Monday, November 5, 2007

Life Just Keeps Getting Better

The good thing, no the great thing is Taylor is finally getting back to his normal self! Hooray! We will be sending him back to school after missing a whole week, I am hoping he hasn't missed too much. He is absolutely thrilled to get to return.

Saturday Taylor managed to lose a lens out of his glasses, the real kicker is we did not even notice until I went to clean his glasses and my damn fingers went right through the frame. And of course he has no idea where the lens may be. Bryan and I searched the house and the cars but to no avail, Bryan even tells me how he checked the vacuum in case he sucked it up ~ I think he would have heard it if he had don't you?

Then to top it all off, I found out this weekend that I have ring worm, a nice little spot on my back. Yes, I know exactly where I got it from too. A few weeks ago Sheila had brought home a stray kitten that she had found in the woods out by her parents house. Of course the kids and I played with kitty when we came to visit and then I find out a few days later her daughter has gotten ring worm. Bryan and I keep an eye on the kids to make sure they don't get it as well, while the whole time I keep itching what I thought was a bite or something. Saturday I finally asked Bryan to look at it and voila, a perfect raised icky ring. Life just keeps getting better and better I tell you.


Coffee Slut said...

I'm surprised that I've never got ring worm with all the stray cats I've handled! How in the heck did it end up on your back? lol

mommiebear2 said...

I wondered that as well, but Sheila also has one on her back and so did her daughter ~ strange huh?

Hol&J said...

Ooh sorry girl! I'm itchy right now just thinking about it. Hope everyone gets better soon.

Phoenix said...

You and Jenny and the animal I for sure am claiming that I'm allergic to all animals.