Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Get With The Program and Blog Already.

I am sad to see that my last post was October 7th.  Bad Blogger.  But, I just haven't felt like it.  Sometimes I want to tell you guys stories about something the kids said or something that happened but when I think about writing it down, it seems to lack the life that it would if I could just SAY it.  Does anyone else ever feel that way?

One of the main reasons I started blogging again was because I wanted to have these memories to look back on one day.  Nothing pleased me more than reading my blog from the beginning and running across things that I had forgotten.  Funny stories or cute things the kids used to say or do.  Now here we are already into November and I haven't posted nothing.  Well for now I will leave you with this little gem.

The other night Bryan and I were watching tv when a commercial came on for jewelry.  One of the rings was 9000.00.

Me:  Look babe!  You can buy me a 9000.00 dollar ring!!

Him:  Baby, you are worth way more than 90000.00.

Smooth Mister.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Scared The Shit Out Of Me!

This morning I was getting ready for work, following my normal routine.  Dry off in the shower, hang towel up, brush teeth, put in contacts, and then I proceed to brush my hair but looking into the mirror, something caught my eye.  It looked like my veins were bulging above my left breast.  I thought I was having a heart attack.  I rubbed it gently but only felt my skin.  I rubbed a little harder and it smudged.  I smelled the color on my finger - it was toothpaste.  Another blonde moment in the life of Nicole.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Trying to Broaden My Horizons.

Sunday Claire and I talked Bryan into taking us to eat at Golden Coral.  I say talked into because we already made a rule that Thursday would be our only "out to eat" day but I had Waffle House on the brain and when Claire piped up with Golden Coral, I was sold.  Taylor does not go when we visit G.C. because he is convinced it is dirty.  When we did make him go, it was a waste of money because he sat and cried into his food the whole time.  He is one picky eater!!

Anyway, on Sunday they had a lot of new stuff out.  One being a corn dressing.  Not something I wanted to try because I do not like dressing but anyway.  The table next to us was a multi generation black family that had everyone from grandbabies to great grandmas.  When great grandma was up getting her food, someone up there must have mentioned the corn dressing because when she came back to the table she announced to their peeps at least 3 times that there was none out there right now but should be in 5 minutes and she was told it was delicious.

To the right of us was a grandmother, mom, and her two girls.  Her youngest proceeded to make friends with another little girl on the other side of the window.  The continued to try and talk to eachother through the pane with lots of "I Can't Hear You" being hollered.  Eventually met up at one of the tables and became BFF's.  Bryan kept singing "Let me tell you 'bout my best friend" and adding in that they met at Golden Coral.

Another new food was something called Kettle Cooked Black Beans.  It didn't look the best but I like black beans and the whole cooked in the kettle had me intrigued.  Back at the table I decided to try it first and popped a forkful in.  It was disgusting!  It took all of my might not to spit it out. 

Bryan:  What's wrong?

Me:  It tasted awful!

Bryan:  I can't believe you even got it.

Claire:  It looks like poop.

Bryan:  It looks like dog food.


I also tried what looked like a pickled artichoke.  Nasty.

The Post Where I Admit I Was Being A Brat.

So yea I was just being a crabapple on Friday about going to my Aunt's.  Saturday morning I woke up still bummed about having to drive out there but Bryan suggested I take Claire and when I asked, she said she wanted to go so win.  It actually turned out to Claire, Me, AND Loretta!  My aunt has only seen pics of her since she was born 9 months ago so I was eager for her to meet her.  Plus, my aunt has 3 small dogs and I thought Loretta would have fun playing with them but she was a big party pooper.  She only wanted Claire and I to pick her up every time we put her down and one of the other pups would come and check her out.  She did let my Aunt hold her though. 

They surprised us and took us to lunch at a Mexican restaurant that had just opened by their house.  The food was scrumptious but the no AC in the joint was not.  Then we went back to the house and she already had the two quilts ready to go along with a few pictures.  Then there were the two boxes of China but she also had other stuff for me as well because they sold their furniture, fridge, etc and are putting most of their other things into storage because they are downsizing to a travel trailer.  His job has him traveling a lot and this will allow her to go along too instead of staying behind in their huge ass house alone.

She gave me a brand new kennel for one of our dogs, a whole new set of silverware (never used) that was my Great Grandmother's, 4 pairs of sunglasses which I gave to Claire, enough salon shampoo and conditioner to last me a few months at least, two candles that smell like Heaven, and a bunch of spices and food.  She tried giving me some other stuff as well but I did say no to things I knew we wouldnt use.  She also was giving away a lot of her shoes, expensive shoes but she has tiny baby feet and Claire and I wear 7's in women.  I am glad we went and visited for about 4 hours before heading home.  The drive there and back sucked but oh well.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!!

PS.  Bryan was a chaperone Friday to It'z with Claire's choir and not only did he have fun, he said Claire spent the entire time hanging with him.  Love her!  :)

Friday, October 3, 2014

No Thanks.

Do you have a mother or father or relative that is always trying to either give you their shit they don't want anymore or to pass "heirlooms" down to you that you don't want either?  I used to accept it all for fear of hurting my aunt's feelings.  The "heirlooms" I happily accepted because I liked to live in the past back then.  Constantly reminiscing about the past, good and bad and the idea of having that ceramic cat my Grandmother made or Christmas ornament that used to belong to my Mom as a child was right up my alley.  But since I started taking Celexa a year ago, not so much.

You might be thinking, maybe Celexa is not a good thing for you Nicole but it is people.  It is.  To not live in the past anymore is Heaven.  To be able to tell someone no without stressing out about it, Double Heaven.  Celexa has allowed me to become the adult I have wanted to be.  The adult with a backbone.  The adult not crying over her past.  Boo.  That is done and done.

So when my Aunt called me this week wanting me to drive all the way over to her house this weekend because she is moving to get some "heirlooms" which is a quilt my Great Grandmother made, a China set that was either my g.g's or Grandmother's, and pictures - You can imagine my excitement.  But when I expressed to her that I didn't need another blanket, and what was I going to do with China she started using the Daughter card.  She only has a son and she raised me from the age of 12 so she is indeed like a Mother to me but still.  Then she went on to say how I can pass them on to Claire.  Sigh.  I finally agreed because I could tell how much it meant to her.

So am I just being a bitch?  I really didn't want these things.  Now I have to figure out where I am going to store them.  Grrrrrr.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Throwback Thursday

My aunt on the left and lil' 'ole me. 


We were talking about getting stung by jellyfish the other day and how peeing on the sting was a big ass myth and think about all of those poor people who got peed on for nothing.  This reminded Claire the time that Bryan was out doing yard work one weekend.  He was on a ladder cutting back the bushes and hedges when out flies a wasp and stings him on his ass.

He came running into the house, hollering and flailing his hands all around.  I was the only one in the living room so he leaned over the couch while I pulled his shorts and undies down to reveal his tush.  There on one of the cheeks was a bright red swollen angry welt.  He couldn't sit down normally for days and I could not stop laughing.  I still laugh any time it gets brought up. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Another Day.....

So how was your weekend?  I am finally getting over that nasty virus.  I was able to go to sleep last night with no humidifier, nose spray, or Vics.  I did not sleep through the night because I played the nose game.  You know, lay on this side - wake up - roll over to other side while the snot runs from side to side.  Fun.  But, one of the hardest things for me to break is that damn nose spray. It's like crack for me so seeing how I only used it for a week really makes me happy.

Both of the kids are over the virus as well so hallelujah for that.  Suprisingly, Bryan was able to dogde the bullet.  This time.  Bwahahahah.  ;)

Yesterday did worry me though because Claire keeps complaining it hurts in her chest (she puts her little hand right between her breasts) when she breathes and swallows.  Bryan thinks she might have pulled something when she went skating all day and night with friends on Saturday.  I sure hope that is it.  A part of me wanted to take her to the ER because I am always worried we are going to shrug something off and it turn out to be something terrible.  She didn't complain about it this morning so hopefully Bryan was right.

So nothing too exciting here.  How about your world?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Funk

I'm sick.  Claire was sick so I took her to the doctor and was told she had a viral infection.  It seemed she was on the downhill side of it since her fever had broke.  Fast forward a few days and then Taylor and I come down with it.  She is all better now but we are still suffering.  The coughing.  The sneezing.  The sore throat.  I am so over it.  Last night I tried putting Vick's on my upper lip and nostrils like my Dad suggested.  I walked into the kitchen to throw something together for dinner when Claire enters and does a double take.

Claire:  Mom, there is not on your upper lip.

Me:  No hon, it's Vicks Vaper Rub.

Claire:  Oh.

Hey at least she was looking out for me.  Quick question, is there such a thing as eating too many cough drops?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Puff Face

My poor Baby Loretta got stung.  :(


My anxiety medication makes me have some crazy-ass dreams some times.  I am talking full on movie type ones that I seem to never forget.  And when they are truly scary and I wake myself from it, it never fails to start right back up where it left off.  Sometimes I have to make myself sit up for a little while to really clear the cogs.  But there are other times that they are freaking awesome and I wish they never ended.

Last night, it was a cross between the show Mad Men and The Strain.  It was truly terrifying and awesome all in one.

Monday, September 15, 2014

I Do Love Him So Though!

Yesterday Bryan and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary.  Our marriage date was actually the 18th but our schedules just meshed better for yesterday.  I want to talk about the amazing place he took me that was delicious and like a field trip all in one.  We invited both kids because we enjoy spending time with them too but only Claire wanted to go.  She has the sickness right now but was feeling a little better.  She mostly ate soup when we were there anyway.  I will go more into the day some other time but I had to share this comment Bryan made in the truck that made me give him the stink eye however it cracked Claire up.

Bryan:  I need a new butt because mine has a crack in it.

Rolling my eyes now.

Monday, September 8, 2014


Last night we were eating dinner and Claire mentioned how silly her Dad was being when she came home from skating and hanging with friends.  With Bryan working different hours now as a manager, we don't get to hang and have drinks together as much as we used to.  Luckily for me, I don't mind being a party for one.  ;)

Anyway, we did get to have drinks Saturday after he got home from work.  He had fallen asleep on the couch when Miss Claire came home and proceeded to lay down on the other couch to watch some tv.  She said he woke up, went into the hall, used the bathroom, and then started at her from the hall making grunting noises.  She asked him if he was ok, he cursed and then laid back down on the couch.  She thought he fell back asleep but she said he got back up and leaned over her to I guess see if she was still awake.  Then he laid back down.  She thought the whole thing was hilarious but I mentioned that I didn't like that he got mean while being drunk.

Then Taylor pipes in that it's ok becuase Mimi does too.  He was talking about my step-mom.  They had gone hunting this past weekend and I guess on the way up, my step-mom decided to have some beers while my Dad drove and Taylor chilled in the back.  They went through the drive thru where my step-mom got the idea to try and give her empty beer cans to the drive thru worker.  My dad told her they weren't going to take them to which she replied yes they would and to shut up.  Taylor thought it was hysterical.

Family.  =)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday

On of my faves from when we went to Disney in FL.  I love the fact that everyone is looking the same way cept Taylor.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Biscuits Are My Nemesis

I got a question for ya'll.  This past weekend I made biscuits for the kids for the first time ever.  Now don't get me wrong, they have had them when we go out for breakfast or over at a relatives but I personally have not made any for them.  Why you may ask?  Because I am scared of them.

I recently picked up a roll thinking how easy and quick it would be to whip this up for the kids on the weekend but when the day rolled around, I eyed the packaging warily.  I had forgotten how you "unwrap" these delightful darlings.  I don't know about the rest of the world but I stand there with my entire body puckered up and squinting like the explosion is going to take out an eye.

I actually called Claire in to do it but since this was her first time, I had to walk her through it.  She peeled the paper like it says to and when there was no paper left, the can had yet to pop.  I then instructed her to lightly bang it against the counter and still, nothing.  It was like a dud on the 4th of July.  She went to hand it to me and wouldn't you know that as we exchanged it, it decides to pop making us both scream.  Curse you biscuits!!

So my question is .......... Does anyone have any suggestions on how to open biscuits without causing me an anxiety attack?

New Pic of Miss Loretta

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Makes Me Wish They Went to Private School......

I don't do politics.  I don't get into religous debates and I don't care if you are straight, gay, whateves.  But yesterday the kids came home complaining about their lunches.  They both started buying all the time in junior high because they loved the foods.  Taylor would always surprise me because he would eat things at school that he wouldn't touch at home.  Kudos to the cafeteria peeps I say.

It seems Mrs. Obama has complete control over the public school's menu.  She did away with the Gatorade and replaced it with Snapple.  Ok.  That's fine.  She did away with the bigger cookies that were my daughter's favorite and replaced it with something that Claire described as a hockey puck and tasted like crap.  Yesterday was Asian Food day and both kids said the meat was okay and so was the fried rice but the eggroll was no longer fried and crispy, it was soggy, gross, and fell apart.

Her mission is for kids to eat healthier and hey, if she is wanting them to lose weight it will work seeing as how my kids don't want to eat the food.  But here's the thing.  Neither of my kids need to lose weight.  It makes me angry that she can control what my kids can and can't eat.  I told them they can start taking their lunches if they want so they are going to see what happens as the days go by in regards to what is served and then make their decisions.

Now it's your turn.  What do you think?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Can anyone else tell Claire used to hate bath time?  Faux hawk and all.

Let My Legs Breathe!

This conversation happened after I got home from work yesterday.

Me:  Hey kids I'm home!  How was your day?

Both of them:   Fine.....

Claire comes around the corner wearing only her undies and a t-shirt.

Claire:  Momma, I'm not wearing pants tonight.

Me:  Why not?

Claire:  *Whining*  I've been wearing them all day!

Me:  Alrightie then.

School Day Seflie

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

12 Year Old Taylor

I wanted to write about this yesterday when it was still fresh on my mind but I got super busy and the day got away from me.  So now I will just have to do my best.

Yesterday was the first day of school.  Claire is now an 8th grader and Taylor is in 7th.  I got behind on Taylor's shots because the doctor's office used to send me notices in the mail but stopped with no warning.  So when we did registration this past weekend, we were unable to get Taylor's schedule because the nurse was holding it hostage until I showed her proof of current immunizations.  I told her I had an appointment Monday morning but she strongly pursed her lips and shook her head no.  I was glad to see I wasn't the only parent because damn that nurse's line was long.

Fast forward to Monday morning.  Our appointment was at 9 but I arrived at 8 to try to get in and out as quickly as possible so he could stop stressing about missing some of the first day of school.  They called us back, the nurse asked us some questions, and then she laid a paper gown on the table and told Taylor to undress to just his skivvies.  She walked out of the room and he looked at me like someone just told him his Playstation blew up along with all of his other games.  I explained to him that the doctor was going to a check up/physical and believe it or not, he had done this before but probably just didn't remember.

He put the gown on while I folded his clothes and then sat stiffly on the table.  I told him it wasn't going to be that big of deal.  He would listen to his heart, his breathing, feel on his tummy, check out his spine, and then check out your package.  He gave me a look that said "are you fucking kidding me?"  I told him all was good, they do did the same thing with your sister.  They just want to make sure you are developing normally down there and see if you have hair yet.  You know, puberty to which he answered "Yes I have hair, see" - as he pulled the hair on his arm.  He went on to warn me that he might punch the doctor while he rubbed up on his manliness but assured everything would be fine.

He asked me if I knew about guys having to get a finger up their butt by doctors and I said yes and that it was checking their prostate.  He asked me if Dad had done it and I said no but he will.  (Of course when we were eating dinner last night, he turned to Bryan and said "So, you looking forward to having a finger up your butt?")

While we continued to wait he asked me where he would be getting his shots.  I told him it would probably be in his arm which he said was good because he thought having to show his butt to someone would make him very uncomfortable.  But then he went on to say if he DID get the shots in his butt he could tell everyone he got shot in the buttocks like Forrest Gump and that he needed to eat ice cream all day. 

The doctor finally came in and did his normal stuff and then he had Taylor lay down.  He squished around on his stomach and then told Taylor he could sit up.  I thought maybe Taylor had lucked out but then he asked some more questions and began to slap on some gloves.  He turned to me and said "Mom, I am going to go ahead and check out his boy parts to make sure everything is ok."  I saw Taylor's face distort into this crazy Jack Nicholson smile he does when he is nervous and trying not to bust out laughing.  He laid back down, doc pulled back his undies and I looked at the wall.

He told Taylor he could sit back up and I glance at Taylor who I am expecting to say Heeerrrreeee's Johnny! any second but I try not to make eye contact because I don't want to set him off and I know he is really trying.  The doctor throws the gloves in the trash, stand in front of me as he speaks directly to me saying Taylor still has a lot of growth to go and he didn't see much hair yet but was common with Taylor being a preemie and being behind in that area.  He turned and addressed us both that his testicles are smooth and he didn't feel anything that shouldn't be there and how that was a good thing because he was checking for cancer.  He told Taylor to check them once a month to which he nodded but I thought he was going to faint.

After the doctor left, he let out a huge sigh and exclaimed how awkward that was!  He said he would have rather have had a girl doctor but when I reminded him what could have happened if it had been a girl he thought was pretty...............  He was all for the guy doctor!!

I got him to school in time for 2nd period so he was a happy camper.

*I tried to get him to take a picture in his gown like his sister did a few years ago but he refused.  This was the best I got.*

Friday, August 22, 2014

Taylor Update

I found out this week that Taylor is going to have to have surgery.  I knew it was unavoidable but I thought it was something years down the road.  Taylor was diagnosed with Spastic Cerebral Palsy years ago and we started treatment consisting of physical therapy, Botox injections, casting, and braces.  He ended up graduating from physical therapy when he met all of their goals but has continued to do the rest.  We noticed last time we did the injections and casting we got results but not near as good as we usually do.

We had a follow up appointment with Dr. Woodbury at Texas Children's on Tuesday.  We have been seeing her since Taylor was diagnosed.  She mentioned how tight Taylor was and I told her how he had several growth spurts this summer, so much so that his socks no longer fit him.  Although it is a great thing he is growing, it isn't a good thing for his legs because they are at the point right now where he can't even stand up straight.

Taylor had already expressed to me how he didn't want to do casting or have to wear braces because he is going into the 7th grade and doesn't want to be different.  He also expressed this to Dr. Woodbury and I saw his little face dropped when she said we COULD do another round of botox and casting BUT she didn't think he would get the full benefit from it.  That is when she brought up the surgery and he perked right up.

The surgery consists of 4 little incisions to the back of his calves where the doctor will go in and stretch his tendons.  Taylor will be under when this happens because they said it was super painful.  It will be done as an outpatient surgery so I am happy we will get to take him home.  Something about seeing my babies in the hospital always gets me going.  She said recovery takes about 3 days and then he will have to wear casts for a little bit to get the maximum stretch but at least he can tell kids he had surgery and that it why he is wearing them.

After we finished up and they left the room, Taylor turned to me and said with a big smile, "I get to be a normal boy!"  My heart hurt just hearing that.

*We meet with the orthopedic specialist on Sept. 3rd to get the ball rolling.*

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Since When Did They Become a Boy Band?

Taylor:  What's your favorite boy band?

Me:  New Kids on the Block!!  What about you?

Taylor:  U2

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Claire!!

I adored the little girl you were and I am so proud of the young lady you have become!  I love you so much Claire Bear!!  Happy 14th Birthday!!!!!  

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

And that's that!

Bryan told me the other day that Claire and her friend Tyler were "fighting".  When I asked why, he attempted to explain but then said I should probably speak to Claire because he would just confuse me.  Below is our conversation.

Me:  So Dad said you and Tyler were fighting.  What happened?  I thought you guys were cool.

Claire:  We were but then people told her I called her a ho so now she wants to fight me.

Me:  Well did you?

Claire:  No, I said she was ACTING like a ho cause remember Mom when I told you how when we were at the skating rink she was kissin on all of these guys that were not her boyfriend?

Me:  Yes I do remember that but you don't really call a friend a ho or that they are acting like a ho.

She is quiet for a few seconds and then with a hand on her hip,

Claire:  Well the truth hurts.

I didn't know if I should be proud or chastise her.  I do love her confidence though.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Ho Hum

I haven't felt like writing lately, as I am sure you can tell with the minimal amount of posts I have put out.  It seems like ever since I got back from FL, I haven't really wanted to.  Before, I would sit down to write and the words would just flow.  Now, it seems more like a chore.  This week has been the worst with Aunt Flo in town causing my mood to fluctuate from happiness to depressed in an hour.  Plus the cramps were terrible yesterday, feeling them even in the small of my back.  Today I am feeling much better and back to my happy self.  Yesterday, I just felt so old.

Things that have been going on with me?  I went to the Beyonce concert with Claire like I had mentioned.  It was loud.  She put on a great show and Claire loved it but I guess I am just too old for concerts now.

Claire is turning 14 on the 14th.  I can't believe it.  She wants colored contacts as well as money to buy a new Playstation since hers broke.  We have been seeing her a lot more since she isn't in her room glued to it.  She asked to have her ends dyed by her friend Lady with Kool-aid.  Sounded scary to me so I directed her to her Dad who told her no since school is starting in a few weeks.

Taylor has actually started gettting blemishes on his nose.  Being a boy, it didn't seem to bother him but as his Mother, I am teaching him how to properly maintain his face cause ew.  Taylor's PlayStation still works so we see less of him, more so since buying him headphones with mic for it that he had been asking for.

Bryan leaves for Atlanta on Sunday.  He will be gone a whole week.  It has been awhile since we have been apart like that.  I am excited and sad at the same time.

I haven't been experimenting much in the kitchen these days.  I haven't wanted to and think maybe it has something to do with my mood.  I did make Hamburger Helper and tacos but that isn't anything new.  Maybe with Bryan gone all next week and all of the cooking up to me, I might want to whip something new up.

Laters Gators.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Have You Ever Shopped at Fitch?

We checked out a new mall this past weekend.  New to us but has been around for years.  We decided to stop in since we were on that side of town though.  Needless to say it was a bit dissapointing with a lot of stores closed and nothing cool like an ice skating rink or juice shop like the malls we are used to have.

Taylor:  This mall sucks.

Me:  Yea, it is a bit boring.

Taylor:  They don't even have an Abercrombie or a Fitch!

Me:  Uhh, buddy that is the same store.  It's called Abercrombie & Fitch.

Taylor:  Oh.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jalepenos, or Not.

Yesterday a coworker made a casserole that consisted of pasta, cheese, taco meat, tomatos, and chopped jalepenos.  Normally I would pick those out but I was feeling feisty and decided to eat them.  They made my nose run and I had two cups of water with the meal but all in all, pretty tasty.

But then....................Later that afternoon I had to use the restroom.  Number 2.  Holy Shit.  My ass was on fire.  Never again people.  Never again.

When I went home, I told my son who is the King of all things hot.  I asked him if that had ever happened to him and he said no, he has a butthole of steel. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Monday, July 14, 2014

Chili Mac

Last Thursday, I made Chili Mac.  It isn't something that I have made before but thought the kids might like it.  I used 2 boxes of mac n cheese, 1 can of chili (with meat and beans), and chopped up grilled hot dogs.  As I was stirring Taylor asked to look at it.

Taylor:  That looks like something Mama June would make.  (He is referring to the mother on Honey Boo Boo)

Me:  Hush.

Neither kid cared for it much but Bryan and I liked it.  Oh well, it sure was quick to make!

Another Day In Paradise..........

I have always wanted a venus flytrap.  Alays.  Actually, ever since I was about 10 or 11 and saw the movie Creep Show.  I mean, I knew mine wouldn't eat a bully but I still wanted one.  Bryan knew of this "dream" of mind so he was excited to tell me that they had them for sale at the store he is training at.  I couldn't wait for him to bring me one home!  That is, until last week when I reminded him to get me one and I received a text from him suggesting I google their care.  No problem!  Okay, so they needed a lot of light.  Check!  Filtered water.  Check!  Special dirt.  Check!  Then I got to the part about feeding them worms.  Hell to the no!  Gross.  I texted Bryan back and said I don't want one.  Nasty.


The kids have chores that they do mostly on Sunday but I have been taking advantage of them being home for the summer by asking them to take care of this or that throughout the week.  For example, I may ask Claire to vacuum on Tuesday or Taylor to clean his room Wednesday.  Bryan and Taylor handle cleaning the bathrooms so Bryan had asked Taylor to clean the outside of the toilets, the counter/sinks, and the mirrors.  We now know jobs like this we need to be at home supervising because he did a shitty job on the mirrors and when he ran out of Clorax wipes, he proceeded to use Soft Scrub on our toilets and bathroom counters.  No more shininess and they feel weird.


A big moment for my family!  Claire spent the entire night at a friend's house for the first time on Saturday!!  No call asking for us to come and get her, nothing, not a peep.  When I went and picked her up last night, she was grinning ear to ear with her achievement.  Love you Claire Bear!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

First Love

Big changes are happening in my life right now with Miss Claire.  Not only will she be 14 next month but she also has her first real boyfriend!  Don't get me wrong, she has had boyfriends in elementary school but we all know those don't really amount to much.  Especially compared to a 15 year old boy with a job and drives!  I am getting a little ahead of myself so let me start off with how we were introduced to this new development.

Over the weekend Claire asked if she could go to the neighborhood park on Monday with her friend Lady.  She said she would take Loretta too which isn't uncommon.  I told her I didn't have a problem with it and that was my last thought about it.  Monday she texted me and said she didn't know if she was still going to or not.  When I asked why, she said Lady didn't know if she could go yet.  Later she texted me and said she was still going to go, for Loretta's sake.  I was fine with that because I know how much Loretta loves going to the park.

When I got home from work, she said she was still going to go to the park and one of her friends were going to meet her there.  She said she had talked to her Dad and he said it was fine.  She went on to say it was a boy so I began to ask questions.  How she knew him?  Did he live in our subdivision?  Etc.  She said she knew him from the skating rink and that he lived in Katy.  He was 15 and was driving over to hang out with her.  I was surprised that Bryan was ok with this but Claire is not one to lie so off she went and I told her to text me when she got there.

Bryan got home about 30 minutes later and I brought it up to him.  It seems Claire didn't share the whole story with her Dad.  She had just said she was going to meet a friend that was a boy up at the park.  He called her and told her he was a little dissapointed that she had left so much information out about this little rendezvous.  He told her she was not to leave the park and was not to get in the car with him.  She was to call us if there were any problems.

Being a concerned Mother, I decided to do a drive by and my heart fell into my stomach when I didn't see her.  I called Bryan, he called her and then she ended up waving at me.  They were sitting at a picnic table over to the side of the actual park.  Whew.  She came home about an hour later and all was good.  I asked her if she had a good time and she said she did and that was pretty much all that was said, until yesterday.

When I got home from work, she decided to divulge more to me about the "date".  She said that Bailey (cute name for a boy I must say) likes her and she likes him so they might start going out.  She is working on getting his friend (a little chubby says Claire) hooked up with her friend Lady.  She talked about how they sat together in the tubes on the playground.  Then she told me, they kissed.  Not a quick peck, but not an open mouth kiss either.  A long kiss though.  I was happy for her.  I remember how that feels.  I did have a quick talk with her though about going too far to fast and immediately she responded oh I know Mom, I do not want to get pregnant!  I am happy that she is so open with me but I have to say it saddened me a little as well because my baby girl is growing up.  And so a new chapter begins in her life as well as mine.  I am trying to prepare myself for the questions that are coming and the heart aches.  Wish me luck!

Update:  I do need to mention she would like for us not to be the parents that drive back and forth while they are at the park.  I started to laugh as I reply that I will do my best not to.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Bryan!!

Today is my husband's birthday.  I thank God for him often because I know there are lots of marriages out there that can't say what we can.  We are best friends.  If I had to pick one person to be stranded on an island with or to be stuck in a car for long periods of time traveling, I would choose him.  We make each other better people.

Have you ever heard of making a wish when the clock has all of the same numbers?  Like if it says 1:11, you make a wish.  Can I tell you a secret?  I always wish that Bryan and I will stay married and be happy.

So it brings me great pleasure to wish Bryan Arthur a Happy 37th birthday!!  Today is your day baby - let's make it special! 


Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July Weekend

I hope that your 4th of July was fabulous!  Mine was ok.  Not what I had planned -- for sure.  My parents had thrown a big party at their house that we had planned on going to for months now only for it to be foiled by a gout attack in his foot and I had a super heavy day with my monthly visitor who decided to come early.  Of course.  Claire didn't really care because she had plans to spend the night with a friend anyway but Taylor was dissapointed.  He perked right up though when Bryan took him to buy fireworks.  It ended up pouring over at my Dad's so maybe it was a blessing in disguise.  Also it was nice to be able to be home for Loretta with it being her first time to experience fireworks.  She was such a trooper!  I love that dog.


I received a call from my Aunt yesterday in regards to my brother.  To catch you up real quick, he had a baby on New Years Eve this past year with his girlfriend.  This is the girlfriend he met in a halfway house.  They are both recovering drug and alcohol abusers.  They moved in together, things weren't working out, now they live apart.  He had the baby on the weekdays and the Baby Momma had her on the weekends.  Baby Momma started drinking again and supposedly was also suffering from Post Partum but wasn't getting help.  She has tried to commit suicide multiple times in the past and a few times while she was with my brother.  She tried again yesterday WHILE she was drunk and had the baby.  She was taken to the hospital because she did a number on her arms and would have to have surgery.  Police called my brother and he came and got the baby.  As bad as this is, it was a good thing for my brother's case because Baby Momma and her Mother had decided to take my brother to court to try and get full custody of my niece.  I am not saying my brother is a saint but he claims he is staying clean and on the right track for his daughter.  He already has WIC and food stamps and is currently trying to get the government aid for free daycare in his state so he has somewhere for her to go when he works and continues school.

He was calling my Aunt to tell her about what had taken place that day with Baby Momma and to ask her for money for next month's rent.  By then, he figures he will have everything in place.  For his sake I hope so and for my Aunt's sanity, I certainly hope so!  All of this causes so much stress on her and then she calls me and tells me about it and I feel like she is wanting me to say something but I don't know what to say other than I am sorry he is struggling right now but in the end, he was the one that did drugs, tried to get better, met her, etc, etc.  I love my brother but the road he is on right now is the one he has chosen so I find it hard to be all boo hoo I am so sorry you are going through this.  Although I never had a substance abuse problem, I have had my fair share in struggling with raising two kids as a single mom but in the end, I had to fight to get to where I am today.  I had to want to.  And so does he.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

Awww look at me! 

That Was a Close One.......

Claire has been doing very well with caring for the dogs this summer.  I know it can get a little overwhelming with letting them in and out, making sure they have food and water, keeping them from acting up, all day long.  Claire has not made one peep about it driving her crazy nor have I heard the dreaded sigh her Dad and I love so much.  Not.

So yesterday I thought I would play a little prank on her when I returned from taking Paris to the vet.

Me:  Claire, you have been doing such a good job with the dogs, I got you a surprise.

Claire:  Ok?

Me:  I am getting you a new puppy!!  (I was thinking with all of the work she has been having to do with the dogs, she would be all oh no not another dog Mom.)

Claire:  *Face lighting up*  Really?!?!?!

Me:  Nnnooooooo.  I thought you were going to respond differently.  Like, not another dog Mom.  I was thinking more along the lines of paying you.

Claire:  That works too.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Brady Bunch We Are Not.

I know I have mentioned before how I wish I had a normal Mother.  But I'd also like to say, I wish I had a normal family.  Maybe normal isn't the right word to use because my definition of normal may not be your definition of normal.  Maybe what I should say is that I wish everyone could just get along.

It has been going on for years but it was usually just my Mom.  I remember one birthday of Taylor's we had his party at Chuck E Cheese's, and she was pissed that I had invited my Dad and Stepmom even though both were huge parts of his life.  I had to tell her the party was for Taylor, not her so I didn't care if she was upset.

Now it is between my Aunt and my Stepmom.  My Aunt has never much cared for her but was the bigger person and put it aside for birthdays and family gatherings.  But now, my Stepmom has decided she doesn't like my Aunt so even though they are having a HUGE 4th of July party which includes my sister who is in the Army, we are not to invite my Aunt.  #oldpeopleissues

I wish they could be like Bryan's family who put all of their differences aside and even go on cruises together!  I am talking his Dad and his new wife and his Mom and her new husband.  His Dad's new wife was actually the Mistress back in the day and still, Bryan's mom vacations with her!!  Why?  Because of the kids.  I have to put Bryan's Mom on a pedestal for that alone.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Head Was a Trampoline.

When I was pregnant with Taylor, I had terrible morning sickness.  Not the whole pregnancy but at the beginning.  It would always come around 3 or 4 which was the same time I was supposed to be headed to my waitress job.  I would lie on the floor, moaning, hoping not to puke.

Claire would take that opportunity to bounce up and down on my head with her diapered bottom.  She would laugh and giggle and I didn't have the strength/nerve to try and get her off of me.  Memories.  =)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Flashback Friday

Claire and Taylor.

Summer Time

Claire's birthday is coming up.  Technically Bryan's is first since his is in July but we all know us parents don't really do much for ourselves.  I can't believe Bryan is going to be 37 and my Claire Bear will be 14 in August!  What I wouldn't give to be able to go back in time and be the parent/person I am now and relive it all.  Baby days, toddlers, elementary years......  Don't get me wrong, I love that they are both at stages where they can dress themselves, feed themselves, Mr and Miss Independent.  I guess we all get mushy about our babies as they grow.  I have a memory of Claire when she was a baby and me thinking how boring she was.  Funny to me now.

Last year was the first time Claire asked not to have a real party with friends and family.  She wanted to be dropped off at the skating rink with friends.  So that is what we did.  I paid for all of her friends, provided money for them to eat and drink on, and then the girls that wanted to spend the night could.  This year she is asking to be dropped off at the mall with Lady for the day with money to shop with.  I remember spending weekends from open to close at the mall with friends.  I guess some things never change.

I figure I will give her some money to "shop till she drops" and then she asked for colored contacts as a gift.  She doesn't have eye sight problems but I heard it is still best to get them from the eye doctor so they can make sure they fit well and don't cause eye issues.

So the other night I was watching Kate Plus 8.  I used to love that show and she was doing a 2 series special for the sextuplets because they were turning 10.  It was fun to see how big the kids have gotten.  Taylor was watching with me when he asked if I would ever want that many kids.  My answer was no and he said he didn't want that many either, just two - a boy and a girl.  I was dying from the cuteness that he was already thinking about that.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Throwback Thursday!!!

Loretta on our trip last week to Panama City Beach FL.  She literally spent the entire trip there and back right next to me.  =)

You're Caller Number 95!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I won tickets on the radio yesterday!!!!!  Claire and I are going to see Beyonce on the 18th of July!  I can't wait - So freaking excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

It worked out perfectly too because Claire was in a pissy mood when I got home because her Playstation wasn't working.  When I told her the news, she started screaming and jumping up and down.

Later she watched Annie with me.  It was a good night.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Bad....

Let's start off with the before the trip.  Friday night Bryan and I were finishing up last minute things before leaving the following morning.  One of the things on our list was to clip Jackson the Pug's nails.  We usually have the groomer or vet do it but they were all booked up.  Anyway, we know both places struggle with him because he fights like a bull and the vet always makes him bleed so we weren't surprised that some of his nails were bleeding.  Bryan put him in his kennel to keep him from trekking blood all over the house and we went on about our business.

About five minutes later, I let Jackson out and watched as he walked on the tile.  I didn't see any blood and figured we were good to go.  I went to the bedroom to get something (Bryan was in the garage) and when I came back, there was little drops of blood all in the kitchen, all in the livingroom, and all in the dining area.  On our beige carpet.  And we were out of the pet spot treatment we normally use when they have accidents.  Bryan was pissed.  He actually gave me the silent treatment for an hour which I guess is better than yelling but I hated it.

He ended up making a mixture of carpet cleaner and I don't know what.  Our carpet now looks like it has chicken pox after you put the calamine lotion on them.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Like A Shark Tooth Necklace

I'm bbbaaacccckkkkkkkk!!!!

I was hoping to get some writing today in about my trip to Panama City Beach but it just hasn't worked out that way.

So, I will leave you with this until tomorrow.

Taylor lost one of his few baby teeth that he has left yesterday.  He gave it to Bryan and that was that since he no longer believes in the Tooth Fairy.  A little while later, I asked Bryan what he did with the tooth because Bryan is well known for putting shit in a safe spot and we never find the damn thing again.  *Cough* Gift Card, Check *Cough*

Bryan:  I put it in the container with all of his other baby teeth.

Me:  Ok good.  Just want to make sure that you are still saving them all because I plan on making them each their own necklace out of their teeth.

Bryan:  Blink.  Blink.  For real??

Me: Hahahaha!!  Nah, I'm just kidding.  You know my ass isn't all arts and crafty.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Goodbye For Now.......

The time has finally come for our vacation.  I am happy to say that I am finally excited about it.  This means I won't be posting again until I return on the 23rd.  Everyone be good and no parties while I am gone, ya hear?!?!  ;)

Throwback Thursday!!



The other night we went out to dinner and on the way home, a motorcycle drove by that was making it's super loud "BLAT BLAT" noise.

Me:  What was that??

Bryan:  That motorcycle.

Me:  Man, that was lous.

Taylor:  Oh yeah?  Check this out! 

He proceeds to lift his left butt cheek up and let out a fart just as damn loud as that motorcycle.


Him:  Sorry Mom.

Bryan:  I think he just shit himself.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Be Careful What You Name Your Kid.

I was talking to a coworker this morning about maiden names.  She wouldn't tell me because she disliked it that much.  Made me think of my childhood friend I have mentioned on here a few times, Vashti.  She hated her name when she was a kid.  Children were mean to her about it and noone knew how to pronounce it right.

She told me one time her Mom took her to the doctor and when they called her back, they said "Va-Shitti".  I could not stop laughing.


I worked really hard on Claire's name and I hated that when she was younger, she didn't like it.  She hasn't said too much about it these days but I remember washing her hair one time while she was in the tub and her telling me if she had a twin, we would have named her Chloe and she wanted to be Chloe, not Claire.  Oh well, I used to hate my name because there were so many Nicoles out there and everyone of them I met were bitches.  Hmmmm, maybe that is saying something.

No More Brace Face!!

After 2 1/2 years, Claire got her braces off yesterday!  She did so good with them, much better than I expected.

The first thing she did after leaving was going to Target with Bryan to get popcorn.  Then, she had some gum when she got home.  We went to Chili's for dinner last night and she ate corn on the cob.  For dessert, Twizzlers.

She has to wear a retainer 24/7 cept when she is eating.  When I got home from work yesterday and she spoke to me, I was all oh hell no, they broke her.  She doesn't even sound right.  Turns out she had her retainer in and right now it is causing her to lisp.

I am glad they were able to get her all taken care of right before our vacation so now she eat whatever her little heart desires.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Teen Years

Claire is going to be 14 in 2 months.  When did this happen??  She was the cutest most spunkiest little 2 year old that everyone wanted to be around.  Now she is the prettiest most bit**iest (sometimes) teenager that some want to be around.  Lets just say, she has her moments but it does make me feel good that it still bothers her if I am mad or dissapointed with her.  At least she still cares.  For now.

Bryan asked her to unload the dishwasher yesterday and vacuum the living room.  Her response?
Are you trying to ruin my summer?!?!?

They still let you blog in prison right?

My Squishie

Monday, June 9, 2014

My Ball Likes The Water When I Play.

I have started playing golf on the Wii with Bryan on Friday nights.  I have never played golf for real or on a game so I suck but am getting better the more I try.  Bryan plays both so of course he has to help coach me alot.  The first time I played, he had to keep reminding me to hold the remote like a golf player would and not a tennis player trying to "bump" the ball.

Friday came and I asked him if he was ready to play another round of golf with me.  He said sure and I thought I'd get a little cocky and said, "Good because I am getting better at this and am about to be the next Bagger Vance in golf!"  He said, "Bagger Vance was the caddy hon."  I looked at him with a confused look and was all, "My Bad.  That sounds about right for me anyways."

Friday, June 6, 2014

A Donut is Not Just a Donut.

Last night Bryan and I were catching up on The Middle.  Brick (the youngest son) had noticed that his pretzels didn't have as much salt on them as they used to so he decided to call the company to complain.

It got me thinking about when I was pregnant with Claire and craving a donut.  I was living in Atlanta GA at the time and my idea of the perfect donut was from Shipleys, which they do not have up there but we do here in Houston, or Dunkin Donuts.  The closest dount place to where I lived was a Krispy Kreme.  I had never had their donuts before but decided I would give it a shot.  I drove over, ordered one donut, and drove back home.  I ate the donut but was not impressed.  I decided to call the number on the bag where it said if there were any complaints I could reach out to them. 

I told them I didn't like the donut and that was something coming from a pregnant gal.  I also said they should be more like Shipleys or Dunkin Donuts.  A few weeks go by and I receive a letter in the mail from Krispy Kreme.  They apologized that I was dissatisfied with their product and had included .................................  a coupon for a free nasty donut of theirs.

Flashback Friday!

Because this weekend would have been my Poppa's big birthday celebration.  I love you and miss you every day Poppa!  Love, Colee

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Too Old For This Shit.

I am sure that you have heard of The Princess and the Pea story right?  Not calling myself a princess or anything but why is that I have the tiniest ouchie on my butt and everytime I sit down, it feels like I am sitting on a cactus.  Should be against the law.

Schools Out For Summer!!

Today is the last day of school.  Tomorrow starts the days of sleeping until noon, playing video games all hours of the day, and staying up all night.

I had a plan all worked out for this morning.  I was going to drop them off at school like I do every morning but since this was a special day, I was going to sneak an air horn with me.  As they got out of the car, I was going to blare the horn while screaming Happy Last Day of School and then cackle with delight as they hit the ground from terror.  *Rubbing hands together mischievously*

But, that didn't happen.  Taylor wanted something special for breakfast so Bryan took the kids to Waffle House and then to school.  There is always next year though........

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Claire & Taylor - 6th & 7th Grade

As The World Turns.....

This morning was a mess.  I finished dressing and came into the living room and was happy to see both kids were ready to go.  Bryan had made me a fresh smoothie of bananas, blueberries, and strawberries so I sucked it down quickly and we proceeded to head out the door.

Taylor went to grab a piece of gum and Bryan started to get on to him.  I told him he said they were allowed to chew gum and I told him he could have a piece yesterday.  Claire confirmed they were allowed and I thought it was a done deal.  Taylor opens the package and makes a comment that it is almost all gone.  Bryan and I both are all you are the only one eating it.  He tries blaming it on Claire who has braces and isn't allowed to eat gum.  She freaks out and yells at him, calling him a butthole.  I go to the car.

I have talked and talked to Claire about how her brother is an instigator and she just needs not to respond.  Just ignore home.  Don't let it get to you.  It has been working but I guess she was not in the mood this morning.  She was convinced he was trying to get her in trouble.

Then we are almost to school when Bryan calls.  He got an email saying Taylor is super low on funds which he thought was odd because we put in just enough for them to have lunches till the last day of school, which is tomorrow.  Woot!!  He logs in and sees that Taylor at breakfast at school yesterday morning.  We have talked to both kids and expressed that they need to curb their spending at school for lunches and snacks or they were going to have to start taking their lunches again.  No eating breakfast at school because you eat at home.  When I asked Taylor why he ate at school yesterday, he said he was still hungry.  I don't want him to be hungry of course, but we have TONS of stuff for breakfast at the house.  I know for a fact he ate a large bowl of cereal yesterday so it's just frustrating.  All I can say is, thank God school is almost out.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Can I Get a Taco Too?

We put the boys in the backyard for their potty breaks and the girls in the front yard.  I keep an eye on them via front door and the window in the livingroom but sometimes I get side tracked and have to call them.  Loretta isn't that brave yet to wander off on her own but she has no problem following her Mama Paris.  Paris thinks she owns the street and will walk down the sidewalk or sit in the middle of the damn street.  Luckily we live on a cul-de-sac street but I know of at least two dogs that have been hit on our street.

Yesterday I peeked out the door and Loretta was on the porch wanting in but no Paris.  Sigh.  I stepped outside and called her and she runs from next door with a darn tamale wrapper hanging from her mouth.  I called Claire to come see and she told me that Paris was just sticking to her mexican roots and bringing home a tamale. 

Conversations in the Car.

Conversation on the way to school:

The radio was tuned to my favorite morning show, Hot 95.7 and they wanted people to call in and regale them with honeymoon horror stories.  The winner got to choose between Dynamo tickets (soccer team here in Houston) or Backstreet Boys.  You can imagine which one I wanted.

Me:  Backstreet Boys!!!

Taylor:  Dynamos!!  Mom, don't you like soccer?

Me:  No.  But I llooovvveee the Backstreet Boys.

Taylor:  They are all old now.  Like in their 30's.


Me:  Taylor, I am in my 30's.

Taylor:  Oh.

Claire:  Snort.  Snort.  Giggle.

Taylor:  Well, I bet they all have beards now.

Mario or Luigi?

I was walking by Taylor's room last night and did a double take after looking in and seeing the below.  He wore it all night last night, ate with it, went to bed with it.  While I was tucking him in, I had him remove it so his upper lip wouldnt get irritated from the glue.  Silly kid.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Gabbin With the Girls

Sunday Claire and I went to to dinner together at Casa Ole, a fave of both of ours.  I enjoy going to dinner as a family but some times it is nice to go to eat with just one kid at a time because it allows me to listen to them becoming their own person. 

I listened to her talk about going skating Saturday night and what friends were there as we munched on chips and queso.  She told me about a friend that had moved an hour away a month or ago but had recently gotten back in touch with her via KIK.  Don't get me going on this.  There are so many apps out there and Claire and a lot of her friends have these kik accounts.  It is basically like texting but what the benefit of using it over normal texting is beyond me.

She talked about stuff her and Lady had done, who she sat with at lunch, and girls who didn't like her for no reason at all.  She talked about mutual friends her and Lady have together and how one of the girls' nickname is Poopie.  When I enquired about how she got this nickname, she said the girl was black, super dark and that she was fine with being called that.  Alrighty then.

She went on to say how it frustrates her when people talk about their parents and say things like my parents don't care about me.  She said she told this person of course they do, you have clothes don't you?  You have food right?  The lunch you are eating right now they probably paid for it right?  She said the girl said yes and then Claire said, well then they obviously Claire.  She thene said how much that irritates me Mom and also, when a guy or girl are all I don't think he or she cares about me when their boyfriend/girlfriend is sitting there saying they love them.  She flips her hair, rolls her eyes, makes this disgusted noise while this proud Momma smiles on the inside but on the outside acts like it is just as big of deal as she thinks/feels it is. 

Claire Bear Selfie

A selfie pic that Claire took with her new hair do.

Loretta Love

A new pic of my Loretta Baby and a pic of her in her party dress.  =)

Weekend Recap!

It's that time again!  This weekend was pretty uneventful, which is my cup of tea.  ;)
Thursday Bryan got a call from Claire while she was school asking for him to come and get her (he was off) because *drum roll* she had lice.  Again.  He went up to the school and spoke with the nurse about how this was our daughter's 4th time to get lice this year and we are doing everything right on our part as far as getting rid of them, even paying a professional at one time, but she kept getting reinfested from school.  The nurses response?  Well, they did have an epidemic with the girls' volleyball team last year.  WTF?  Thank God Thursday is the last day of school.  Oh and I did have Lady go to the nurse as well to check her head but she got a clean bill of health so at least that is a plus.

Bryan actually ended up cutting Claire's hair per her request Thursday.  They stopped and got the lice stuff from Walgreens and once they got home, he took her braid and chopped about half off.  She got in the shower, washed her hair with the lice shampoo and then he did the comb treatment.  He said it was SO much easier to comb through and then after they were finished, he trimmed her hair up.  When she went back to school on Friday, people were actually telling her how awesome her hair looked.  Seems Bryan missed his calling!

I am almost completely caught up on all of DVR shows.  I am on the season finale of Once Upon A Time and then I have 4 or 5 Castles left till next Fall.  Ooohhh and the 2nd season of Orange is the New Black is about to start as well so yahoo to that!  I am still watching The L Word and Weeds on Netflix.

Has anyone else seen these little guys?  I have been told they are THE new pet to have.  They sure are freaking cute?

Friday, May 30, 2014

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Throwback Thursday!!

Claire and I on the left, Claire and Bryan on the right.

White Flag Flying

It was World War III at the kitchen table this morning and I am so glad I missed it.  Bryan gets the kids up and fed while I am still in the shower unless he has to be at work at 5 or 6 am, then it is all me.

When I came into the livingroom/kitchen area, I could tell Taylor was in a seriously pissy mood.  Jokingly, I asked him if he got up on the wrong side of the bed (inside joke since his bed is against the wall) and he responded grumpily no, and that it was Dad's fault.  Turns out, Claire and Taylor were at the table and Taylor was bitching about something so Claire threw a piece of food at him.  Instead of telling Bryan what happened, he screamed at Claire.  Bryan took Taylor's food away and told him that basically he was being punished for acting out like that.  I do not agree with that but again, I wasn't in there and I know Bryan and I are not always going to be on the same page with discipline.

When Taylor mentioned Claire threw food Bryan asked him why he didn't tell him that and basically his repsonse was it didn't matter because nothing would happen to Claire because Bryan played favorites.  That made me sad.  Claire came out into the livingroom about that time and Bryan asked her if she threw food and she said she did only because Taylor was being rude and then she started to raise her voice and I was all do not yell at us.  To me it sounds like both of them were acting shitty but I know how Taylor can be with his everything sucks attitude.  Claire said Taylor was saying he hated Loretta and why Claire had to make such a stink about it is beyond me.  I know Taylor is a Momma's boy and Claire is a Daddy's boy but I don't want either of my kids to ever feel they are not loved the same.

Bryan and I have discussed this before and how Taylor loves to push Bryan's buttons.  Taylor does get into more trouble than Claire because of the poor choices he makes.  Lying, not doing his homework, etc.  We have told him before that for him to get things like a cell phone, he has to be more responsible.  Not losing his backpack, picking up after himself, (perfect example is he made his cereal yesterday morning and he spilled some on the floor and the counter and then just left in there).  I love my Taylor Bug and can only hope as he gets older, he will get better at these things.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Me Love You Long Time Google

As you may have noticed, I use Google a lot when I am going to cook something or if I want to try something new.  Let me tell you how that all got started.

I mentioned before that Bryan and the kids used to go to GA every summer for a week around July 4th.  They haven't done it in a few years but I hope they start up again because I really do enjoy that week of me time.  Anyway, one year they were gone and I went to Genghis Grill.  It took me years to be able to go to lunch or dinner by myself.  I am glad that I can finally do it without feeling self-conscious.  My mom has always done it and she can even go to movies by herself but I can't go that far.

So I sit down, order my drink and peruse the menu.  I see they have edamame as an appetizer and even though I had never had it, I had heard good things about it.  I ordered it and a tea and while I waited, I went ahead and filled up my bowl for my meal.  When I got back to the table, the edamame was there.  I lifted the plate off of it and steam wafted out smelling delicious  They were grilled in a lemony garlic seasoning and I couldn't wait to try it.  I popped one in my mouth and immediately my taste buds started twerking from the flavor love.  I began to chew and wondered how people could eat this?  Yes the outside was yummy but it was like chewing on a hairy catepillar.  I spit it out and thought, I must be doing something wrong.

What did I do next?  For the first time but not the last, I whipped out my iphone and brought up my new bud Google.  I typed in how to eat edamame and of course, it explained that I was supposed to pop the little beans out with my teeth while pod was in my mouth.  That way I got the taste of the seasoning plus the goodness of the beans.  And now, edamame is one of my most favorite things to eat as a snack.  Yyyyaaaayyyyyy Google!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

He Puts the Lotion on his Skin.

Or in this case, we put the clothes on Clover.  He was not pleased. 

Cock a Doodle Doo

I told you guys about Taylor's friend who has the chicken.  The chicken that lays nasty tasting bug eggs?  Yup, that's the one.

This family has their chicken on their voicemail for the house phone.  When you call, it rings and rings and then the chicken starts making cluckety chicken sounds.  Taylor and I always get a kick out of it when we call to see if his friend can play.

On Saturday when we were on our way to lunch, I told Taylor we would try his friend again and then I turned to Claire and said she would get to hear the chicken answer the phone now! (because my phone links up through my car and plays the other end on the speakers)

She turns to me and says "really?  What does the chicken say?"

Seriously?  What do you think the damn chicken is going to say, sorry we're not home right now?

I don't know where she gets it from.  *When I told Bryan the story, he said she gets it from me.*

Weekend Roundup!

How was your weekend/holiday?  I really enjoyed mine.  Bryan pretty much worked all weekend but Saturday around 12 we recieved some awesome news.  He got his promotion!!!!  He starts in 2 weeks and will be an assistant store manager and I couldn't be more proud of him.  And of course the boost in his pay is definitely going to make things easier on us.

Friday Claire went skating with Lady and then Saturday our neighborhood pool opened so both of the kids planned on soaking in the sun but then Claire's period started.  She is still in the maxi pads stage so she was bummed about that and Taylor was at first too but then he called his friend and ended up going to the pool with him.  He told me later that day that there were actually a lot of his friends from school there so he is going to start going more often.  That makes me happy that he is peeking out of his shell of video game playing.  When I dropped him off Sunday at his friend's house, I couldn't stop smiling when I looked at him in his bathing suit and towel slung over his shoulder.  My little boy is not so little anymore.

Saturday Bryan and I went on a lunch date, just the two of us.  It was nice.  We went to Genghis Grill which we both love.  Sunday I bought Bryan his Father's Day present a little early and let him have it.  I got him a Fit Bit Flex and he is like a kid in a candy store with it.  I am glad he likes it so much and he thinks it will help him lose some weight.

Claire and I played with the Ouija board Saturday night (Bryan finally relented) and then Sunday night Taylor wanted to play as well.  The only problem was when it was time for bed, he freaked out  a little so I don't think he will be playing again.  Funny because he is my kid who loves scary movies and usually Claire refuses to watch anything a tad bit scary.

It will be a short week this week since we had Monday off so that is always nice.  In lieu of Memorial Day, Claire took a picture of my sister in her army uniform and posted it on Instagram thanking her for her service and to God Bless America.  Love that girl.

UPDATE:  I almost forgot.  Sunday afternoon Claire and I were watching Snapped.  It is a favorite of ours to watch on Oxygen about these wives/mothers who lose their shit and kill or have their husbands killed.  This lady was saying how her husband who was a pastor liked her to dress up like she was a hooker and wear wigs.  Claire turned to me and asked, "If you have sex while wearing a wig, will the baby have the hair color of that wig?"

Friday, May 23, 2014

Count to 10.................

I was mad last night.  I came in this morning and ranted about it to my coworker as well.  I am glad he is a good listener.

Last night was Claire's choir performance.  She was supposed to try out for a solo, then decided she was doing a duet with Lady, then decided they weren't going to.  I was dissapointed because I know Claire can sing and I want her to be her own person and not a Lady shadow.  Not to mention, Lady is not a good role model.

We left as soon as I got home from work so we could grab something to eat and then head over to the school.  I had to stop on the way back from eating becuase of course my daughter chooses the wrong shirt.  Our kids never freaking listen.

We got good seats next to where all of the choir students sat and 3 rows away from the stage.  The choir consists of an all girl 6th grade section, all girl 7th grade, and all girl 8th grade.  And then they have the boys choir with mixed grades.  We we were closer to the 7th grade girls seats and it drove me crazy how they were behaving.  The giggling, the snickering, the hollering and Lady and another friend of Claire's were the worst.  If I was that choir teacher, I would be pissed at them today.

I am sure you remember that I am back to not liking Lady very much after that stunt she pulled last weekend with Claire.  And to make matters worse, on Wednesday Claire found out she failed a math test and when Lady asked her how she did, she told her.  Lady went on to speak to her like she was her parent, telling her she need to retake it and get a better grade and how they have only one more test for the year and asking her why she bombed it.  Claire told her that she struggled with Math but that she was planning on taking the retake.  Lady threatened her with failing the 7th grade if she didn't pass it.

Later that evening, Bryan gets a call at work from Lady's Dad.  He said Lady had told him Claire failed the math test and they were concerned and did we need a number for a tutor?  When Bryan told me this, I was pissed.  First of all, it is really none of their business.  Second of all, Bryan should have asked him if he wanted a number for a counselor for his anger management.  Claire has been in tutoring and in special classes to help with Math and it really isn't any of their business.

So back to last night, the show ends and I tell Bryan that Taylor and I are going to the car so we could move it up to try not to get stuck in all of the traffic.  I do just that and then wait.  And wait.  And wait.  My mild headache has really started to rev up when Bryan walks over to the passenger seat.  I roll down the window and he proceeds to tell me we are now taking Lady home because her Dad just dropped her off and assumed she could just catch a ride with us.  I could have screamed!  Actually, I did.  I actually yelled at him and he yelled back not to take it out on him which I know and said I was sorry.  I am just so over it.  So glad for the long weekend.

And on that note, I hope everyone has a fabulous Memorial Day weekend and don't forget the sunscreen kiddos!!!  =)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Throwback Thursday!!

My babies many Christmases ago.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tug Boat

Because I don't want to forget.

The Song Pontoon by Little Big Town, Taylor calls it Tug Boat.  So cute.

A Nut is a Nut.

Last night Taylor was up at the kitchen table working on math homework.  Bryan gave him a few almonds to snack on while he stood over there and helped him.  Taylor popped one in and started making wierd faces.

Bryan:  Your dentures botherin you?

Taylor:  *Rolling Eyes* No, I just can't get the shell off.

Bryan:  Son, it doesn't have a shell.  It is an almond.

Taylor:  Oh.  Crunch, crunch, crunch.

Then the next hour he kept complaining that he had pistachio stuck in his teeth.

No P in My Ool, So Let's Keep It That Way.....

Today is better, still a little achey from the battle with ovulation but not as rough as yesterday.

I wanted to share a funny story about Claire from when she was younger.  Remember how I said we used to live in an apartment?  Well we spent a lot of time at the pool.  Taylor chose to stay in the "kiddie pool" which was actually the hot tub but Claire enjoyed playing on the stairs in the pool.  There was no bathrooms there so if she had to go to the restroom, she would come and tell me and we would have to trek back to our apartment or go to Sheila's (she lived closer to the pool) if she was with us.

It was just me and the kids when Claire came over to me and said she had to peepee.  I didn't feel like getting Taylor out and get everyone to our apartment so they could get everything wet so I told her to just pee in the pool.  That no one would know.  Ick, yes I know but we all know kids do it all of the time.  It is one of the reasons why the chlorine is so high in public pools.

Claire went over to the top step and proceeded to move her bathingsuit to the side so of course she wouldn't pee on it.  Made perfect sense to her.  I yelled her name and ran over to her before she started and told her never mind, let's just go home.  Kids are too funny.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Today is not a good day for me.  I had my tubes untied years ago when Bryan and I decided we wanted to have another baby.  That hasn't happened and as the years have passed, we started looking at it as more of a if it happens, it happens situation.  I used to have terrible periods before I got my tubes untied.  They were long, full of vicious cramps, and extremely heavy.  Afterwards, they only last 4-5 days, cramps are livable but they have their times, and light to medium.  But, I started suffering from debilitating cramps when I ovulated.  Not every month, sometimes I go 3 or 4 months with no issues and then BAM, ovulation time and the cramps have me breathing like I am in labor.  Or keeping me up at night cause they hurt so much.  Today is one of those days.

Yesterday I kept having a film appear on my eye.  I couldn't see anything when I looked in the mirror, but I could tell when I was trying to see.  It would appear and dissapear when I blinked.  I thought it was my contact so I threw it out this morning and put in a new one.  Still happened.  I googled and it said something about "dry eye".  Hope it goes away soon.

My right foot keeps getting this sharp pain on the right side, closer to the bottom of my foot.  It seems to happen only when I turn my foot a certain way and not at all when I wear my shoes.  My aunt has been having all kinds of issues with her feet lately so worries me that something might be going on with mine.

It is hell getting old.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Do You Ouija?

When I was 11-12 and moved in with my Aunt, she had cleared out the back spare bedroom for me to have.  I remember while hanging my clothes up in the closet, I saw board games store up in the top.  I couldn't see them all but did notice they all looked old.  I forgot about them and then noticed them again a few months later.  I asked my Aunt if I could get them down and she agreed.

One of the games was a Ouija Board.  I was ecstatic.  This was the same girl who used to say Freddy Kreuger was her hero, had seen all of his movies, and never missed a Saturday night of Tales from the Crypt.  I LOVED horror movies, scary books, and all things spooky.

I had befriended the girl across the street.  She was a few years younger than me but we got along well enough.  That summer she came over every day and we played with the Ouija board.  I have nothing but fond memories of it although I don't recall what happened to it.

I have been wanting to get one and both Claire and Taylor have wanted to check it out.  Bryan has always said no.  He said he had a bad experience with it and has heard that it was a gateway.  Even though you are asking to speak with good spirits, he claims bad ones can still enter and I guess wreak havoc within our home.  I think he has been watching too much Ghost Hunter shows.

Anyway, I found some really good deals and bought one off of Ebay on Friday.  Bryan wasn't thrilled but I promised we wouldn't play with it when he was home.  I told him I got it used and he was all great, it is coming with spirts already on the damn thing.  He cracks me up.  The kids are super excited and so am I!

How do you feel about it?