Thursday, November 29, 2007

How much would you pay to fix your computer?

Our computer was ill, it moved as a slow as a turtle and was constantly giving us errors. When I would try to watch my beloved shows on ABC or FOX, the damn thing would turn off 3 or 4 times per episode. After calling the computer many bad curse words, I finally begged a coworker of mine to come and fix it. He's like one of our number one I.T. guys so I figured for sure he could get it back to its normal self.

Bryan called me on my way home asking me how much it was going to cost us. Here is that conversation, and let me say ~ he totally impressed me by not even skipping a beat.

Bryan: That is so nice of Jason to come and fix the computer. How much is he charging?

Me: Oh, only a B.J.

Bryan: Oh well that's not bad.


Ann(ie) said...

HA! That's totally a conversation my hubby and I would have!!

Coffee Slut said...

Yup, same here. At work too ...I work with a bunch of FREAKS!