Friday, November 16, 2007

Party Update and Kids New Coats

Happy Friday!! Now that I am finally over all of the birthday celebrations I am back to my normal 9:00 bedtime on the weekdays because I am old and need my 8 hours of sleep. This is no joke, if I don't get at least 8 hours, I am completely worthless.

Monday night we had my party over at my Aunt's house. We had pizza, she baked me my special birthday cake, beer, music, and poker. My God what a blast we had! By the end of the evening I got a wild hair up my ass so we went to the tattoo parlor to get me my big 3-0 tattoo. This tattoo makes like 5 or 6 now, all secretly hidden away except for the one on the back of my neck. Yes I am a freak, this I know. And me shoulder still hurts from my new tattoo. I will post a picture of it tomorrow for you guys.

Wednesday night Sheila came over and gave me the cutest candle ever, it looks like a sugar or maybe a Parmesan cheese canister shaker thingie but it is actually a vanilla candle and it just lovely. I did think Sheila had lost her mind when she was given me cheese for my birthday. Then we spent the evening talking and having some beer, it was great.

Work had my cubicle all decked out when I came into work and my boss had gotten a huge box of kolaches as my "cake" because I don't eat sweets. Also, my favorite coworker I will call "J" gave me an Amazon gift card and I bought 3 DVDs.

I also got some money from family members which I saved and spent on jackets for Claire and Taylor, all part of being a mother right?? But tell me, how cute are these friggin jackets??


My Semblance of Sanity said...

Cheese, beer and NEW coats!
ROCK ON!!!!!

Coffee Slut said...

Ooooh ...I am so jealous ...I want a new tat! I have 5 and like you, have most of them hidden.
Nice coats!!!