Sunday, February 25, 2007


Seesaw: 0$

Trip home with it: 5$ for gas

Watching daughter turn harmless seesaw into the Texas Cyclone causing her brother to be hurt in less than 2 minutes: priceless

*Sorry no pics guys- I have yet to unpack the missing camera*

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Our Weekend So Far

Last night we took the kids over to my parents way the hell out in La Porte, and then turned around to go back to the Reliant Stadium to go to the cook off. After sitting in hellacious traffic and then attempting to find a parking spot not asking for 40 bucks, we finally entered at around 7:30. Needless to say, my family and friends were way ahead of us on the drinking schedule. And as I am sure you all know, it is not much fun to hang out with a bunch of drunks when you are not on the same level. After watching my aunt almost fall down I don't know how many times, and then watching my grandfather try to kick another old guy's ass - -we took that as our cue to go home. No need to worry people, they were not driving themselves anywhere, they had rented a hotel room to stay in so they could just crawl their happy slurring asses to bed. Now this is not an usual site for these kind of "family gatherings". Mostly I was just a little upset with it being my hubby's first time to go but the good thing is he did enjoy himself and actually compared it to Mardi Gras. That had me beaming with pride since he is always "Georgia is better blah blah blah". No body parties like Texas!!

Today Bryan and I went to Home Depot to get the stuff that a home owner needs to take care of the out side if the house. Now I know nothing about any of it. All of it just reminded me of the show King of the Hill and Hank's fascination with his lawn. We had put money away from our tax refund for this expense. 450.00 later we now have a lawnmower called the Rotor Somethin or Another 2000 -- well in my mind that is what it is called. And of course he had to have a weed eater, blower, etc, etc. Of course, like a little kid as soon as we get home he has to try it out. So with a sweet smile on my face I watched my hunny out there mowing the lawn - just happy as can be yes he was. Then he went to use the weed eater and the handle broke on the damn thing and busted his knuckle. Ouch. So back to Home Depot he goes to get another weed eater and I am sure show off his new battle wound. Guess the lawn won.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

New House + Sick Kids = Irritable Mommy

First things first, the move. The movers finally showed up around 10 am last Saturday. Hubby, the kids and I, had been anxiously waiting for them. So much for the between 8-9 appointment time. As they introduced themselves, hubby and I exchanged glances. We both thought it pretty ironic that one of them was named Chase, the name of last ex boyfriend before hubby and I got together. We were starting a new life in a new house and the dude helping just happened to bring the past with him. Oh well beggars cant be choosers right? Besides, all they were doing is hauling all of our crap for us. I have never had a moving company before but let me just say, I recommend to all. How nice it was to just stand back and not kill myself with hauling boxes bigger than myself into a rented Uhaul. The kids were so excited to see the big truck but the excitement wore off quickly and they began to drive us crazy. Luckily, my aunt just lives around the corner and was able to come and save us with a trip to McDonald's.

We still have tons of unpacked boxes in our living room but the space people! The space!! I can actually lose a kid in here. I love the fact that I can be in one part of the house and not hear a peep from playing/fighting munchkins. The only annoying part of that is hubby constantly will be yelling for me from say the garage and I am in the kitchen when he knows damn well I cannot hear him. It totally irritates me when he does that.

Taylor was the first to come down with this temperature raising virus Sunday afternoon. It was like in a matter of minutes he went from his loving, hyper little self to this quiet, miserable looking little boy. The good thing about Taylor is when he is not feeling well, he sleeps and sleeps and really just wants to be left alone. Claire came down with it on Tuesday. Bryan stayed home with them Monday and Tuesday while I worked but yesterday and today have been my days. Yesterday was rough. Claire still wants to be entertained and has to be doing something, even with a damn 102.5 fever. She amazes me. And if I give her Tylenol, the girl just comes alive with energy. I managed to get a few boxes unpacked yesterday without packing up a single child in one, and a few loads of laundry. Taylor was feeling mucho better this morning and last night so off to school he went. So it is just me and Claire today -- it is not even 10:30 yet and I am praying for nap time. Send some patience vibes this way people, she may not make it out alive.


This weekend the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo cook off kicks off. Well actually, it starts today but I never get to go on the weekdays because well, school and work just doesn't go well with too many Bud Lites. But, tomorrow the kids' are spending the weekend with my parents and hubby and I are going out there to have some grownup fun!! Woo hoo!! I have been looking forward to this all week. Anyone else going?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I am sorry that I have not been around. The move and the aftermath has been quite hectic. And to make matters worse - both kids have come down with some sort of virus. I have been home with them all day today and ready to pull my hair out. I just now got the Internet back, it is like a blessing in disguise.

I will be back soon to bore and impress you all with my life. :) Now I am off to give the older one a bath.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Where the hell am I?

Now if you ask anyone who truly knows me, they will tell you that I should have been a blonde That has always been the joke in my family. The problem is, the things I do or say usually backs them up. For example, my job just recently changed from Washington Mutual to Wacovia. I do not have a bank account because they do not agree with me. I cannot keep them positive to save my life. So on pay day, I haul ass over to the bank on my lunch break so I can get the cash to just hand over to rent and daycare basically. Today I boogied on over there and here is what went down.

Me: Walking into the bank randomly looking around and talking to myself in head. *Not too busy today. Gosh I hope they don't try the whole get an account with us speech. Man, this Wacovia has a lot of the same decorations as Washington Mutual. Weird.

So I go on up to the teller, give her my check and and id and prepare myself for the whole you really need to bank with us and here, give us your thumb print with our smelly ink dialogue.
This is what I got instead.

Teller: Do you have an account with us?

Me: Nope

Teller: Well then you need to go to Wacovia.

Me: Looking around as I say, well where am I?

Teller: Washington Mutual

Me: Ooohhhh. *I do my best attempt at laughing* My bad, have a nice day!!

And I walked on out of there with my head held high. Not really, I practically ran.

It's Finally Friday

Happy Friday my peeps! I couldn't be more thrilled either. Tomorrow is the big move. The movers arrive between 8-9 and we're hoping to have everything packed and ready to go by then. Hubby took off today to take down beds, last minute packing, laundry, etc. Our first real house!! Woo hoo!! I am excited, scared, sad all rolled into one. Everything will be fine I am sure. We wont have access to our Internet until next Wednesday so if I disappear for a few days, you know why.


Taylor is becoming quite the little punk. In our family, I am the "mean parent". When I tell them to do something by God they do it or fear the consequences. Please don't think I am the next mommy Dearest, but being a single mom for many years required me to not be a push over. Dad is the sweet, kind, fun one. Even my kids have told him that. The problem with this is Dad gets no respect.

Last night hubby asked Taylor to do something and the little troll said no, you're ugly, and then hit him. Normally that is when Mom jumps in and puts him in time out and so forth. Last night, I tried to let Dad handle it. All I heard was screams from Taylor and Dad basically pleading with him to stop crying and lets talk. That is how Dad handles things. His little "speeches". They don't seem to be working though.

Later on, I mention to Taylor that he is getting a little too big for his britches. His response, "well then buy me some bigger ones mommy." Yes adorable and too cute and it took everything I had not to laugh and explain what I was talking about. Little bugger.


Valentines was a great success. Hubby had ordered roses to be delivered to my work but due to all of that bad weather going on, they never got to me. I was a little disappointed but, I knew he at least tried. I did get a nice little bouquet from my grandfather tho. He is the sweetest man alive. When I called to thank him he said I hope it is real pretty because I told them to give you something nice. I assured him they were beautiful.

We had arranged a sitter and once we got a little tiff at home again over Taylor's attitude, we were off to enjoy our kid-fee evening. Dinner was awesome. We went to this nice little Chinese restaurant right by our new house and they had the best California rolls. After stuffing our faces we went to the movies to see Lyrics and Melody. Great movie!! I love chick flicks!! Bryan joked around about falling asleep in it. It is an inside joke between us. When I turned 20 he took me to a movie to see Meet Joe Black. I was in love with the movie, sitting on the edge of my seat, tears filling my eyes and I look over all mushy with love to see him asleep - snoring. I was pissed. But luckily he did not fall asleep this time, he would have lost an arm if he had.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Make sure ya'll miss me bunches over the weekend.
PS. Hubby just called and said dsl has already been turned off to be transfer. :(

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I thought this was nifty

Happy Valentines Day

For all of you crafty moms out there!!

Valentine's Heart Necklace!
Things you will need:Clay Acrylic PaintKnitting NeedleRibbon (or necklace cord)ToothpickClear Nail PolishHeart Cookie Cutter

I use a combination of Sculpy clay, and fimo for most of my clay projects. I work the Sculpy clay so it is soft... then take some of the Fimo clay for the color... and mix the two clays together. This way I don't have to paint my beads (except for any detail paintings I want to add). After you have worked the clay, roll it out (I use my hands for this) Once it is the thickness I want, I use a small heart cookie cutter to cut out the shape for the bead.

If you don't have a heart cookie cutter... you can mold the heart shape using your hands... or use a kitchen knife (ask parents first IF you can use a knife with this clay) and cut out the shape of the heart. You can either set your heart side-ways or straight.... both ways look nice. You will also want to make other beads to go on your necklace... make some round ones (roll the clay in the palm of your hand) or long beads... just have fun with the shapes!

Take a knitting needle and make the hole in heart (and the other beads you made too). I like using the metal knitting needle because it has a dull end with a nice smooth surface (which won't grab the clay as you push it through). Once the hole is made... set the beads on a cookie sheet (use an old one) and bake in the oven until hard. 300 degrees for about 30 minutes. (check the beads after 20 minutes to make sure they are not too well done. If they are starting to turn a brownish color... take them out! It is better to bake at a lower temp for a longer period of time.)

Once the beads are baked... let them cool (this takes about 1/2 hours) If you did not use the Fimo Clay for color... you can paint the entire bead. You can paint anything you want on your beads... lines, flowers... dots look very nice! Dots are easy to paint on your heart bead... take a little piece of waxed paper, and put some acrylic paint on the wax paper... then dab your toothpick into the paint.... then put the dots on your bead.
After you are all done painting the beads... you can spray them with acrylic spray... or use a clear nail polish (this is what I use) to cover the beads to give them a nice shine. When this is coating is dry... you can put your beads on ribbon, or necklace cord. Beautiful!
Another Idea... Use the heart shapes to make magnets! Instead of putting a hole in the beads... glue a piece of magnet strip on the back of the bead!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Paul Michael

I am sure that everyone thinks back to previous relationships, the good-the bad- and the ugly. Paul was my high school sweetheart. He was the first person I ever had sex with. He was also the first man to ever ask me to marry him.

We dated off and on for a little over 4 years. I moved away from home with him. I got my first apartment with him. I started college as his fiance. I had my first tequila hangover with him. Over the years, we started to grow apart though. He was changing into more of a party animal and wanting to spread his wings. I was used to having him wrapped around my finger so I, well lets just say I was not always the nicest girl. He cheated, I cheated -- we broke up and then got back together. *Sigh* Young love.... It ended though and from what I can remember not well. I think of only good memories of Paul Michael but I worry sometimes that his memories of me may not be so giddy. So....

I sent him an email, and it goes something like this:

I wanted to send you a "letter" because there was a few things I wanted to talk to you about.
The other night Bryan and I were talking and I cannot remember actually what the conversation was about, but he mentioned he would like to meet you some day. Needless to say I was a little shocked. None of my other boyfriends/fiances have ever asked to meet a previous one. But Bryan is not like anyone I have ever been with before. For starters, he is the father of my beautiful daughter Claire. Secondly, he was the first "real" relationship that I had after you. He was the boy I fell in love with in GA that broke my heart and well, 9 years later here we are. He is also the man that loves my son unconditionally and makes me smile/laugh every day. I guess he wants to meet my high school sweetheart, the first guy who I gave my heart to you.
I want to apologize to you, because I don't think that I ever did. Knowing me back then, I would have been just fine with you thinking everything was always your fault. I still have issues with saying I am wrong, but hey I cant be perfect right? I cannot even remember now why we broke up. Why I went to live in GA. Why we never talk anymore. I spoke to you a few times over the years when I first returned to Texas and that was fun. I am not asking to be all buddy-buddy with you. I think I just wanted you to know that I am sorry for everything I did and didn't do when I was with you. I am sorry for not staying in touch with you. But I am thankful that my high school days brings memories of you.

Heart Breaking News

Here it is the 12th and I still had not gotten and info from Claire's school about this year's Valentines Party. Last year, a homeroom mom contacted me and nominated me to bring the damn cupcakes. We got the kids' v-day cards last night getting all prepared and bought two bags of candy for their little party at day care. Both of the kids can barely contain themselves they are so excited. So this morning I sent an email to Claire's teacher, basically asking if I needed to bring anything. This was her response:

There will not be a valentines party this year....we are taking time to pass out valentines on Wednesday morning if the kids choose....She will need don't even have to put names on them.....It will be a rather quick thing and then they will put them in their backpacks...There will be a party later in the year but not a Valentines party!! Thanks!!

What?? How is this possible? She is the first grade, how can they no give these little dolls a V-Day party? I can remember how important it was for me when I was kid, these parties. It is like a childhood must!! I am sooooo not happy.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Home Depot

I have just returned from having dinner with the Home Depot family. This has been like my third time to go to one of these functions with hubby and kids, and tonight I came to the conclusion that the next one, I am going to be sick. I can be quite anti social as hubby likes to call it politely. In reality, I am a real bitch when I have to attend something where I do not know anyone. I am uncomfortable, quiet, and generally just not myself. Why do I act this way? I can not honestly tell you, I have always been this way. I tend to look down upon others who are "cliquish", but you know what -- the truth is I am cliquish. I don't tend to stray outside of my "safe" circle. Hubby says this causes people to think that I am rude and not a nice person, when actually (his words here now people), you are really funny, sweet, and the life of the party. You just have to know who you're partying with. Does anyone else suffer from this?


The funny part was when were getting ready to leave, I was putting son in the back seat and I noticed he had his hands over his ears.

Me: What are you doing?

Son: I was waiting for that noise to start.

Me: Oh well, it wont this time because this IS are car.

Son: Okay good. Cause that noise is L O U D.

In case you haven't read, I posted on Jenny's blog ( awhile back about putting kids in the wrong car while leaving Home Depot. My children are like elephants, they forget nothing I tell you.


Saturday morning started pretty early for me yesterday. I had signed up with Claire's Girl Scout troop to be one of the mommies to donate their car and time and assist in picking up cookies. I hurried over to Starbucks to get me a little helper (Caramel Frappachino - yum) and hauled ass over to the designated meeting area. When I arrived I thought I was late because the troop leader was sitting there with another mommy waiting in their cars. I ran over to apologize for being late and she said they were actually waiting on another mom and that I was meeting the leader helper lady and her group. So I settled into my car with my drink, the radio, and waited. And waited. And waited. After an hour, and no phone calls, I left. Girl Scouts Suck.


Once I got home, Claire and Taylor jumped me for what remained of my Frappachino. Vultures. Full of energy, I dived into packing. Yes people, the moving day is next Saturday! Can you believe it?? I can't. I am excited but scared at the same time. Such a big step for my little family. I have started with the kids' closet. Yes I am a mean mommy, I am pretty much packing up all of the toys they own except for stuff I see them play with every day and movies/games. Everything else is now in boxes and the closet is a shock to see. It normally looks like a toy store threw up in there. Who knew there was a floor?!?!?

At 2 I decided to take a nap, we were going to what my family calls "family night" that evening over at my aunts. It is always lots of fun. Good food, beer, karaoke, jukebox, dancing, singing, poker... Way too much fun. I had been laying down for about an hour when I hear hubby scream my name and what sounded like Niagara Falls. I run into the living room and see hubby on the porch, standing in a river, trying to haul shit out of our utility room. A pipe or something had busted in the wall and as the neighbor upstairs did her laundry, the water out of the washing machine was steadily flooding our porch. Apt complex notified and they tell upstairs not to use their washing machine until Monday, us neither. What the hell?? So I have been debating this morning whether to wait until tomorrow or brave the laundromat. I think I will wait.

Nap being shot, I went to Old Navy and picked out the cutest pair of pants for that night. Love them!! I secretly prayed all the way home that they fit. :) By 10 pm I was exhausted, beered out, and really just ready to go home. Some of my relatives were in awe, seeing as how usually I am THE party animal. I dunno, here lately I just wanna have a few drinks, chill, and bed no later then 10. Is this a sign that I am getting old???

Friday, February 9, 2007

We Suck

That was what my daughter told us last night. And then we were no fun and she didn't want to live with us anymore because we told her no computer games - homework! She then sat down on the floor and said she was running away to New York City. I found this odd but humorous. Why New York? That has never been a topic in our household, but for some reason that city is where my daughter is feeling to. Anyone in NY want a 6 yr old red head??

Vegetable Hater

Okay so I know I have spoken about Taylor being a preemie and all and was once featured over at with a little post about our miracle. Well, that miracle has turned into a handsome yet difficult 4 year old. Taylor has always been on the light side when it comes to his weight. He is actually much taller than the average 4 yr old, but he just recently hit the whopping 30 lbs. This has come from lots of fattening foods (extra butter on his spaghetti, whole milk for him, etc) and requiring him to sit at the damn table and eat something other than a nibble of a hot dog and a bag of Cheetos.

Dinner time is a stressful time at our house. The crying, pouting, giggling, kicking, feeding the dog his food is more than hubby and I can take. It seemed like it was getting better for a little while there, but we seem to be going back to square one. Taylor will tell dad before the meal is even on the table that he doesn't like something. Dad is at the breaking point, I can tell. We have tried timing him, rewards, no dinner/no dessert, no eating then straight to bed, etc. The thing is, Taylor NEEDS to eat. He needs to gain weight. He needs to stay healthy. Now I know what you all must be thinking, he is a toddler and toddlers are picky. Yes, I completely agree with this having been a picky child myself. But is has now spread to daycare as well. Taylor refuses to eat his lunch, telling the teachers he doesn't like veggies. He comes home starving for his after school snack which he gets, but then nothing else until dinner. Dinner time comes - Taylor sits. Looks. And sits some more. Complains. Sits. If there happens to be something on his plate that he really likes, like mac and cheese, it is gone in a second, while everything else just sits and waits to be fed to the dog.

So, please, please tell me someone out there has this wonderful idea that has worked wonders for their little ones.

Mommy needs help.

Thursday, February 8, 2007


I know everyone in blog world will be posting about this. It was all over my office like a damn forest fire. Since I knew hubby had gotten off early and was home napping, I got to be the first one to tell him about the sad situation.

Me: Guess what, Anna Nicole Smith died!

Him: Oh yeah, well she probably overdosed on the Slim Fast shit.

Hee hee. Slim Fast overdose. Kinda funny right?

Claire's 6 Year Old Wisdom

Last night while we were driving home from day care, Claire was staring at a billboard sign for Whataburger. For those of you who don't have these fast food restaurants, they have really good (but huge) burgers and tasty taquitos for breakfast among other things on their menu.

Claire: Mom, I don't want to ever eat there.

Me: Where honey?

Claire: There! *As she points to the sign* They have water in their burgers. See, it says so on their sign.


Update on me becoming more MILF like. Not so good. I decided to give the 'ole scale a try this morning only for it to lie to me and say I have actually gained 5 pounds. I wanted to slap someone. So, I put the scale in the closet and shut the door, that'll teach you to tell me I'm fat. You're fat! Stupid scale!! Oh well, life will go on.

I have asked hubby to participate like Lotta's husband did over at and tell me 6 odd/weird things about me. He wrote down two immediately and then has spent the last two days trying to figure out some more. Guess I am not as weird as I thought huh? Every once in awhile I would take a peek and say something like "What is weird about that?", and his response would be do you want me to do this or not! So I closed my mouth. Last night as we were watching American Idol he asked me if I would use the fact that he thinks that I wont get on top during sex weird. Hell no!! Think of something else honey. Personally I think there is nothing wrong with the fact that I don't want to be a "rider".

Anyway, so that will be coming prolly later tonight. Thanks for the idea Lotta!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I am in love..

Okay if you havent already seen this, I had to share. I wonder where I could get a dog (or man) like that?

I guess she is listening when I talk...

This morning Claire was telling me about her friend's Easy Bake Oven like toy. Now I am not sure if everyone remembers, but Claire got an Easy Bake Oven this past Christmas. No worries though, we did hear about the recall on them and we're all over it. This was our conversation.

Claire: Mom, Izzy has this toy the looks like my easy bake oven, but it is not. It's like a microwave.

Me: Well that's cool.

Claire: I would to have one of those, so, when my easy bake oven gets old or we tear it up .. can I have a microwave one like Izzy?

Me: (laughing) Claire, that oven has been around way before even mom was a kid. It will never get old. Just be happy with what you got honey.

I thought this was amusing because when I clean out the kids' toy closet I tell them that anything that is old, they don't play with anymore, or that they tore up (meaning broke) is either going to Goodwill (if it is still good) or I am trashing it.

Since the exact same words just came out of my daughter's mouth, she really does hear me.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Lunch Money

My children usually take their lunch to school every day. Hubby says we save money this way. I say it is a pain in the ass to make the lunches in the morning and would much rather have them buy, but since he is usually the one making the lunches - he wins. Every once in awhile we let them buy their lunch. So, last Friday I sent 20.00 with Claire to give to her teacher to add to her lunch account. I did this thinking she would have credit and could take her lunch on days when I didn't feel like making her lunch.

Below are emails from myself to her teacher, and then responses from her when I was a bit confused with the note I got in Claire's folder Friday after school. (Remember, I had sent 20 bucks with her that morning.)

Teacher's response after asking about my 20 dollars:

She gave it to me and I held it until lunchtime..I put her in the line with it and then I leave the cafeteria..I just asked her and she said she handed it to the lunchlady...We will check today and I will let you know!!

My response to this was "great, let me know!"


Okay...I just had them check...she was negative $1.40 or something like that....I think when Mrs. Cykala wrote the note it was $ the 20 dollars took care of that and then she must have gotten lunch and that took it back negative...Does that sound right? I know Claire ususally brings her lunch so she must be getting breakfast on her account, also snacks on Fridays cost extra. I am not in the lunchroom but I can have Mrs. Cykala keep an eye on what is going on!! Thanks!!


Good Lord yes please do. She eats breakfast at Daycare so she should not be eating at school too. We had this problem last year and Claire has said she has not been doing that this year. She usually brings her lunch every dayunless as a treat we let her buy. I do believe that she bought her lunch this past Friday so that would make sense for the -1.40.

Conclusion: Claire was eating breakfast at daycare and then eating again at the school because, "Mom, they have chocolate milk!!".

I wonder if they make a sign to put on her that says, "Don't feed the red head please".

Sunday, February 4, 2007


I found myself in a situation this morning that I was not very fond of. We live in an apartment complex right now, we have for about 3 years so we have gotten to know many of our neighbors. My daughter has two friends that live in the complex as well as one of them also goes to the same daycare.

Iana is a pretty little girl who just turned 7 in January. Her mother is also a really good friend of mine. We usually get together every weekend. I don't always agree with her parenting skills and used to worry about some of the things Iana does or says. I didn't want Claire to pick up those things. I talked to her mom on more then one occasion about it and she said how she wished Iana was more like Claire. More innocent, more like the age that she is. The big thing a few years ago was Iana is allowed to watch scary movies. Her mom chose to let her watch these shows because she didn't want her daugher to be a "scaredy cat". My daughter is one of those. She has always been scared of pretty much everything. The first time I heard about this fascination of Iana's was when Claire came home in tears one evening talking about the leprechaun that lived in the drains that ate little babies. Of course, I was not happy about this at all and addressed it immediately with Iana's mom. Basically I told her Claire would not be able to play with her daughter anymore if she was going to continue to talk about things that terrified my daughter. Claire is now 6 but still a "young" 6, and I want to keep it like that. Iana was over at my home last night and I got a little irritated with her. She was conatanly putting down Claire's choice of makeup, songs, etc. I finally told her she was going to have to go home if she was going to continue to hurt Claire's feelings.

The other friend is Isabelle, who is 6 like Claire and she goes to the same elementary school. I made friends with her mom but the friendship was short lived. She has a "boyfriend" that she refers to as her husband. He is the father of little Isabelle. I have no respect for this man. He treats the mom like shit, cheats on her, made a pass at me, but she continues to stay with him even though she is very aware of all of his issues. For Christmas he old her she would be getting nothing from him because whores don't get Christmas gifts. I can not stand this man! And whenever I would try to hang out with the mom whenever the loser was gone, she would do nothing but talk about him. It got old. Fast. Now their little girl drives me insane every time she comes over. She does not know how to talk in a normal tone so everything that comes out sounds like a whine. She is also a huge tattle tell. And she usually spends her entire playtime in the living room complaining to myself or hubby about the other kids. I cringe when this little girl wants to come over.

Last night, Claire was invited to come over to Iana's house to play with her and Isabelle. An hour or so later, I get a call from Isabelle's mom asking what "sign" my daughter is because once again, her and Isabelle were not getting along. The ACTUAL problem is not what zodiac sign my daughter is, it is the fact that when the three girls get together they gang up on Claire and Isabelle is a huge bossy pants. My daughter usually ends up crying because she gets her feelings hurt and I get pissed. It has gotten to where I don't want her playing with them and am looking forward to the move. Isabelle's mom told me that Iana had made Claire and Iabelle write I am sorry notes to each other and I thought this was a nice suggestion. I went to pick Claire up shortly afterwards and I saw some paper in her hand but didn't think to ask about it.

This morning, Claire showed me those pieces of paper. One was the I am sorry note, but the other was a drawing of 2 little girls. One looked like she was glowing and the other seemed to be on fire. Claire said the glowing one was Isabelle and she was an angel. Then she pointed to the other and said this is me and I am the devil.

I am sure you know how friggin pissed I was! How dare those little snots tell my daughter that she is the devil! I got on the phone and first called Iana's mother because her daughter is the on that seems to be fascinated with demons and shit, but she didn't answer. I will talk to her, you can bet your ass about that. I DID speak to Isabelle's mom and of course she couldn't imagine Isabelle saying something like that etc., etc. Basically I just told her I don't appreciate it. She said she would talk to her monster. She went on the say that they would be having a super bowl party this afternoon but we were not invited (Bryan and I) because her loser of a man has issues with us. But Claire and Taylor were invited. Yeah, when HELL freezes over!!!!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Are you serious? Oh wait, you are....

Yesterday was a good day for me at work. Not too busy but not too slow. My spirits were high and I knew I would be meeting my honey and a friend for drinks after I got off. Now when I tell you this you're prolly going to think my Nicole is such a bit**. And yes, I can be -- but mostly I am just a real big smart ass. This happened about 2ish and afterwards I thought, this day just cannot get any better.

My company has a hired a few new people as I have mentioned in a post before. Yes, one of them likes to pee on seats. But anyway, one of the fax machines that that this department uses is right next to me cubicle. The person using the machine is practically standing in my space. Some times yes it can be annoying but Friday it totally paid off.

The fax machine is ringing with an incoming fax and one of the new hires picks the phone up on the fax.

Lady: (Insert my company's name here)?

I slowly stop typing and look at her out of the corner of my eye, thinking no way did she just do that??

She slowly puts the phone down and turns to me...

Lady: That has been happening to me all day and they just keep hanging up on me.

Me: Well damn that's rude! No manners at all!!

Yes, yes I know I should have told her that she doesn't need to pick up the phone and explain the whole thing to her, but this way was just much more fun.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Joke of the Day!

>>A little boy walks into his parents' room to see his mom on top of his dad bouncing up and down. The mom sees her son and quickly dismounts, worried about what her son has seen. She dresses quickly and goes to find him. The son sees his mom and asks, "What were you and Dad doing?" The mother replies, "Well, you know your dad has a big tummy and sometimes I have to get on top of it and help flatten it." "Your wasting your time," said the boy. "Why is that?" the mom asked puzzled. "Well when you go shopping the lady next door comes over and gets on her knees and blows it right back up."

Keeping Up

I read so many blogs and love to particpate as much as possible when they ask for others to post pictures of something or someone or tell their story about *inster topic here* and so on and so forth. Erik, otherwise known as the Very Nice Man has asked everyone to post a childhood picture of themselves. So here is my pic for that....

I dont why it put there twice put at least you get to see it.


The other was when Stephanie over at wrote about how she met her husband. I like to tell people my story because they always seemed a little surprised.

I lived in GA at the time with my bff and another roomate at the ripe age of 19. Her and I had gone to dinner at this awesome family restaurant called O'Charley's. I ordered the same thing I got every time we went... a salad with the chicken strips on a seperate plate and no croutons. I actually would say "please decroutonize the salad." I was super picky back then. So our waiter that evening was so cute and had the nicest ass I had seen on a boy. We flirted back and forth for a bit and he commented on what beautiful blue eyes I had and were they mine. I actually have brown eyes but I had in these friggin amazing blue contacts that looked genuine. Of course I said their mine. At the end of the meal I asked him if he would like to come with me and bff to our pool and chill. He said yes!

And people, the rest is history. I married my waiter. :)

PS. In case you're wondering I did tell him later that my blue eyes were pretend. I mean hell, I was going to have to take them out at bed time and all but luckily, he liked the brown eyed girl too.

Okay for some reason every one of my pics wants to be posted at the beginning of this post. Sorry about that. HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Too Funny...

Mornings are very hectic in out house hold. I am a morning person and hubby is pretty much one as well. Claire and Taylor -- HELL NO!!
They are complete bears in the am. You practically have to drag them out of their beds while they cry, whine, and complain the ENTIRE time you're getting them dressed. This morning was a little better since Claire woke up on her own but Taylor cried and drooled all over himself while I attempted to put clothes on the child. It's very annoying.
Hubby sings and dances and we do the very best we can to try to make them laugh and make mornings "fun" for them. I got on to Claire for doing a not so good job with brushing her teeth. I am sorry, but sucking all of the toothpaste off and then lighting swiping the brush over the front of your teeth is not going to work for this mom. She then started to tear up and I thought oh goodness so not a good morning. As hubby was putting on her shoes he tried getting her back into her former smiling self when she exclaimed...
Claire: Daddy, your breath stinks!
Hubby and I looked at each other and cracked up laughing. Thank you Claire for bringing the laughter back into our morning.