Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy 1st Day of School!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

That's Gonna Leave A Mark.

Yesterday was Taylor's first real "accident", we have had our fair share of scrapes or bruises but never the real bloody ones. He was out riding his bike with some kids on our street when he face planted into the concrete, hitting chin first.

There was lots of blood and tears but after getting it cleaned out, he ended up with some nasty road rash and some chunks of skin missing where it seems gravel had been. Taylor's only question?

"Am I gonna have to wear one of those cones like the dogs do so I don't mess with it?"

Thursday, August 13, 2009

You Want Mani/Pedi?

OMG, What makes this so damn funny is because it is true!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What's Not To Love?

If you haven't seen this yet, go check it out ~ I totally have my copy reserved!

Oliver the Terror

We adopted a baby boy kitten a few weeks ago, his name is Oliver and he has gotten bigger and braver since the day I brought him home. His favorite place to wreak havoc? Claire's room. This was the conversation I heard last night coming from her room, I thought of Turner & Hootch the whole time. :)

Claire: Oliver, what are you doing> Why are you tearing up my things? What do you think this is, your playroom or something? Well it isn't, this is my room and it upsets me very much that you chew and scratch up my stuff. If you don't stop, I'm going to have to put a diaper on you.

Now why the diaper you may ask? She recently found out she could buy real baby diapers from the store with her own money and slap them on every doll and bear she can find. I think she actually tried to put one on Oliver before but came back missing a finger.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Life With Claire

The other day Claire was playing on the computer, one of her new favorite things is to watch silly songs and videos from High school Musical on YouTube and yes we supervise her completely. All of a sudden she says, "Hey Momma did you do this?" so I walk over and look at what she is pointing at.

It was one of those ads for going back to school and it read Obama wants mothers to go back to school, or something to this nature.

Me: No honey I am not going back to school.

C: But President Obama says you have to.

Me: No sweetie, its an ad ~ like a commercial.

C: OOhhkkaayyyy, but don't say I didn't let you know if you get in trouble from the President.


We were watching High school Musical 2 last night and one verse in the song they were singing was about how it was time for summer and you can do whatever you want. Claire turns to me and says......

C: That isn't true.

Me: What?

C: That during the summer you can do whatever you want.

Me: It isn't?

C: No because you still tell us when to go to bed and sometimes when to get up and sometimes even where we are going. So, no it isn't true.

*Sigh* She's growing up so fast........

Monday, August 10, 2009

I Think The Toilet Bit Her.

Claire is getting older and has started coming to me or Bryan with questions about her body, and every time I cant help but hold my breath each time I hear "Momma can I ask you something?"

Yesterday she was using the restroom and the amount of time she was in there plus the singing (yes my daughter sings on the toilet, doesn't yours?) made me think she was "dropping the kids of at the pool", a term my lovely husband likes to use.

She came into the living room where I was folding some laundry and spoke the dreaded words.

C: Momma, can I ask you something?

Me: Sure sweetie, what is it?

C: For some reason my butt has this red line on it.

Me: Well, you must not be cleaning very well. Does it hurt?

C: No, not like in my butt, like on it. Here, let me just show you.

She pulls her little shorts and undies down and point to this red mark.

Me: Hon, that is from the toilet seat from you sitting there for so long.

C: *Grinning sheepishly* Ohhhhhhhhh.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Drive-in Anyone?

Looking for something to do tonight with the kids? Check it out! :)

You're welcome.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Them Some Mighty Hot Peppers!

Not too long ago we had a few friends over and I had asked Bryan to make some jalapeno poppers that are to die for, it is from a recipe that I got from a gal I work with. Let me know if anyone wants it?

Anyway, she mentioned to me that she wears gloves when she makes them so I told Bryan this but being the He-Man that he is, he didn't. An hour or so later I hear noises from the kitchen that made me nervous so I went to check it out. There was Bryan slathering butter and mayonnaise on his manhood. Turns out shortly after he finished making the poppers, he went and used the restroom. Yeah, he used his hands to umm, you know, aim...........

Betcha he uses gloves the next time.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


We're trying to help teach the kids about responsibility, we started with a chore list that they were responsible for doing small things around the house on the weekdays and then a more thorough cleaning on Sunday, like cleaning your room, dusting, sorting your laundry ~ everything a parent dreams of their child doing when they reach a certain age. :)

Now Claire got her first pet when she turned 5, it was a hamster that she named Elvis whom she adored and I have to admit, turned out to be the best dang hamster ever. He never once tried to bite any of the kids and allowed them to dress him up in tiny doll clothes and ran through out the dollhouse they'd stick him in. Elvis lived longer than any hamster I had ever known and we were sad when the little guy died.

Now everyone knows that I am a huge animal lover, the more the merrier I say but it can get a little over whelming at times. We have 3 dogs, 2 cats, and now 2 fish named Goldie and Sparkles. You see, Taylor really wanted a pet for his room and we felt it was time for him to be responsible for his very own living & breathing friend. He actually wanted a lizard but Bryan put his foot down saying they were smelly and I think he also knew he'd be stuck cleaning out the tank and such seeing as how I am scared of them.

They came to an agreement for Taylor to have his very own mini aquarium with the two calico goldfish mentioned above, the names I will have you know he picked out all on his own. We got them home from the pet store and Bryan went about putting the tank together with Taylor watching his every move and while he did all of it, he told Taylor how to care for his fish and gave him strict directions to only feed the fish once a day, and how much.

Two days later I noticed the fish food open next to the tank, lid off, so I went to chastise Bryan about not putting things back and he said he and Taylor had fed the fish that morning and he knew he had put the lid back on. We called Taylor into his room to ask about the opened fish food and he bursts into tears.

Bryan: "Calm down son, you're not in trouble we're just asking about the food. Did you feed the fish again?"

Taylor: *Tears streaming down his face* "Yes, because they were looking at me with their mouths open so I knew they must still be hungry."

Monday, August 3, 2009

Is Three A Crowd?

So Bryan and I have been throwing around the idea of another kidlet lately, me of course more than him. Claire is 9 and Taylor 7 and I sure do miss those baby days and would love to be able to experience the pregnancy and such together, something some of you know did not happen the first two times.

But, Bryan does make some good points too that make me join him on the fence, you see, as much as he'd love to have another baby there are some things to look at such as....... *Bryan thinks my clock is just ticking and in a year or so I will have changed my mind.*

We just bought our home which is only 3 bedroom/2 baths and although the baby would be in our room for at least the first year, I am sure Claire nor Taylor would be too thrilled to have a much younger sibling crammed into their already packed rooms.

There's also the money issue because Bryan and I have finally reached a point in our lives where we can afford to pay all of our bills and still go out to eat or purchase that video game the kids had their sights set on. Another baby is full of expenses and I am sure, put us right back where we were if not worse considering we've never had three children before.

The kids are pretty much self sufficient and it is nice to be able to go to places and not worry about temper tantrums, dirty diapers, etc.

Lastly, I had my tubes tied 7 years ago so would need to shell out 6000.00 bucks to have the reversal surgery which means that would be our entire income tax return and even after spending all of that money, it is not a 100% guarantee I would get pregnant.

I am sure you are thinking my this seems like a lot of cons but we're trying to be realistic. We have a lot of pros too, well, maybe not A LOT but bringing a baby into our home to love and care for and to have another Claire or Taylor, well that just tips the scales right there. :)

We have decided for now to give it a couple of years because the return we receive in 2010 we want to use to do maintenance around the house, build a shed and patio, etc so the goal is to use 2011 return for the surgery. All of this of course is just a plan, just words thrown out loud between Bryan and I but the good thing is we are discussing it and I guess we'll see what happens.