Monday, November 19, 2007

Missing Some Teeth?? Nooooo Problem.....

My BFF Sheila's daughter Iana was dealing with the evil funk people lovingly call ringworm when it was picture time at school. Iana had it all over the back of her neck, her back, and on her poor face as well. School let her attend as long as Sheila covered every spot with Liquid Band aide. So, for picture day Iana had all of these blemish like spots all over her face and Sheila asked to pay extra for their "touch up" service. In case you have never heard of this, because I sure as hell hadn't, they basically go all Hollywood on the kid and can add or take away things you don't like about the picture. Where was that when I had big ass zits on my face when I was in school??

Anyway, Sheila got the pictures this past Friday and as we were checking them out Sheila noticed something strange about her daughter. Where there was supposed to be one front tooth missing, there was a damn tooth there!! They gave her baby a "fake" tooth so she'd have a "perfect" smile!! So much for memories huh?


Wendy said...

Didn't you know that memories are suppose to be perfect? PERFECT!!! Don't mess with the perfection or they will come after you. You have been warned.

Phoenix said...

In my brothers high school senior picture, they removed the scar on his face. The one he loves. The one that reminds him of how close he was too losing his eye. He was so pissed that they removed it without asking. He still hates those pictures.

That's crazy about the tooth though, that is just over the top.

Oh ps. I'll do the meme you tagged me with after Turkey Day.