Friday, February 16, 2007

Where the hell am I?

Now if you ask anyone who truly knows me, they will tell you that I should have been a blonde That has always been the joke in my family. The problem is, the things I do or say usually backs them up. For example, my job just recently changed from Washington Mutual to Wacovia. I do not have a bank account because they do not agree with me. I cannot keep them positive to save my life. So on pay day, I haul ass over to the bank on my lunch break so I can get the cash to just hand over to rent and daycare basically. Today I boogied on over there and here is what went down.

Me: Walking into the bank randomly looking around and talking to myself in head. *Not too busy today. Gosh I hope they don't try the whole get an account with us speech. Man, this Wacovia has a lot of the same decorations as Washington Mutual. Weird.

So I go on up to the teller, give her my check and and id and prepare myself for the whole you really need to bank with us and here, give us your thumb print with our smelly ink dialogue.
This is what I got instead.

Teller: Do you have an account with us?

Me: Nope

Teller: Well then you need to go to Wacovia.

Me: Looking around as I say, well where am I?

Teller: Washington Mutual

Me: Ooohhhh. *I do my best attempt at laughing* My bad, have a nice day!!

And I walked on out of there with my head held high. Not really, I practically ran.


Jenny said...

"Where am I?"


I can totally relate.

min said...

Banks! Gotta have 'em, but they annoy me.
Okay, enough on the banks, how was the move?