Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Bad....

Let's start off with the before the trip.  Friday night Bryan and I were finishing up last minute things before leaving the following morning.  One of the things on our list was to clip Jackson the Pug's nails.  We usually have the groomer or vet do it but they were all booked up.  Anyway, we know both places struggle with him because he fights like a bull and the vet always makes him bleed so we weren't surprised that some of his nails were bleeding.  Bryan put him in his kennel to keep him from trekking blood all over the house and we went on about our business.

About five minutes later, I let Jackson out and watched as he walked on the tile.  I didn't see any blood and figured we were good to go.  I went to the bedroom to get something (Bryan was in the garage) and when I came back, there was little drops of blood all in the kitchen, all in the livingroom, and all in the dining area.  On our beige carpet.  And we were out of the pet spot treatment we normally use when they have accidents.  Bryan was pissed.  He actually gave me the silent treatment for an hour which I guess is better than yelling but I hated it.

He ended up making a mixture of carpet cleaner and I don't know what.  Our carpet now looks like it has chicken pox after you put the calamine lotion on them.

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