Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Friends?

Last night the kids and I went out to eat with a couple I met through work. They have a little boy (hers from a previous relationship) who is 3 and is a little firecracker. I cannot be around this kid unless I have had at least 3 beers. My kids think he is hilarious and were dissapointed that he was not going to be there, he was at his grandparents house.

Let me go back and say that Bryan and I do not have many friends, especially couple friends. I have Sheila is my BFF but she's a single parent, just like I was not too long ago, so we spent lots of time together. All of Bryan's pals are back in GA and as for couple friends, Hol and J is it.

So when this couple started to hint around that they'd like to hang out sometime, I was thrilled. We invited them over a few months ago and it worked out perfectly. Their child terrorized my home and continuosly entertained my two. The parents I could tell were in to other things (like video games and dressing up in medieval clothes) but I thought hey, it wouldnt be much fun if we were carbon copies of each other right?

So anyway, last night we went to a local restaurant where the kids can nickel and dime me to death for crappy candy/treats from the crane machine and play in the sand while us grown ups chill and sip on ice cold adult beverages. They were a little late getting there and I jokingly said how I worried they had stood me up. Both of them looked at each other and snickered, then told me they had to "do" something before they game. TMI my friends.... The evening went on with them continuing to make sexual jokes, like how big the beef was in their burgers but how she liked it that way etc. I wanted to climb under the table but managed to laugh politely and wish at the same time I was at home in front of my tv. Him blowing his nose at the table right next to me just topped the cake and I assured myself with a never again will I do this in my head.

Hol, my how I missed you and J last night.


Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

What the crap?!


I think they were maybe trying to come on to you.

Sounds like you found yourself some swingers.

Laura said...


Coffee Slut said...

ewwww@blowing his nose at the table ...I would have lost my lunch!

Hol&J said...

Wow, they seem like an odd couple. Plus I agree with "coffee slut". Someone blowing his nose at the table is rude and gross.

You and B, along with J and I will have to get together again sometime soon.

Ann(ie) said...

Hol & J seem like the picture of normal to me. Stick with them, girlfriend. Those two sounds a tad freaky!!!