Friday, January 2, 2015


So 2014 is gone and I haven't posted in forever.  Shame on me.  Why haven't I?  I really couldn't say.  I think about things I want to write about, or something the kids may have said that was cute but then when the time comes for me to blog about it, I don't.  That makes me have a big grumpy face.

I can't believe that Taylor will be 13 in two months.  Dosn't seem possible.  13 years ago he was born when I was 24 weeks pregnant and he weighed 1 lb 7 oz.  He almost died.  More than once.  Look at him now.  I wish I was still in contact with those doctors and nurses so they could see.  My little Miracle.

Claire will be 15 this year.  To wrap my head around that is still difficult.  Where has that little girl gone?  She got her braces off in 2014 and now has a million dollar smile.  Listening to her talk to me about all of the drama with her friends and boys makes me smile.  All of that is so important to her right now - friends, skating, he said-she said crap.  It hurts my head but it is her world right now.  I love that she is so confident in herself though.  She doesn't take shit from no one and I admire her for that.

I will need to post the picture here but this was the first year Taylor didn't go trick or treating.  Claire went as a homeless person with a card board sign saying something along the lines of will work for beer.  It was funny.  I wonder if this will be her last year.

Taylor had surgery on his legs in November.  We have been doing the Botox injections and serial casting for years but it got to a point where we weren't getting the same results.  The next step would be to have his tendons lengthened.  I let Taylor choose what he wanted to do because in the end, it is his body.  The choice was to continue doing what we were doing or have the surgery, wearing night time and day time braces for a year, and then hopefully nothing else for some time.  He chose the surgery because he doesn't want to have to wear braces on his legs.  The kids at school make fun of him.  When the doctor stepped out of the room, he turned to me and said "I'm going to finally get to be a normal boy."  My heart melted.  He wore casts for 6 weeks after the surgery.  We just got them off on the 29th of December.  He mentioned his toes had seen better days.  He wears "boots" for a month and then we will go back and discuss physical therapy.  We also got a prescription for new day time and night time braces.  He is not looking foward to that but as long as he does what he needs to, should be for only 1 year.

I celebrated my 11 year anniversary with my job.  I still love it.  Bryan is enjoying his new position as an assistant store manager and he is rocking it.

Did I mention Taylor has started growing facial hair?  Yea.  A moustache.  Thankfully he wants to shave it.

So I guess this kinda turned out to be a what happened in 2014 letter but mostly I just wanted to update on the important things that have happened since I last posted.

Here is to another fabulous year!  Happy 2015!!!!

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