Friday, November 9, 2007

The PB & J Story

Bryan is in charge of getting the kids ready in the morning, make their lunches, and off to the bus stop. He was promoted to this position in our family because his hours are from 11-7pm where I have to work 7-4:30pm, it just worked out that way. It was a total new experience (not always a good one either) for Bryan because I have always done the morning routine with the kiddos since they started school. I didn't really "train" him, just kinda threw him in.

Both of the kids are super picky eaters and neither are morning people so the a.m. can get a tad bit hectic. I have called a few times and learned not to quickly after hearing the screaming from the background. The lunches were the hardest because this was Taylor's first year to need one since before he was only in Pre-K in the mornings and had lunch at daycare. Taylor is also the pickiest child alive, I am convinced. He doesn't like meat, especially not in a sandwich ~ yet he will eat a piece of lunch meat by itself. He doesn't like the crust on the bread so Bryan cuts it off for him because when school first started Taylor would eat everything in his lunchbox and throw the sandwich away. Bryan got the great idea of not sending a sandwich at all since the boy wasn't going to eat it any way but the teacher noticed this and had Taylor get a lunch at the cafeteria, thinking maybe Taylor had lost it or eaten it or sold it for a new pair of Nikes. Then, Bryan got the great idea of sending pb & j sandwiches with no crust and voila, we had a sandwich that Taylor would actually eat.

Day two of the infamous pb & j ordeal Taylor comes home telling us that he doesn't want pb&j anymore because his teacher told him it was not good for him, that it was nothing but sugar. So what does my husband do? He goes online and prints off information on the nutritional facts and tells Taylor to give this to his teacher!! And Taylor does just that the next day.

I hear about what Bryan has done and I want to crawl under a table. So it was no surprise when I get an email from Taylor's teacher thanking us for the facts on pb&j and how she is aware of this because she sends one with HER daughter every day. Lord Help Me!


Phoenix said...

I love that he did that. I can't believe a teacher would say that crap to a kid. You want to go there, say it to an adult.

Hol&J said...

Let me get this straight.

Taylor's teacher told him that PB&J was not good for him because it's full of sugar?

Then... THEN she says she knows it's okay because she gives one to HER child every day?!


Ann(ie) said...

Good for your hubby! Sounds like the teacher is a little crazy. Or Frazzled. Or possibly drunk?

Rachel said...

That is hysterical!! I swear my husband would have done the exact same thing!!! How cute.

Badness Jones said...

I love that your Hubs did that! I was all worried about what to send with Princess to JK this year and a friend who teaches Primary said "if she wants a cheese sandwich everyday, send a cheese sandwich everyday - do you really think the teacher will notice or care?" Apparently so!

At least you can do PB&J - our school is nut-free. Makes things a lot harder