Monday, August 3, 2009

Is Three A Crowd?

So Bryan and I have been throwing around the idea of another kidlet lately, me of course more than him. Claire is 9 and Taylor 7 and I sure do miss those baby days and would love to be able to experience the pregnancy and such together, something some of you know did not happen the first two times.

But, Bryan does make some good points too that make me join him on the fence, you see, as much as he'd love to have another baby there are some things to look at such as....... *Bryan thinks my clock is just ticking and in a year or so I will have changed my mind.*

We just bought our home which is only 3 bedroom/2 baths and although the baby would be in our room for at least the first year, I am sure Claire nor Taylor would be too thrilled to have a much younger sibling crammed into their already packed rooms.

There's also the money issue because Bryan and I have finally reached a point in our lives where we can afford to pay all of our bills and still go out to eat or purchase that video game the kids had their sights set on. Another baby is full of expenses and I am sure, put us right back where we were if not worse considering we've never had three children before.

The kids are pretty much self sufficient and it is nice to be able to go to places and not worry about temper tantrums, dirty diapers, etc.

Lastly, I had my tubes tied 7 years ago so would need to shell out 6000.00 bucks to have the reversal surgery which means that would be our entire income tax return and even after spending all of that money, it is not a 100% guarantee I would get pregnant.

I am sure you are thinking my this seems like a lot of cons but we're trying to be realistic. We have a lot of pros too, well, maybe not A LOT but bringing a baby into our home to love and care for and to have another Claire or Taylor, well that just tips the scales right there. :)

We have decided for now to give it a couple of years because the return we receive in 2010 we want to use to do maintenance around the house, build a shed and patio, etc so the goal is to use 2011 return for the surgery. All of this of course is just a plan, just words thrown out loud between Bryan and I but the good thing is we are discussing it and I guess we'll see what happens.

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