Friday, February 29, 2008

God's Will

The title of this post comes from the name of the song by Martina McBride, I have said ever since I heard it that it was my song for Taylor, and I used to hold him and sing it to him but changed the words to say God's Taylor. Last night I found something out that would be startling to any mother, and I happened to come across the song in Napster but decided not to play it, knowing I would brake down in tears and I was trying to be strong for Taylor, I chose anger to these other children instead of tears.

Taylor has not wanted to go outside to play for about a month now, when I asked him why he wouldn't he jokingly said he was a vampire and did not like the sunlight. This was not an absurd answer because he was watching at the time the movie The Littlest Vampire quite a bit and thought it was a pretty cool movie. I just let it go and Taylor occupied himself with the wii, computer games, or playing in his room.

Last night, I was babysitting my aunt's son who is almost 15, and he had come in from playing outside with Claire and some neighbor kids. He sat down at the table and was drawing when Taylor came over to watch what he was doing. I heard Preston ask my son why he didn't want to go outside any more and his answer punched me in the stomach. Taylor told his older cousin he didn't want to go out anymore because the kids make fun of him and call him "Mr. Tippytoe".

I had no idea. I wanted to go outside and rip those kids' heads off. My son will not go out to play because other children make fun of the way he walks. It's killing me but it was also a rude awakening, it makes me realize that Taylor is not going to have an easy life if we chose not to go forth with the braces, shots, etc. My dad had mentioned to me about Taylor being teased by the way he walks, and I just shrugged it off, thinking who could possibly tease this beautiful boy? So, today is the day we go and have the first round of shots, our appointment is at 1pm so everyone keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

On a happier note, I had a conference yesterday with Taylor's teacher and school specialists to find out how well he is doing in Kindergarten, all of his tests came back in the range of where he should be for a normal 5 year old boy, oh and he is going to be graduating to the 1st grade! Momma is so very proud of you Taylor Bug!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Next President?

Taylor is very much into history right now, he talks about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln almost every day and asks me everytime I sit down at the computer to show him pictures of these guys.

Last night I was giving him a bath, and I wanted to squeeze his squeaky clean self after this conversation.

T: Momma, did you know way back when you couldnt live in what home you wanted to or have your own religon?

M: Really?

T: Yup. People just told you where to live and what religon you were going to be and then came George Washington and he said that we could live wherever we wanted and go to any country we wanted and have and religon we wanted too.

M: Wow, well that was very nice of him.

T: Yup. Hey Momma can we go to Africa someday so I cant meet a president that isnt already dead.

M: Bug, they live in Washinton D.C., not Africa and we'll have to see about that k?

T: But if we go, will the president be there, you know in the White House?

M: Sure.

T: Whats the name of the President right now?

M: Bush

T: Oh yeah, his brother is dead you know.

M: Hmmmm, oookkkkaaayyyy, how about we get those teethbrushed now.

T: Yup, you gotta brush your teeth cause if you dont they will all fall out and then I will have to get fake teeth like George Washington and then I will die.

M: That's right, now brush those teeth.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What's A Raisin?

Last night I was watching the movie A Raisin In The Sun, I had read the book in high school and was not disappointed last night, even though books are usually ten times better than the movies.

The kids were at the kitchen table coloring, when I heard this conversation:

Taylor: What's a raisin made out of?

Claire: It's a grape.

Taylor: Why does it look like all wrinkly then?

Claire: Because, it is the great, great, great, ggrrreeeaaatttt grandparent of the grape.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bein' A Grown Up

My brother was down this past weeked from New Mexico visiting all of us here in Texas. He mentioned how he was "tired of datin' hos" and how you cant "bring a freak home to meet Mama", and went on to say how he is ready to settle down with a wife and children.

I told him that was a huge step and if anyone has ever seen 28 Days with Sandra Bullock, you will know where I get this idea from. I told him he really needed to start with a plant and maybe progress to a pet of sometime first, that way he was learning how to take care of something other than yourself.

He wasnt back for more than 24 hours when he went out and bought these two things:

New Friends?

Last night the kids and I went out to eat with a couple I met through work. They have a little boy (hers from a previous relationship) who is 3 and is a little firecracker. I cannot be around this kid unless I have had at least 3 beers. My kids think he is hilarious and were dissapointed that he was not going to be there, he was at his grandparents house.

Let me go back and say that Bryan and I do not have many friends, especially couple friends. I have Sheila is my BFF but she's a single parent, just like I was not too long ago, so we spent lots of time together. All of Bryan's pals are back in GA and as for couple friends, Hol and J is it.

So when this couple started to hint around that they'd like to hang out sometime, I was thrilled. We invited them over a few months ago and it worked out perfectly. Their child terrorized my home and continuosly entertained my two. The parents I could tell were in to other things (like video games and dressing up in medieval clothes) but I thought hey, it wouldnt be much fun if we were carbon copies of each other right?

So anyway, last night we went to a local restaurant where the kids can nickel and dime me to death for crappy candy/treats from the crane machine and play in the sand while us grown ups chill and sip on ice cold adult beverages. They were a little late getting there and I jokingly said how I worried they had stood me up. Both of them looked at each other and snickered, then told me they had to "do" something before they game. TMI my friends.... The evening went on with them continuing to make sexual jokes, like how big the beef was in their burgers but how she liked it that way etc. I wanted to climb under the table but managed to laugh politely and wish at the same time I was at home in front of my tv. Him blowing his nose at the table right next to me just topped the cake and I assured myself with a never again will I do this in my head.

Hol, my how I missed you and J last night.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Life In General

I know, I know ~ as a blogger I have been totally sucking, but then that isnt anything new. Things have just been so hectic at work and by the time I get home, do all of my nightly routine, I am just friggin exausted. Plus, I just havent been getting the whole "ooohhh I wanna post" feeling.

A long time ago I had posted a bit about my childhood, I would like to start doing that again and do like a time line, sorta like I am bossy's blog. If you havent ever been there, go there. Holly got me hooked on her, thanks Hol!! I figure I dont need to pimp your blog anymore because you're one of my few readers left. :)

In other sucky news, our television broke last Sunday and although we have warranty, it seems to actually have the repairman come out is too much for them. We call, they say "okay, we'll send him out on such and such and at this time" and the dude never knows up. We finally broke down and dragged Claire's tv out of her room and have just been using that.

Cookie orders are in so now I get the fun job of sorting them all out and hassle these folks for their monies. Good times.

Okay so this is all I have for today. As soon as I can get Bryan to post the pics of the cute-as-a-button card my daughter made us for V-Day I will. Look for it February of NEXT year. ;)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope everyone has a great Valentines Day, now, don't eat too much chocolate!! ;)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bath Time

My mom gave Taylor a toothbrush and told him how he can use it t scrub his finger nails to get them super shiny. Taylor decided it works on his toes too.

The New Noo-Noo

I watched Bryan walk back and forth from the kitchen to the hallway, back and forth, back and forth. The entire time he is muttering to himself, which I chose to ignore as I folded the 4th load of laundry.

I hear him opening a drawer in the kitchen and say "Dammit woman!".

Me: What did you say?

Him: *Holding up a screw driver* I've been looking all over for this, and then found it in the junk drawer, where you must have stuck it. That isnt where it goes.

Me: Well, it doesnt belong on my kitchen counter either. If you guys would pick up after yourselves I wouldnt have to find new homes for your things. This house would be overloaded with crap if I wasnt constantly putting yall's things away.

Him: I'm just going to start calling you Noo-noo.

Charlie bit my finger - again !

young preacher and his slip of the tongue

Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Weekend

We had a a very family-oriented weekend, and minus the "buy me this ~ buy me that" it was actually a lot of fun. Last Tuesday I won on the radio 4 tickets to go and see the new 3-D Hannah Montana movie and also 4 tickets to go and see the The Doodlebops.

The 3-D concert was pretty awesome, I especially loved the previews of other 3-D movies that are coming out, and I giggled each time I saw my son or daughter jump or cringe in their seats because they were convinced that thing was coming right at them! I have to say, it was totally worth the 15 bucks and you get to keep the 3-D glasses which are much better than the old paper ones we used with the one lense/one red lense. As an added bonus for some, the Jonas Brothers also performed, I just loved seeing all of the little girls screaming and hollerin' for these boys. Totally brought me back to my New Kids On The Block days. :)

Sunday we went to the concert for The Doodle Bops out at the Toyota Center, I wasnt familiar with them but Claire and Bryan were from their days of having cable and watching them on the Disney Channel. I was surprised at how well they performed, they like to say they rock out for the kiddies. The highlight for me was the tasty nachos and watching this lady haul her son up the stairs as he puked on everyone to the right of them. I heard the lady behind me tell her little girl that that is what happens when you eat a bunch a junk. The little one immediatly put down her bag of cotton candy.

So that was out weekend, Bryan did get to watch most of the game and we munched out on Mcdonalds chicken nuggets for dinner. Did ya'll do anything exciting?

Saturday, February 2, 2008