Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Next President?

Taylor is very much into history right now, he talks about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln almost every day and asks me everytime I sit down at the computer to show him pictures of these guys.

Last night I was giving him a bath, and I wanted to squeeze his squeaky clean self after this conversation.

T: Momma, did you know way back when you couldnt live in what home you wanted to or have your own religon?

M: Really?

T: Yup. People just told you where to live and what religon you were going to be and then came George Washington and he said that we could live wherever we wanted and go to any country we wanted and have and religon we wanted too.

M: Wow, well that was very nice of him.

T: Yup. Hey Momma can we go to Africa someday so I cant meet a president that isnt already dead.

M: Bug, they live in Washinton D.C., not Africa and we'll have to see about that k?

T: But if we go, will the president be there, you know in the White House?

M: Sure.

T: Whats the name of the President right now?

M: Bush

T: Oh yeah, his brother is dead you know.

M: Hmmmm, oookkkkaaayyyy, how about we get those teethbrushed now.

T: Yup, you gotta brush your teeth cause if you dont they will all fall out and then I will have to get fake teeth like George Washington and then I will die.

M: That's right, now brush those teeth.


Hol&J said...

What a cutie. He's learning a lot isn't he? I bet you're really proud of him too!

Nola said...

I heard the other day that Washington didn't have wooden teeth--that that's a wrong rumor we all believe. Weird, huh?

mommiebear2 said...

Hol: Yes, and I found out today he is going to the 1st grade next year! Woot!!

Nola: That is true, I read somewhere in one of my daughter's school books that they were made from like some animal's teeth and other things.

Coffee Slut said...