Monday, June 2, 2014

Gabbin With the Girls

Sunday Claire and I went to to dinner together at Casa Ole, a fave of both of ours.  I enjoy going to dinner as a family but some times it is nice to go to eat with just one kid at a time because it allows me to listen to them becoming their own person. 

I listened to her talk about going skating Saturday night and what friends were there as we munched on chips and queso.  She told me about a friend that had moved an hour away a month or ago but had recently gotten back in touch with her via KIK.  Don't get me going on this.  There are so many apps out there and Claire and a lot of her friends have these kik accounts.  It is basically like texting but what the benefit of using it over normal texting is beyond me.

She talked about stuff her and Lady had done, who she sat with at lunch, and girls who didn't like her for no reason at all.  She talked about mutual friends her and Lady have together and how one of the girls' nickname is Poopie.  When I enquired about how she got this nickname, she said the girl was black, super dark and that she was fine with being called that.  Alrighty then.

She went on to say how it frustrates her when people talk about their parents and say things like my parents don't care about me.  She said she told this person of course they do, you have clothes don't you?  You have food right?  The lunch you are eating right now they probably paid for it right?  She said the girl said yes and then Claire said, well then they obviously Claire.  She thene said how much that irritates me Mom and also, when a guy or girl are all I don't think he or she cares about me when their boyfriend/girlfriend is sitting there saying they love them.  She flips her hair, rolls her eyes, makes this disgusted noise while this proud Momma smiles on the inside but on the outside acts like it is just as big of deal as she thinks/feels it is. 

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