episode. After calling the computer many bad curse words, I finally begged a coworker of mine to come and fix it. He's like one of our number one I.T. guys so I figured for sure he could get it back to its normal self.

Bryan called me on my way home asking me how much it was going to cost us. Here is that conversation, and let me say ~ he totally impressed me by not even skipping a beat.

Bryan: That is so nice of Jason to come and fix the computer. How much is he charging?

Me: Oh, only a B.J.

Bryan: Oh well that's not bad.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Killin' Ya'll With Cuteness!

So, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was perfect, no traveling, lots of good food, family, and Budlite. This year we all just went over to my Aunt's who practically lives in the neighborhood across the street. She made a turkey for everyone else and a tasty lasagna for me. Before you ask, no, I do not eat turkey, ham, I am not a big meat eater at all. I just recently started to let Bryan put hamburger meat in our spaghetti, Taylor is still trying to get used to that. He and I both are fans of just noodles and sauce. The holidays are just getting more and more fun for us because the kids are getting older and more involved. It seems like just yesterday when Taylor fit inside the shopping bag and Claire refused to stand on any one's welcome mat. My aunt started a new tradition for the kids and allowed Claire to do the wishbone with her. It was the cutest thing ever! Claire was practically shaking all over with excitement and it made her day when she was the one with the biggest piece.

We asked her what she had wished for and she responded with "I already forgot." Later she finally remembered and told us she had wished to be "all growed up." That Baby Doll will defiantly come true.


Monday night Claire had Girl scouts and we were told to bring a globe, map, or anything we might have with countries on them to the meeting. They were learning about countries that evening and Claire was just thrilled to show me the country she had picked when I arrived to pick her up.

C: See that red line right there Momma?

Me: Yes

C: That was my country I picked, it's Chile.

Me: Well that's great honey.

C: Yeah, I picked it because that's where Santa goes for vacation.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I So Want One Of These!

New Blog Name?

I have decided if I ever decide to change the name of this blog, I'm going to call it "Cheetos Make Great Crayons!"

Whaddya think?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Missing Some Teeth?? Nooooo Problem.....

My BFF Sheila's daughter Iana was dealing with the evil funk people lovingly call ringworm when it was picture time at school. Iana had it all over the back of her neck, her back, and on her poor face as well. School let her attend as long as Sheila covered every spot with Liquid Band aide. So, for picture day Iana had all of these blemish like spots all over her face and Sheila asked to pay extra for their "touch up" service. In case you have never heard of this, because I sure as hell hadn't, they basically go all Hollywood on the kid and can add or take away things you don't like about the picture. Where was that when I had big ass zits on my face when I was in school??

Anyway, Sheila got the pictures this past Friday and as we were checking them out Sheila noticed something strange about her daughter. Where there was supposed to be one front tooth missing, there was a damn tooth there!! They gave her baby a "fake" tooth so she'd have a "perfect" smile!! So much for memories huh?

NaBloPoMo Quitter

This time last year I had pneumonia, and it sucked. On that note, I forgot yesterday to post for NaBloPoMo because I suck. It could be worse though. I will continue to try and post daily, I'm just taking myself out of the game. Happy Monday!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I was tagged for the "Four" Meme by, so lets get on it!

4 Dishes I "Like" to "Cook":
1. Spagetti
2. Hamburger Helpers & Tuna Helpers
3. Fried Eggs
4. TV Dinners
*Can you tell yet that I don't cook in our family?*

4 Qualities I Love in People:
1. honesty
2. open mindedness
3. Loyalty
4. sense of humor
*I just stole Coffeesluts answers because they're perfect for me too."

4 Places I Have Been:
1. Georgia
2. Florida
3. Texas
4. And I have driven through all the states from TX-GA.

4 Things in My Bedroom
1. Many Books
2. Nightstand with alarm clock, more books, and lotion
3. The Bed
4. Dirty Clothes

Dirty Words I Like
1. jackass
2. craptastic
3. shit
4. f.u.

Now to tag some others:

Shrek 3

We watched Shrek 3 last night, it was too cute but what my daughter said just made it ten times better.

About 10 minutes into the movie Prince Charming appears on his horse. In case you haven't seen any of the Shreks, he is the bad guy in these movies. His moment comes and Claire says,

Claire: There's that mean bastard!

I thought Bryan and I were going to fall off the couch!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Party Update and Kids New Coats

Happy Friday!! Now that I am finally over all of the birthday celebrations I am back to my normal 9:00 bedtime on the weekdays because I am old and need my 8 hours of sleep. This is no joke, if I don't get at least 8 hours, I am completely worthless.

Monday night we had my party over at my Aunt's house. We had pizza, she baked me my special birthday cake, beer, music, and poker. My God what a blast we had! By the end of the evening I got a wild hair up my ass so we went to the tattoo parlor to get me my big 3-0 tattoo. This tattoo makes like 5 or 6 now, all secretly hidden away except for the one on the back of my neck. Yes I am a freak, this I know. And me shoulder still hurts from my new tattoo. I will post a picture of it tomorrow for you guys.

Wednesday night Sheila came over and gave me the cutest candle ever, it looks like a sugar or maybe a Parmesan cheese canister shaker thingie but it is actually a vanilla candle and it just lovely. I did think Sheila had lost her mind when she was given me cheese for my birthday. Then we spent the evening talking and having some beer, it was great.

Work had my cubicle all decked out when I came into work and my boss had gotten a huge box of kolaches as my "cake" because I don't eat sweets. Also, my favorite coworker I will call "J" gave me an Amazon gift card and I bought 3 DVDs.

I also got some money from family members which I saved and spent on jackets for Claire and Taylor, all part of being a mother right?? But tell me, how cute are these friggin jackets??

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Birthday Party Part Two

Okay so I am a silly silly silly person, I partied it up last night with my BFF Sheila so I am again tired and generally just feeling crappy. When will I learn? So I am leaving you with this conversation between me and Bryan for today.....

Me: God,why must you fart around me???

Him: It isn't farting, it is my poo honking for the right away.

Me: You're so gross.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Clown Britches

I just had the most depressing lunch ever. I have only the one pair of pants for dress up days so I went shopping at lunch. For some reason, when your fat you're supposed to be tall and have fat legs as well because every pair of slacks I tried on you could have put another person in the pant legs. Oh, and your ass is supposed to be square because that is what I saw every time I turned around at the mirror. So I hauled my ass out of the store and straight to Jack In The Box for a couple of tacos and a large soda. Take that fat pants!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy 30th Birthday To Me!

Because we had my birthday party last night, I am extremely tired today and have a headache but hell, you only turn 30 once right? I will tell you guys all about it tomorrow.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Veterans Day!

*A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Words*

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The MILF Swap

What feels like years ago I participated in Lotta's Milf Swap over at I got hooked up with a real sweet blogger, So, what did you I get? Imagine my surprise when I received this in the mail and read the card, this chica not only sent me something awesome, it was right up my alley!!

Thanks so much Lotta for doing the swap and a B I G thanks to Mama en Fuego for the rockin' books!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The BFF Award

If you have never read this blog,, you must! And I am not just saying this because she gave me this award ~ if you are into beautifying yourself, ever thought of belly dancing, or just need a good laugh, you must stop by and say hi.

So thanks again Ms. FancyPansy for my award, now the fun part ~ giving it to others. These are just a few blogs that I read that I would want to be my BFF any day.
Min from

Love you guys!! :)

Friday, November 9, 2007

The PB & J Story

Bryan is in charge of getting the kids ready in the morning, make their lunches, and off to the bus stop. He was promoted to this position in our family because his hours are from 11-7pm where I have to work 7-4:30pm, it just worked out that way. It was a total new experience (not always a good one either) for Bryan because I have always done the morning routine with the kiddos since they started school. I didn't really "train" him, just kinda threw him in.

Both of the kids are super picky eaters and neither are morning people so the a.m. can get a tad bit hectic. I have called a few times and learned not to quickly after hearing the screaming from the background. The lunches were the hardest because this was Taylor's first year to need one since before he was only in Pre-K in the mornings and had lunch at daycare. Taylor is also the pickiest child alive, I am convinced. He doesn't like meat, especially not in a sandwich ~ yet he will eat a piece of lunch meat by itself. He doesn't like the crust on the bread so Bryan cuts it off for him because when school first started Taylor would eat everything in his lunchbox and throw the sandwich away. Bryan got the great idea of not sending a sandwich at all since the boy wasn't going to eat it any way but the teacher noticed this and had Taylor get a lunch at the cafeteria, thinking maybe Taylor had lost it or eaten it or sold it for a new pair of Nikes. Then, Bryan got the great idea of sending pb & j sandwiches with no crust and voila, we had a sandwich that Taylor would actually eat.

Day two of the infamous pb & j ordeal Taylor comes home telling us that he doesn't want pb&j anymore because his teacher told him it was not good for him, that it was nothing but sugar. So what does my husband do? He goes online and prints off information on the nutritional facts and tells Taylor to give this to his teacher!! And Taylor does just that the next day.

I hear about what Bryan has done and I want to crawl under a table. So it was no surprise when I get an email from Taylor's teacher thanking us for the facts on pb&j and how she is aware of this because she sends one with HER daughter every day. Lord Help Me!

8 Things About Me

Years ago Pheonix over at tagged me for this 8 things about me meme and yes, I am just now getting around to it. She changed the rules a little bit and I am too, because there is only so much I can say about Fall ~ I love it, that about sums it up.

So, I am going to do 8 reasons why I LOVE LOVE my birthday, which is in about 4 days!

#1. Hello, cause it is my birthday! MY birthday, no one elses ~ mine, all mine. It doesn't matter what age I am turning I still get all excited about a month before and start a countdown usually at the beginning of November, if not sooner.

#2. This year, I am turning 30 - enough said.

#3. The gifts. Every year I always get something that either mentioned months ago and forgot but this person didn't plus did I mention, the day is all about me?!?

#4. Birthdays have always been a really special thing in our family, and every year just about every person in my family will call me at the crack of dawn ~ hoping they're the first one to sing (they always sing) me Happy Birthday.

#5. Having birthdays now that I have little ones, they are so cute and get just as excited about my day as I am ~ and the cute little things they make me just put a grin on my face from ear to ear.

#6. Getting to do something for the night that I really want to do and having all of my family and friends there, like karaoke.

#7. Money is always good to get.

#8. Coming into work and seeing my cubby all decorated and having co workers sing happy birthday to me.

Now to tag some others to do this fun meme.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Aqua Dots - Has Anyone Else Heard About This??

Aqua Dots would seem inadvisable for little kids even if the toy didn't release a date-rape drug when ingested. The thing's basic component is small beads. Using a smart-looking applicator, kids arrange the beads on a grid in little crafty patterns. Then you spray the beads with water and, voilĂ , they fuse together. The finished product looks something like three-dimensional beady works of needlepoint.

Kids love Aqua Dots! In Australia, where they're sold under the brand Bindeez, they were named the country's Toy of the Year. I wonder if the bayonet and bottles of Xanax have been previous Australian Toys of the Year -- because, really, did no one think of the extremely obvious danger here? Let me say this again: Aqua Dots are small beads that look like M&Ms. It's kind of like a toy involving candy cigarettes, except that the cigarettes aren't made of candy but tobacco. And they're made of a date-rape drug.

Because, right, it turns out that's the story with Aqua Dots. In a fantastic piece today, the New York Times' Keith Bradsher explains how doctors in Sydney, Australia, spent a couple weeks getting to the bottom of the menace posed by Aqua Dots -- leading to international recalls of the product, including one in the United States this week by the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Early in October, a 2-year-old boy was admitted to a Sydney hospital after he fell into a coma and began suffering seizurelike spasms. Kevin Carpenter, a biochemical geneticist in Sydney, discovered traces of Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid, or GHB, in the boy's urine. GHB has been used as a rave drug -- at low doses, it causes a sense of euphoria -- and in the commission of date rape.

Carpenter learned that the boy had ingested Bindeez beads. When he tested the beads in a mass spectrometer, he found they contained traces of an industrial chemical that keeps glue inactive -- the chemical dissolves in water, which is why the beads stick together when you wet them.

The chemical, which is tightly restricted, breaks down in the body to become GHB. Carpenter, as Bradsher notes, contacted the toy's Hong Kong manufacturer for a list of chemicals used to make the toy -- the list did not include the dangerous chemical.

Aqua Dots are distributed in the United States by a Canadian company called Spin Master. They're heavily advertised on TV during kids shows; they're sold through mail-order ads as well as on various Web sites, and demand is high. In the wake of the recall, many online stores -- Wal-Mart, Amazon and others -- have taken down their listings for the product.

But one site -- -- says it's still filling orders for Aqua Dots. It'll only send out your order, the site says, when the product is deemed safe.

If you have any Aqua Dots at home, you should pry them from your kids' teeth and send them back to the manufacturer for free replacement beads (presumably safe ones) or another toy of equal value. Details are at

Can I suggest something? If you're returning them to the company, please elect to get another toy rather than more beads. Please? No matter how fun it may be, your kid's better off playing with just about anything else -- plastic bags, pickaxes, "Waterbaording for Dummies," fertilizer, the ultraviolent video game "Manhunt 2," a large aluminum pole during a thunderstorm, anything other than potentially poisonous small beads.

*Wow - And to think I was just looking at this the other day for Claire and Taylor.*

JoJo's Halloween Pics

I think ladybugs were totally IN this Halloween.....

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Yes, We Got Another Dang Animal

Bryan says we're going to have to start charging a fee, you know, like the petting zoos. Then in the next breath he'll ask me when we're getting the llama. Jerk. I can't help it, I have and always will be an animal nut, I mean lover. When I was in high school I had big dreams to be a veterinarian, but the quickly banished when we had to take my dog to the vet and the doc shoved his hand up her ass. No thanks.

But like I told Bryan, I did get rid of the fish and the turtle on Freecycle because honestly, I forgot to feed the fish. Alot. The turtle, well once the kids realized that he didnt really "do" anything, he was forgotten as well. So I freecycled the two of them and found them great homes.

One day though I saw Jojo on Free Cycle and just knew I had to have this pup. He is a total doll and has fit into the family just fine. Have I told you all lately how much I love FreeCycle!?!?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jojo's New Kennel

We ordered a kennel from Petco and after a week the FedEx man dropped this off on our porch last week. Taylor throws open the door, all excited about the much awaited package.

I went to go and help him and looked into his arms, what the hell was that?

Taylor: Its kinda small Momma, I guess Daddy has to put it together.

Me: Good grief, I hope it grows when it gets wet or something.

*Turns out, it was treats Petco decided to thank us with*

Monday, November 5, 2007

Life Just Keeps Getting Better

The good thing, no the great thing is Taylor is finally getting back to his normal self! Hooray! We will be sending him back to school after missing a whole week, I am hoping he hasn't missed too much. He is absolutely thrilled to get to return.

Saturday Taylor managed to lose a lens out of his glasses, the real kicker is we did not even notice until I went to clean his glasses and my damn fingers went right through the frame. And of course he has no idea where the lens may be. Bryan and I searched the house and the cars but to no avail, Bryan even tells me how he checked the vacuum in case he sucked it up ~ I think he would have heard it if he had don't you?

Then to top it all off, I found out this weekend that I have ring worm, a nice little spot on my back. Yes, I know exactly where I got it from too. A few weeks ago Sheila had brought home a stray kitten that she had found in the woods out by her parents house. Of course the kids and I played with kitty when we came to visit and then I find out a few days later her daughter has gotten ring worm. Bryan and I keep an eye on the kids to make sure they don't get it as well, while the whole time I keep itching what I thought was a bite or something. Saturday I finally asked Bryan to look at it and voila, a perfect raised icky ring. Life just keeps getting better and better I tell you.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

UpDate On Taylor

We took him back to the pediatrican and he got another damn shot of antibiotics in his legs and a new prescription for a different oral antibiotic on top of the breathing treatments with the inhaler, but, the good news is Taylor has been fever free since last night! Woohoo!!!


The kids are going to my dad's today so I am looking forward to the much needed break. Hope everyone else has a great weekend too!

Friday, November 2, 2007

A Perfect Example Of Why GA Needs Her Back

My Mom called me last night just as I was getting ready for bed. I had a feeling she would be calling because my Aunt had left to go out of town and she had made the comment to me that my Mom had called her to see if she could watch Momo for a few hours so my mother could go shopping.

When I answered the phone, the woman did not even say hello, she just jumps right into her loaded questions.

Mom: I know Jamie (my aunt) told you that I asked her to watch Mamo for me so I could go shopping this weekend.

Me: Uhhh yeah she said something about it and that she told you she was going out of town.

Mom: Where was she going?

Me: To New Orleans.

Mom: I see. So she went gambling.

Me: Yeah, we had planned on all of us going (I left out for my bday because that would have allowed her to go off on something else) but we decided not to and plus it worked out with Taylor being sick.

Mom: Who was going to keep the kids, me?

Me: (Actually my dad and stepmom were going to keep them but there was no chance in hell I was telling her that) Well, we actually hadn't even thought that far ahead yet and since we're not going now anyway I guess it doesn't really matter.

Mom: Well you know I wanted to keep the babies this weekend.

Me: Yes I know but Taylor is really sick Mom.

Mom: Oohhhh nooo, see I told you when ya'll came to visit last weekend that he was getting sick.

Me: Well we took him to the doctor on Monday and they said he had an ear infection and gave him some meds but he has had a fever all week long except when you give him Motrin or Tylenol.

Mom: You know having a fever that long can give him brain damage don't you?

Me: Mom, it has to get really high for brain damage to occur. He's fine, we have taken him to the doctor like 4 times now and he goes back tomorrow. He got a shot of antibiotics in his leg yesterday and then another today and that seems to be helping.

Mom: Why in the hell did they put it in his legs??

Me: They wanted immediate results, instead of just waiting for the oral to kick in because he was really sick.

Mom: What did they give him in his legs?

Me: I really cant tell you right now Mom, I am exhausted and I cant remember off the top of my head.

Mom: So you're just letting them use him as a Guinea pig??

Me: No Mom, I even called Aunt Jamie and talked to some other before the shots to make sure everything sounded alright with them too.

Mom: You know you're going to just feel horrible if he dies.

Me: He is not dying Mother.

Mom: I think you should get a second opinion. I will come down there myself tomorrow and take him to another doctor ~ I will make sure that baby is taken care of!

Me: Mom, I am doing everything I can possibly do. As for keeping Mamo, I don't know about that Mom we'll just have wait and see.

Mom: I suppose I am being selfish but I just want to go shopping for a new outfit, because when I go back to GA next week it is going to be cold and I dint want to freeze my ass off and get sick.

Me: Well lets see what happens with Taylor tomorrow ok?

Mom: Do you need me to come and get him??

Me: No Bryan and I have it under control.

Mom: I would just hate to lose that little monkey, I haven't got to spend much time with him yet.

Me: I have to go to bed now Mom, I am tired and getting sick myself.

Mom: Well you let me know if you need anything.

Me: I will - bye Mom.

She called back a few times but I didn't answer because I was tired of listening her telling me I am not doing everything I should be doing for Taylor. And of course I broke down crying after the calls and called my aunt who assured me that I was doing everything I possibly could for Taylor and she suggested I stay way away from my Mother this weekend, what with her out of town and who knows what my Mom might do if she got her hands on Taylor. I tell you, Hempstead is not far enough ~ I need this woman back in GA before I go insane. The really sad thing is Bryan had to work late so after I out the kids to bed and I was lying in bed, every noise I heard I just knew was her coming to try and take Taylor. Sad isnt it?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Taylor Bug

I Couldnt Agree More


Yes people I am really going to do it! Considering I have problems with posting every day normally, this oughta be interesting. But, I am taking a deep breath and jumping in! Who's joining me??

On another note, this has been a week from hell. I took Taylor to the pediatrician on Monday because he was complaining of an ear ache and had a horrible cough and nasty nose. I was told he had an ear infection, given antibiotics, and off we went. Wednesday it was back to the doctor because Taylor was still running a fever and crying constantly about his ears. For some reason he didn't seem to be responding to the antibiotic so he was given a shot in the upper thigh of a different antibiotic. This morning Taylor's temperature was back up to 100.2 and after speaking to the doctor, she wanted to see Taylor. Again. He got another shot of antibiotics and this time she said she heard wheezing. After a breathing treatment he seemed to be breathing better so now we are at home waiting for his new prescriptions to be filled. He has to use an inhaler and another antibiotic ~ I am waiting for him to grow another arm any day now with all of these drugs in his poor little body. I still haven't seen any improvements besides when he is full of Motrin. The pediatrician said she is now treating him for pneumonia even though technically he doesn't have pneumonia. I am ready to throw my hands into the air and scream what next!?!? Luckily, he was able to trick or treat for a little bet yesterday, sucks to be sick on Halloween. He has to go back tomorrow so I will keep you all updated on what the lovely doctor has to say.