Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Your Opinion Please

Still feeling pretty shitty today today.  Actually, worse today then I did yesterday and I didn't sleep well at all from not being able to breathe out of my nose like a normal human being.  But I didn't want to not stop by and ask you guys some advise.

I mentioned on Monday how Claire's friend Iana came over this past weekend.  Well before Iana went home, the girls swapped phone cases because Claire has about 3 or 4 becuase it seems they are now considered an accessory and I guess this is the new friendship bracelet.

I didn't really care but I mentioned last night at dinner that the case she ended up with was a Hello Kitty one that I didn't think was all that cute and I knew the one we bought her was a lot more expensive.  She said she didn't swap the one we got from Traders Village (25.00 for that one) but had switched the one she got from Walgreens.  (Just 10.00 Mom!)  She went on to say the one from T.V. had gone missing and when I asked her to explain, she said over the weekend Iana claimed she saw one of the dogs carry it off into the livingroom but Claire said she couldn't find it.

Now let me tell you, the dogs do not go into her room and they have never carried anything lik that off.  I think she stole it.  I want to contact her Mom and not accuse her daughter but mention it has gone missing and was wondering if it had ended up in Iana's bag or should I just let it go?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sinuses Can Kiss My Ass.

Where have I been today?  Feeling like crap.  In the middle of the night last night I woke up because it hurt when I swallowed.  It continued to do that all night long and that morning, it felt like my throat was on fire.  As the day has progressed, my nose is starting to clog, I am developing a cough, and my face is killing me from the sinus pressure.  Tonight is definitely going to be an early bedtime for me full of Vicks, nose spray, and the humidifer on full blast.  I hope tomorrow is better.  Love to you all but no germs!  =)

Monday, April 14, 2014

No Vacancy

I would consider myself to be a bit of a hermit.  I thrive on routine and nothing makes me happier knowing Tuesday we are going to be doing this, Saturday was our day to go out to eat as a family, so and so forth.  I also am not comfortable with people coming over, makes me nervous and I always let out a huge sigh of relief when everyone goes home and it is just the 4 of us again.

This past weekend Claire asked me Friday around 5ish if her friend Iana could come and spend the night.  If you are new to my blog, Iana is the daughter of Sheila who I was ALWAYS with before Bryan and I got back together.  Our daughters were about the same age, we were both single parents, we both liked to drink and would have tons of fun together.  I met her at the apartment I moved into when the kids were about 4 & 3.

When we moved into our house, shortly after Sheila moved into a townhouse just down the street from us.  Every Friday we would go to her house and have drinks while the kids played.  They ended up moving to The Woodlands so we don't really see much of them at all anymore.  Since Bryan was actually working out there last week, he was able to bring Iana back with him.  I thought it was going to be for one night but it was actually for the whole weekend.  I had a hard time with it, just a little, not totally stressing but I hadn't really planned to have someone over so I felt weird with the house not being spotless and we had planned on going grocery shopping Tuesday (payday) so there wasn't really a whole lot to eat in the house.  I planned on just whipping some things up that I found in the pantry, fridge, and freezer.  Luckily, Bryan came to the rescue because he got paid Friday and was able to handle meals.

Friday night we offered to get McDonalds and Iana said she couldn't eat that.  I asked why and she said because of all of the calories she was going to have to run off in Athletics.  I asked what sport she played but she said she didn't play any, she just took it this year because P.E. was so boring last year.  I didn't even know that was a choice.  What irked me the most is her tummy is already concave so it isn't like she needed to be worried about weight.  Besides, she had no problem eating Panda Express, pizza on Saturday, and then 3 bowls of mac n cheese at Boston Market.  SMH.

The girls went skating Saturday night which is a common thing for Claire but I think she enjoys it more than Iana because she knows more people.  Her stories are always feeled with lots of drama but such is the life for a 13 year old I suppose.

Sunday morning rolled aorund and I couldn't get her out of the house fast enough.  I woke up with a migraine and had been having bad cramps all weekend.  I stayed in bed in our room while Bryan tended to the kids and the animals and then he eventually met Sheila around 2.  God I love my husband.

Do any of you guys ever get like that?  I have never been one to entertain though.  I mean, I like going to parties and am told I am the life of them, I just don't like to have them.  I would rather lay around the house in my pj's, watching tv or a movie, going out to eat with Bryan and the kids, and I am content.  My aunt after years finally stopped calling and asking me to go shopping with her or go with them to some shindig.  For the longest time I would go because I felt bad saying no but then one day I realized I am almost 40 years old and can really do whatever the hell I want to.  *Sigh*  That's  a nice feeling. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Taylor the Tiger

I ran across this photo the other day of Taylor.  We had gotten it done at Traders Village which is a gigantic flea market here in Houston.  I never noticed the tear stains until recently though.  Awe..

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Us at Disney in 2010 on The Hollywood Tower of Terror!  I love how Taylor and I are looking at eachother and Bryan and Claire look like they are crying.

Square Peg Meets Circular Hole.

Do I still consider myself a mommy blogger?  Yes but I know I write a little about all kinds of things now but it all still involves what is going on with me or my family right now or about my past, which of course made me who I am today.

When I first started this blog, I was full on mommy blogger because my kids were little and said cute things.  Now they are older and although still loveable most of the time, if I only blogged about them, you wouldn't be seeing very many posts.

I can say though that one of the main reasons I started to blog again was because I had read my blog from the beginning to when I stopped and loved being reminded about things they said or did that I had forgotten.  I want to be able to chronicle as much of their lives on here as possible so that in a few years when they are both driving and in high school (egads I am getting old), I can look back and reminisce.  Another reason is because I LOVE to write.  I will start a post on here and just type and type and type and then realize I am writing a damn book and need to wrap it up or people are going to fall asleep!

I think for now instead of trying to force my blog into a certain category, I will just say oh yes, I have a blog and if asked what it is about I will reply, you will just have to check it out.  ;)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Damn Near Killed Someone...

We have had a fruit & cheese tray in our fridge for a few days so instead of it going to waste, I decided to take it to work with me this morning.  I looked it over real  quick and everything still looked bright and yummy.

I went into the company kitchen and opened the lid, threw it away, and set it out for everyone to snack on. I went back to my desk for my breakfast and came back into the kitchen to warm it up when something on the tray caught my eye.  It looked like mold, on some of the cheese so I picked up the tray and tossed it.

Just a few minutes later one of the gals I worked with came in and asked where the goodies went.  I told her I threw them away because I saw mold and she started laughing.  She said, "I just ate one of the apples and it was delicious!"  I said "Well now you have had your penicillin for the day."