Wednesday, June 4, 2014

As The World Turns.....

This morning was a mess.  I finished dressing and came into the living room and was happy to see both kids were ready to go.  Bryan had made me a fresh smoothie of bananas, blueberries, and strawberries so I sucked it down quickly and we proceeded to head out the door.

Taylor went to grab a piece of gum and Bryan started to get on to him.  I told him he said they were allowed to chew gum and I told him he could have a piece yesterday.  Claire confirmed they were allowed and I thought it was a done deal.  Taylor opens the package and makes a comment that it is almost all gone.  Bryan and I both are all you are the only one eating it.  He tries blaming it on Claire who has braces and isn't allowed to eat gum.  She freaks out and yells at him, calling him a butthole.  I go to the car.

I have talked and talked to Claire about how her brother is an instigator and she just needs not to respond.  Just ignore home.  Don't let it get to you.  It has been working but I guess she was not in the mood this morning.  She was convinced he was trying to get her in trouble.

Then we are almost to school when Bryan calls.  He got an email saying Taylor is super low on funds which he thought was odd because we put in just enough for them to have lunches till the last day of school, which is tomorrow.  Woot!!  He logs in and sees that Taylor at breakfast at school yesterday morning.  We have talked to both kids and expressed that they need to curb their spending at school for lunches and snacks or they were going to have to start taking their lunches again.  No eating breakfast at school because you eat at home.  When I asked Taylor why he ate at school yesterday, he said he was still hungry.  I don't want him to be hungry of course, but we have TONS of stuff for breakfast at the house.  I know for a fact he ate a large bowl of cereal yesterday so it's just frustrating.  All I can say is, thank God school is almost out.

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