Monday, June 9, 2014

My Ball Likes The Water When I Play.

I have started playing golf on the Wii with Bryan on Friday nights.  I have never played golf for real or on a game so I suck but am getting better the more I try.  Bryan plays both so of course he has to help coach me alot.  The first time I played, he had to keep reminding me to hold the remote like a golf player would and not a tennis player trying to "bump" the ball.

Friday came and I asked him if he was ready to play another round of golf with me.  He said sure and I thought I'd get a little cocky and said, "Good because I am getting better at this and am about to be the next Bagger Vance in golf!"  He said, "Bagger Vance was the caddy hon."  I looked at him with a confused look and was all, "My Bad.  That sounds about right for me anyways."

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