Monday, February 23, 2015

Get The Stick Out Your Butt

It has happened.  Taylor is full on teenager mode.  His attitude stinks.  I miss my little guy.  I never know how he is going to be when I get home from work.  Some days he meets me at the door and smiles and chatty and other days, my existence seems to piss him off.  *Sigh*

So yesterday he wasn't feeling well.  He was complaining his throat was hurting so I got out these lozenges I had from when I was sick with strep throat.  Nasty buggers but they do the job.  The kind I had was Cepacol for Sore Throat & Cough.  I decided to play a joke on Taylor and as I held the box up, I pretended to read "I think these will work.  They are for sore throat and constipation."

He looks at me and places his hand on his chest and as serious as a heart attack says, " Yes, that is what I need."  I found it hilarious.