Sunday, February 10, 2008

The New Noo-Noo

I watched Bryan walk back and forth from the kitchen to the hallway, back and forth, back and forth. The entire time he is muttering to himself, which I chose to ignore as I folded the 4th load of laundry.

I hear him opening a drawer in the kitchen and say "Dammit woman!".

Me: What did you say?

Him: *Holding up a screw driver* I've been looking all over for this, and then found it in the junk drawer, where you must have stuck it. That isnt where it goes.

Me: Well, it doesnt belong on my kitchen counter either. If you guys would pick up after yourselves I wouldnt have to find new homes for your things. This house would be overloaded with crap if I wasnt constantly putting yall's things away.

Him: I'm just going to start calling you Noo-noo.


Coffee Slut said...

We have the same problem here, with all the renovations going on, but hubby hasn't found a name for me yet!

Anonymous said...

Is it a male trait? Leaving stuff everywhere except where it belongs? I swear ... big, big pet peeve of mine!!