Thursday, November 1, 2007


Yes people I am really going to do it! Considering I have problems with posting every day normally, this oughta be interesting. But, I am taking a deep breath and jumping in! Who's joining me??

On another note, this has been a week from hell. I took Taylor to the pediatrician on Monday because he was complaining of an ear ache and had a horrible cough and nasty nose. I was told he had an ear infection, given antibiotics, and off we went. Wednesday it was back to the doctor because Taylor was still running a fever and crying constantly about his ears. For some reason he didn't seem to be responding to the antibiotic so he was given a shot in the upper thigh of a different antibiotic. This morning Taylor's temperature was back up to 100.2 and after speaking to the doctor, she wanted to see Taylor. Again. He got another shot of antibiotics and this time she said she heard wheezing. After a breathing treatment he seemed to be breathing better so now we are at home waiting for his new prescriptions to be filled. He has to use an inhaler and another antibiotic ~ I am waiting for him to grow another arm any day now with all of these drugs in his poor little body. I still haven't seen any improvements besides when he is full of Motrin. The pediatrician said she is now treating him for pneumonia even though technically he doesn't have pneumonia. I am ready to throw my hands into the air and scream what next!?!? Luckily, he was able to trick or treat for a little bet yesterday, sucks to be sick on Halloween. He has to go back tomorrow so I will keep you all updated on what the lovely doctor has to say.

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Phoenix said...

Hey, I hate to be a worrier, but if they are treating him for Phenomena and he doesn't have it, I'd find a different doc. Seriously, that's so uncool.

Maybe they should test him for Asthma and allergies. Doctors so piss me off. I hope something helps his ears though. Poor guy.

Good luck on the posting. I'll be rooting for my corner while I try and manage to post twice a week. :)