Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Weekend

We had a a very family-oriented weekend, and minus the "buy me this ~ buy me that" it was actually a lot of fun. Last Tuesday I won on the radio 4 tickets to go and see the new 3-D Hannah Montana movie and also 4 tickets to go and see the The Doodlebops.

The 3-D concert was pretty awesome, I especially loved the previews of other 3-D movies that are coming out, and I giggled each time I saw my son or daughter jump or cringe in their seats because they were convinced that thing was coming right at them! I have to say, it was totally worth the 15 bucks and you get to keep the 3-D glasses which are much better than the old paper ones we used with the one lense/one red lense. As an added bonus for some, the Jonas Brothers also performed, I just loved seeing all of the little girls screaming and hollerin' for these boys. Totally brought me back to my New Kids On The Block days. :)

Sunday we went to the concert for The Doodle Bops out at the Toyota Center, I wasnt familiar with them but Claire and Bryan were from their days of having cable and watching them on the Disney Channel. I was surprised at how well they performed, they like to say they rock out for the kiddies. The highlight for me was the tasty nachos and watching this lady haul her son up the stairs as he puked on everyone to the right of them. I heard the lady behind me tell her little girl that that is what happens when you eat a bunch a junk. The little one immediatly put down her bag of cotton candy.

So that was out weekend, Bryan did get to watch most of the game and we munched out on Mcdonalds chicken nuggets for dinner. Did ya'll do anything exciting?

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