Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Life In General

I know, I know ~ as a blogger I have been totally sucking, but then that isnt anything new. Things have just been so hectic at work and by the time I get home, do all of my nightly routine, I am just friggin exausted. Plus, I just havent been getting the whole "ooohhh I wanna post" feeling.

A long time ago I had posted a bit about my childhood, I would like to start doing that again and do like a time line, sorta like I am bossy's blog. If you havent ever been there, go there. Holly got me hooked on her, thanks Hol!! I figure I dont need to pimp your blog anymore because you're one of my few readers left. :)

In other sucky news, our television broke last Sunday and although we have warranty, it seems to actually have the repairman come out is too much for them. We call, they say "okay, we'll send him out on such and such and at this time" and the dude never knows up. We finally broke down and dragged Claire's tv out of her room and have just been using that.

Cookie orders are in so now I get the fun job of sorting them all out and hassle these folks for their monies. Good times.

Okay so this is all I have for today. As soon as I can get Bryan to post the pics of the cute-as-a-button card my daughter made us for V-Day I will. Look for it February of NEXT year. ;)


Laura said...


Coffee Slut said...

Sorry about your tv ...I can live without one now, but sure couldn't when J-Bob was little ...at least you have a spare until it gets fixed.
Cookies ...GS cookies? I haven't seen any YET around these parts. Usually they set up a table outside the store and I end up buying at least one box every time I go on break or lunch. Now I'm craving thin mints ...ugh!

Hol&J said...

Did you say cookies? Mmm. Sorry about your TV situation. Dang repair men who don't show up.