Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Be Careful What You Name Your Kid.

I was talking to a coworker this morning about maiden names.  She wouldn't tell me because she disliked it that much.  Made me think of my childhood friend I have mentioned on here a few times, Vashti.  She hated her name when she was a kid.  Children were mean to her about it and noone knew how to pronounce it right.

She told me one time her Mom took her to the doctor and when they called her back, they said "Va-Shitti".  I could not stop laughing.


I worked really hard on Claire's name and I hated that when she was younger, she didn't like it.  She hasn't said too much about it these days but I remember washing her hair one time while she was in the tub and her telling me if she had a twin, we would have named her Chloe and she wanted to be Chloe, not Claire.  Oh well, I used to hate my name because there were so many Nicoles out there and everyone of them I met were bitches.  Hmmmm, maybe that is saying something.

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