Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Life With Claire

The other day Claire was playing on the computer, one of her new favorite things is to watch silly songs and videos from High school Musical on YouTube and yes we supervise her completely. All of a sudden she says, "Hey Momma did you do this?" so I walk over and look at what she is pointing at.

It was one of those ads for going back to school and it read Obama wants mothers to go back to school, or something to this nature.

Me: No honey I am not going back to school.

C: But President Obama says you have to.

Me: No sweetie, its an ad ~ like a commercial.

C: OOhhkkaayyyy, but don't say I didn't let you know if you get in trouble from the President.


We were watching High school Musical 2 last night and one verse in the song they were singing was about how it was time for summer and you can do whatever you want. Claire turns to me and says......

C: That isn't true.

Me: What?

C: That during the summer you can do whatever you want.

Me: It isn't?

C: No because you still tell us when to go to bed and sometimes when to get up and sometimes even where we are going. So, no it isn't true.

*Sigh* She's growing up so fast........

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