Monday, January 12, 2015

Prolly Tastes Like Chicken.

Saturday evening I was craving me some sushi.  I don't know about you guys but I love me some sushi!  I could eat it every day and I am not embellishing that shit at all.

One of my favorite places to go and eat it is Sushi Choo Choo.  The experience is like none other.  You sit at a bar and watch plates of sushi ride by on this little conveyor belt.  You grab as much as you like and after your're done, the waiter/waitress tallies up your total by the color on your plates.  A super cool idea and it allowed me to branch out on what I would eat.

So back to Saturday - I was looking at a menu online for a restaurant by us that has a big selction of sushi.  I noticed some of the rolls had something called Unagi in them.  I asked Bryan if he knew what that was and he didn't so I googled it.  Here is that convo.......

Me:  Oh, it seems Unagi is eel.

Bryan:  Seal?  Oh no I draw the line at that.

Me:  You've eaten it before though.

Bryan:  Seal?!?!?

Me:  No babe, eeeeelllllll.

Bryan:  Oooohhhh. Oh yea that's fine.  I thought you said seal.

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