Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Recap!

It's that time again!  This weekend was pretty uneventful, which is my cup of tea.  ;)
Thursday Bryan got a call from Claire while she was school asking for him to come and get her (he was off) because *drum roll* she had lice.  Again.  He went up to the school and spoke with the nurse about how this was our daughter's 4th time to get lice this year and we are doing everything right on our part as far as getting rid of them, even paying a professional at one time, but she kept getting reinfested from school.  The nurses response?  Well, they did have an epidemic with the girls' volleyball team last year.  WTF?  Thank God Thursday is the last day of school.  Oh and I did have Lady go to the nurse as well to check her head but she got a clean bill of health so at least that is a plus.

Bryan actually ended up cutting Claire's hair per her request Thursday.  They stopped and got the lice stuff from Walgreens and once they got home, he took her braid and chopped about half off.  She got in the shower, washed her hair with the lice shampoo and then he did the comb treatment.  He said it was SO much easier to comb through and then after they were finished, he trimmed her hair up.  When she went back to school on Friday, people were actually telling her how awesome her hair looked.  Seems Bryan missed his calling!

I am almost completely caught up on all of DVR shows.  I am on the season finale of Once Upon A Time and then I have 4 or 5 Castles left till next Fall.  Ooohhh and the 2nd season of Orange is the New Black is about to start as well so yahoo to that!  I am still watching The L Word and Weeds on Netflix.

Has anyone else seen these little guys?  I have been told they are THE new pet to have.  They sure are freaking cute?

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